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Linny Lawless
Capitol Corruption 2
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From Blood and Ash

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Capitol Corruption Series Book 2

Linny Lawless

Copyright 2020 by Linny Lawless

All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, brands, and incidents are the product of my imagination and used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or establishments, is solely coincidental.

This book contains mature content and is intended for adults 18+ only.

Models: Shane MacKinnon & Natasha

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Cover Design: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations

Editing and Proofreading: Debbie Barbosa Dumke and Jackie Ziegler of Two Naughty Book Babe’s Editing

Personal Assistants: Mikki Thomas and Kristin Youngblood

Table of Contents

Title Page



“To exact revenge for yourself or your friends is not only a right, it's an absolute duty.” | ― Stieg Larsson






















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Dillon Francis & Vera Hotsauce – Barely Breathing

Tritonal/HAILENE – Long Way Home

Kraak & Smack – Squeeze Me

Matoma – False Alarm – Hook N Sling Mix

CamelPhat/Jem Cooke – Rabbit Hole

Justice – Genesis (KLOUD Remix)


Above & Beyond – Blue Monday

“To exact revenge for yourself or your friends is not only a right, it's an absolute duty.”

― Stieg Larsson


My distant cousin, Sophia was married to Ricco Conti on a warm Saturday afternoon in September. Five hundred people, important people, from all over the East Coast were there to cele; brate at their wedding reception at the Golden Nugget. I recognized a few men and women, some politicians, millionaires, and business executives that I’d seen on social media, mingling, laughing and drinking. My brother, Dane was there with me but brought his date, a pretty blond woman. I could never remember her name though. I sat at a large round table with some distant cousins, and my very best friend, Rebecca.

That was the very first time I’d seen Nolan Reynolds. He walked in with a pretty brunette with a bobbed hairdo dressed in a shimmering silver gown, showing cleavage that no one could ignore. Nolan was so fine-looking, he turned the heads all of the young women at my table. He was dressed in a gray tailored suit that brought out the cobalt blue of his eyes. I had to look away then. I felt this warm tingle down my spine.

I leaned close to Rebecca. “If the Devil came to earth in human form, he’d look just like Nolan Reynolds.”

She noticed Nolan just a quickly as I did. “I know right? He’s so sinfully hot!”

I took a sip of my second Long Island Iced Tea and huffed. “He’d never notice us though. He’s just like my brother, Dane. They both walk around like they’re so very important and powerful. They show off their money and act like they make all the rules in Atlantic City and Washington.”

Rebecca giggled, getting a bit tipsier on her second glass of wine. “Well, no man rules over us, Gina. We decide where, when and who we’ll sleep with and we decide at what cost.” She touched the gold necklace with the sapphire blue pendant and beamed a smile at me. “Thank you so much for my birthday present, Gina.”

Sophia and Ricco’s wedding day was also Rebecca’s birthday, and the blue sapphire pendant was her birthstone.



Dane sat at the end of his desk, shaking his head as he held out a box of tissues. I snatched a tissue and wiped away the mascara that streaked my cheeks mingled with my tears.

“Becca was going through with it. I tried to talk her out of it and told her I’d help. I knew it was dangerous.” I said, sniffling.

Dane heaved a sigh. “Dangerous, stupid, and deadly.”

Dane was my brother and the only family I had. Our parents were dead and buried a long time ago and Dane inherited all of my father’s fortune. He was rich, powerful and ruled over Atlantic City as his empire. There were times that I hated Dane for reasons that he did not know of, and never would.

He stood from the desk, “You’re not safe here. I’m sending you to Maryland. And you will stay there until I say so.”

I sniffled again, wiping my nose, “Maryland? What? Stay with who?”

“There are only a few men I trust. One of them is Nolan Reynolds.” He looked down at his watch, “He should be here any minute.”

I remembered Nolan. How could I not? I’d seen him five years ago at a distant cousin’s extravagant wedding. He had the bluest eyes that sent all my senses reeling, and those funny flutters that swam straight to my stomach, like the ones I felt screaming on rollercoaster rides when I was a young girl.

“What about my things? My condo? You don’t expect me to just leave with Nolan, do you?!” I protested and began to pace the spacious office, one of many that Dane occupied along Atlantic and Pacific Avenue. I fidgeted, digging my long-manicured nails into the palms of my hands.

“You’re going to do exactly what I tell you, Gina. And stop fidgeting.” He berated me while he scrolled through his cell phone.

“Nolan, my man! Come on in.” Dane said.

I spun around just as Nolan entered the office. And my mouth went dry. He was tall and dressed in a shimmery grey suit with a loosened tie the daring color of violet, that brought out the blue of his eyes. Not many men could pull off wearing a bold color like that, but Nolan made it work for him.

Our eyes met instantly, and I was suddenly aware of my own appearance and the ruined mascara made me look like a wreck.

Nolan sauntered over to Dane giving him a firm handshake. “Sorry, I’m a bit late. The turnpike was all jacked up.”

“No problem Nolan. Thanks for making the drive here.” Dane responded “I want you to meet my lovely sister, Gina”, and beckoned me to come closer.

Nolan grinned and offered his hand, “Hello Gina. Lovely indeed.”

I placed my hand in his and felt a sudden spark of hot energy. My mouth went dry and I couldn’t speak. His eyes unsettled me.

Nolan let go and I stepped back as Dane leaned on his desk, folding his arms. My brother was a charmer with the women, with a handsome smile I’ve seen my friends become breathless over. Dane seemed at ease around Nolan and I trusted his instincts when it came to men and women in the world of dirty businesses that came in and out of Atlantic City.

As Dane sat at his desk, Nolan and I sat in black leather wing back chairs. He didn’t sit up straight and business-like, but more relaxed, even slouching just a bit. He seemed very comfortable in his own skin - arrogant and cocky even.

“How’s life in the Nation’s capital?” Dane asked.

Nolan combed his hand through his unruly hair “It’s like a pussy that needs a good pounding.” He grinned and his eyes shifted to me for a quick moment. Nolan was just like all the other men that paid to have me – rich, powerful and sleezy.

Dane laughed “Work hard, play harder. How is the royal couple of Washington, Push, and Nadia? Are they good?’

“Those two are glued together forever. They flew out to Maui with Nadia’s parents on Mr. Takata’s private jet enjoying some time away.”

I felt like an outsider eavesdropping on Dane and Nolan as they talked, deep in conversation. My thoughts wandered until Dane said my name “... Gina needs protection and you’re the only man I trust to keep her safe.”

“Feed me the details, Dane. In order for me to keep her safe, I need to know everything you know.”

They spoke about me as if I wasn’t even there and I finally found my voice again. “I’m sitting right here! You both can just keep talking all smug like you do with your other gangster friends!” I was out of my chair, pacing the floor again.

“You, disrespectful little bitch!” Dane snapped as he came at me, grabbing my arms “You wouldn’t be in danger if you would just keep your legs closed!” His eyes glared with rage.

I heard Nolan chuckle as he sat there all smug, “Well she won’t be spreading them if she’s coming back with me to Maryland, I can tell you that much.”

I leaned away from Dane and glared at Nolan. “Who said I was going with you?”

“I did Gina.” Dane replied, as his hands gripped my arms even tighter “You got yourself into all this fuckery that’s going on right here in my City. Rebecca is most likely dead by now and you’ll be next –“

I wrenched my arms out of Dane’s grasp and stepped back. “How can you say that?”

“When you play with dangerous men dear sister, you better have an escape plan.”

Images of my friend Rebecca flooded my mind. Her long thick blond hair and her blue eyes. I dreaded the thought that she was dead. I became dizzy then and my knees were weak as I crumpled in a miserable mess on the floor at Dane’s feet and sobbed.

Dane knelt down and wrapped his arms around me. “It’s going to be ok Gina. You know I would never let anyone hurt you and there’s no way in hell you’ll be taken from me. You’re all I have. Just do this for me, sweet sister. Go with Nolan and talk to him. Tell him all you know, and let me figure things out.”

I wiped away new tears, looking even worse than I did before Nolan arrived. I nodded my head, “Okay Dane. I’ll do as you say. But promise me that we will find Rebecca?”

He smiled pulling me up off the carpeted floor, “I promise you, Gina. We will find her.”


I stood directly across from Nolan as we rode down in the elevator together. I didn’t look at him, feeling awkward in the small space. I stared up at the numbers as they lit up across the top of the doors if I looked into his eyes, I would get lost in them.

“I’ll drive you to your condo so you can pack some of your things before we make the drive back to Maryland.” His voice was rich and deep,

I steered my eyes away from the blinking numbers and looked at him. “I would really appreciate that. I won’t take long.”

Good lord, his eyes. They were so blue.

“I’ve known Dane for years and I knew he had a sister. How come we’ve never met?”

He didn’t remember me. “I saw you once a few years ago.”


“It was my distant cousin’s wedding. Sophia? She married Ricco Conti?”

Nolan’s eyes lit up “Oh yeah, I remember the wedding. But I don’t remember seeing you there.”

Of course, he didn’t because he brought a gorgeous brunette with him that day.

“We were never introduced but I do remember seeing you there.”

The elevator chimed and the doors opened on the lobby level. Nolan held out his hand offering for me to walk ahead of him, a polite thing to do I thought, for a man as arrogant as my brother.

Nolan handed the valet a ticket stub and a few moments later a black sporty Cadillac coupe pulled up to the curb. Nolan opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in.

He climbed into the driver’s seat and once we buckled up, he put the car in drive. “Where to gorgeous?”

“Is that what you call all the women who get into your car Nolan?”

He smirked as he drove down Atlantic Ave, “It’s my best pick up line and it never fails.”

I rolled my eyes, “It won’t work on me unless you pay. Then I’m a sure thing.”

He chuckled “I never have to pay for it, Gina. I always get my way, and fully satisfy my own sexual appetites.”

I told him the address to my condo and sat silent, staring out the window. I pegged Nolan earlier in Dane’s office. He was an egotistical horn-dog just like most of the men I knew in the escort business. And I wasn’t in the mood to entertain him with where the conversation was going.

Nolan heaved a heavy sigh, “Since we have a few minutes before we get to your condo, you can fill me in on the reasons I’m here. Besides, I hate this uncomfortable silence.”

I promised my brother that I would confide in Nolan and tell him why he drove all the way to Atlantic City. I turned from the window to look at him as he drove the car, shifting gears – his muscled thighs as he stepped off the clutch and other pressed on the gas pedal. Why did just watching him drive turn me on?

I blinked and turned my eyes away from his legs. “My friend Rebecca Stallworth. I call her Becca, is in a relationship with someone. It must be with a powerful man, either in business or politics and of course, married. I don’t know. She never told me who he is because she wanted to protect me. She’s pregnant and told me a few weeks ago that she was going to tell him the good news and keep the baby. I told her that it was dangerous, but she told me not to worry. It’s been two weeks now and I haven’t seen or heard from Becca.” My throat suddenly burned, as I felt dread and adrenaline of anxiety rush through me.

“And Dane wants to keep you safe until he finds your friend Becca.”


“Dane will find her. I guarantee it. And you will be safe in Maryland under my protection.”

Nolan had to endure the last few minutes of silence in the car. I’m sure he had better ways to spend his weekend other than driving me around. We rode the elevator from the parking garage to my floor on the 2nd level. I unlocked the door and Nolan followed me inside.

I screamed and spun around colliding into Nolan. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled out a handgun from his suit jacket. Someone was in my home and had ransacked it, destroying everything.

I buried my face into his chest and sobbed.

“Stay right here,” Nolan said and stepped away.

“No! Please, Nolan, let’s go.” I pleaded, grabbing his arm.

“It’s ok Gina. I’m just going to check around. Stay right here.”

I folded my arms, suddenly feeling cold as Nolan held his gun and checked all of the rooms and lastly the kitchen. He came back, putting his gun away. “Whoever did this is gone now. I’ll call Dane. You can pack some of your things and let’s get you away from here.”



Gina packed some of her things quickly as I called Dane letting him know that Gina’s condo had been ransacked. I exchanged phone numbers with her as we left the condo. Gina began to tremble and looked a bit pale, so I shrugged off my suit jacket and handed it to her as she climbed into the passenger seat of my car. She was quiet during the 3-hour drive back to Maryland, and though I detested that uncomfortable silence, it didn’t feel so bothersome. Gina soon fell asleep as her head rested on the passenger window, with my jacket draped over her.

My eyes steered from the road to look at Gina often as I drove. I admitted to myself that I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and how the tight black pencil skirt fit her curvy hips and toned thighs. I tried to remember Sophie and Ricco Conti’s wedding, but for the life of me could not recall seeing Gina there. How could I have missed such an exotic beauty? The moment I’d seen her in Dane’s office, I felt as if the air had been knocked out of my lungs. She was stunningly beautiful and her scent of lavender filled the space between us.

The sun was setting as I parked my car in the MGM garage. Gina didn’t stir, as I leaned over, and brushed the strands of brown hair from her pretty face, curling it behind her earlobe. She moaned and stretched and her eyes fluttered open.

“Where are we?” she mumbled.

“We’re at the MGM. I replied. Her scent of lavender was intoxicating, making me semi-hard.

“I slept the whole way?” she sighed.

“You needed sleep.” I opened my car door, climbing out.

I came around and opened the door for her, then took her bags she packed out of the trunk. She followed me up the elevator to one of the best suites at the MGM – the Capital Suite, with its immaculate modern deco furniture in white and beige. I placed her bags on the massive grey sectional couch, and opened the bottle of complimentary Japanese Suntory Whiskey on the bar and poured us both a glass.

I watched Gina as she walked to the patio window, the sound of her heels clicking on the shiny wooden floor. She moved the white sheer curtain aside and looked down at the heavy traffic of workday commuters on Interstate 95 as they crossed over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge that connected Maryland to Virginia. The immense Capital Wheel, measuring 180 feet tall, weighed over 300 tons and carried 336 passengers – was lit all in blue lights as it spun slowly on the National Harbor.”

I walked up to her and offered her a glass. “Drink this.”

“What is it?”

“Whiskey. Good whiskey.”

She shook her head, “I don’t drink whiskey. I would much rather prefer wine if you have any.”

I glared directly into her pretty dark eyes. “Drink it, Gina.”

She blinked first as I handed her the glass and she took a good sip, then coughed. I finished my glass with one swallow, feeling the relaxing warmth spread through my chest.

Gina held on to her glass and turned to look back out the patio window. “So, what happens now? Am I to be treated like a prisoner here in your shiny casino?”

“You’re not a prisoner. I brought you here to protect you.”

“I’m indebted to you then. And that means there is only one way I can repay you for your protection.”

I knew where Gina was going with that. I stepped closer and turned her around. We were only inches apart and that lavender scent drove me fucking crazy. “I have all the money I can handle. You don’t have to repay me. Your brother Dane is a long-time business partner of mine, and one of only a few loyal friends I have.”

“I don’t mean money, Nolan. I have many talents and services I can provide to very rich men like you.”

My first impulse was to pull Gina’s soft curvy body against mine and shove my tongue through those pretty lips. I wanted to taste her, mixed with the flavor of that Japanese whiskey.

I smiled as I imagined Gina on her knees at my feet, looking up with those dark brown eyes as she sucked on my dick. “If you’re offering up that pussy as collateral, I may just take you up on that offer someday.”

A shade of pink suddenly flushed her cheeks and she turned back to the window. “Just say when.” Her voice soft and a bit sad.

I went back to the bar, leaving my empty glass on it. “You need to eat. What do you like?”

She stood still her back turned to me. “I’ll trust your taste in what is good to eat here.”

“Filet mignon, nice and thick. It’ll be delivered here within the hour.” I walked to the door, “Make yourself comfortable and rest well, Gina. I’ll call you in the morning.”

I headed to my office and called Brody. He was in Special Ops as a U.S. Army Ranger, then a Merc and was employed as my personal bodyguard.

He answered on the first ring “Yeah Boss-man.”

“Brody, I’ll need you for an easy job. I have a guest that will be under my protection for... I don’t know how long yet. Her name is Gina Neri and she’s staying here at the MGM in the Capital Suite. I’ll need a second pair of eyes to watch over her.”

“I’m a call or text away Nolan and I can be where you need me in thirty minutes tops.”

“Good. You’ll get a nice fat bonus in your next paycheck Brody.”

I climbed back into my car and drove to my mansion in Mount Vernon, a four million-dollar two-acre waterfront estate on the Potomac River. It was over the top, expensive, and suited just for my taste. If my father, Tyler Reynolds, had it his way, I’d have a wife living in it with me. But I was in no rush to walk down an alter and kiss a bride. No. I worked hard and played harder. A wife was just a status symbol and a promise to create a male heir to the Reynolds family line. And the woman I took as a wife would only see the marriage as winning a lottery ticket for life. No thanks. I’ll pass.

I looked over at my suit jacket that Gina covered herself with laying in the passenger seat. I reached over, brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply as I stopped at a traffic light. I could still smell the lavender scent that was all Gina. What was wrong with me? She was Dane’s sister, and he trusted me to protect her, which I did the moment I walked into his office earlier that day. Getting her in my bed would just make things complicated. And I detested complicated relationships.



“Shut up you little bitch!”

He struck me across the face with the back of his hand. The blow almost knocked me out cold.

My head swam as his big hands grabbed at my thighs, up my dress, and yanked my panties down. His hand clamped down over my mouth, muffling my scream.

No one heard my screams as I was being raped in the Emperor Suite of Caesar’s Casino on a dark and chilly autumn night. Nicholas – or Nick Caruso - was a middle-aged man who was connected along the same lines of sleezy businesses as my brother Dane. After he was through hurting and violating my body, he left the room. And it was his son – Jimmy’s turn to take from me and destroy my dignity and my heart.

I woke up, opening my eyes in a cold sweat. My phone vibrated across the nightstand next to the bed. Dane’s name displayed and I answered, still groggy. “Hello, Dane.”

“Good morning Gina. I know it’s early, but I wanted to hear your voice. Did Nolan get you settled in there at the MGM last night?”

I sat up, and yawned, “Yes he did. He had dinner brought up to me last night too.”

“That’s good. You will be safe there. Remember – I trust Nolan with all I have and with my own life, so whatever he tells you to do, or not do, listen to him, please.”

“Yes, Dane.”

“I’ve sent some of my men to your condo this morning. I’m going to need more info on your friend, Rebecca. Whoever she was involved with is obviously interested in you for some reason, and we need to find out what that reason is.”

“Please find her Dane. She’s pregnant.” Silence on his end. “Dane?”

“I’m here Gina. I promised you that I will find her, remember? Now think. Did Rebecca tell you anything about this man?”

I squeezed my eyes shut, and my throat hurt as I pictured Becca. She was smiling and had that glow about her when she found out she was pregnant. “Becca had many clients. This man was married, like most of them are. I’m sure of it. All she told me was that I didn’t know who he was and she wanted to keep it that way because he was a very rich man. I have no doubt that his reputation would be ruined if it got out that she was in a relationship with him.

I heard Dane exhale. “Ok sister. I’ll send some local law enforcement over to check out her place, see if we can find any clues.”

I hung up with Dane, climbed out of bed and started my morning routine with yoga poses. I was disciplined with a healthy diet, only eating non-processed foods and staying away from meat. When Nolan ordered the filet mignon to my room the night before, I wrinkled my nose at it, but ate it all the while brewing on the fact that he acted as if he owned me, and angry at myself for enjoying the flavor of it.

I was dressed in only a tank top and panties as I began my poses – planks, pigeon poses, downward-facing dog. I inhaled and exhaled, feeling refreshed and strong. I closed my eyes as I did my child’s pose, my hands and knees underneath my shoulders, then I pushed my ass back onto my heels and reached forward with my hands to stretch my back and shoulders, as my forehead touched the floor.

I sat up to the sound of my hotel door opening and the tapping of men’s shoes on the hardwood floor and gasped as Nolan stood in the doorway of the bedroom.

He leaned against the door frame and folded his arms in front of him. “Don’t you look very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.”

I wore no make-up, my hair looked like a bird’s nest and I hadn’t even brushed my teeth yet. I was totally mortified that Nolan has seen me like this. I stood and huffed, “Go to Hell!” I seethed as I ran into the bathroom and shut the door.

I could hear him laughing and he sounded as if he was standing right outside the bathroom door. I clenched my jaw and dug my nails into the palms of my hands, feeling the pain, knowing they would leave half-moon shapes.

“What if I was naked!? Or I was on the toilet? You have no right to just come into my room without even fucking knocking first!” I railed at him through the door.

“Okay, I’ll knock next time. Get over it.”

He sounded annoyed as I took my time, making him wait. I brushed my teeth and combed my fingers through my long brown hair and finished off with pinching my cheekbones like Scarlett O’Hara had done in Gone with the Wind. I pulled on the white MGM hotel robe that hung on the door and pulled it on, then stormed past him to the living room.

On the bar sat a tray with a pot of coffee and a plate with croissants and fresh fruit.

I turned around as Nolan approached me, his hands in the pockets of his dress slacks, and that smug smirk on his face. “I had a hunch you liked coffee in the morning, along with something to eat for breakfast.”

I walked around the bar and poured myself a cup, “Yes, I do like coffee. Thank you.” Nolan confused me and rattled me. One moment he was arrogant and smug, then he would do something nice and thoughtful the next. Considering me before himself.

Nolan pulled out one of the barstools and sat down, planting his elbows on the bar. His grey suit fit his broad shoulders perfectly, and I knew he must have had them tailored. He had this confident vibe to him like he didn’t give a fuck how anyone perceived him to be because he knew who he was.

“Did you enjoy the filet mignon last night?” he asked.

I sipped on the coffee and walked over to the patio window as I did the night before. “I don’t eat red meat, but yes I enjoyed it actually.”

Now that it was daylight, I could see the interstate and the little cars driving back and forth on the bridge over the Potomac River. The giant ferris wheel on the harbor was not lit up with the blue lights and it seemed abandoned as a cloud of fog surrounded it so early in the morning.

“I’ve got some business to take care of today in my office and then I’m headed into Georgetown to meet with a few friends of mine. You are not to leave the suite, so if you need anything, you can call the front desk. Everyone that works at the MGM knows that you’re my guest here in the Capital Suite.

I dropped the patio curtain and turned to look at him, “So I am a prisoner here.”

He swiveled around on the barstool and climbed off, running a hand through his wavy brown hair, “If you feel that way, then yes. You’re under my protection and I call the shots here, Gina. If you challenge me and leave this room unprotected, then you’ll face the consequences.”

“What are the consequences?”

With quick powerful strides, he moved toward me, lifting my chin. There was nowhere else I could look but into his blue eyes that burned with a primal fierceness. “Don’t test me Gina, or I’ll toss you over my knee and give you a good hard spanking!” Then his mouth curved up into a smug grin, “But then maybe you would actually like that, huh?”

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Then I was fuming with anger. “It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been spanked, you arrogant asshole!” I barked.

He laughed and walked to the door, “I don’t doubt it.”

When the door closed behind him, I clenched the coffee cup and screamed with rage!



As I drove into Georgetown, I had a smile on my face with the image of how Gina looked, her dark pretty eyes filled with frustration and rage. I liked the way I affected her, pushing her buttons and getting her, all riled up. Then I pictured her lying beneath me, struggling, with that same fiery look in her eyes, and her supple thighs wrapped me as I fucked her without mercy.

I parked in front of the mansion in Georgetown where Push and Nadia lived. Mack, Nadia’s loyal driver, the big black man with kind eyes stood out front. I climbed out of my car, walking up the steps and, and shook his hand, “Hey Mack, how was Maui?”

He shook my hand, his much bigger than mine, “It was amazing, Mr. Reynolds. I had a good time.”

I entered the mansion and made my way through the black double doors into the parlor. The place brought back memories of when I played poker throughout the night with Push and the other powerful men in politics and shady businesses from up and down the East Coast. The mansion used to belong to Gabe Russo, a treacherous old man who everyone thought was Nadia’s father. Push and I went way back as business partners since Nadia was just a teenager. Push fell in love with Nadia when she was so young. It was beyond his control. And for years he coveted her until she was almost killed by Lucas Peterson who took Nadia unwillingly as his bride, raping her and impregnating her. Lucas riddled Gabe with bullets and killed him in the office. Lucas left Nadia to his men to rape and kill her. Push killed those men and saved Nadia’s life, but she miscarried. Push helped Nadia find her parents, Felix and Launa Barinov, who she believed were both dead. They reunited and Nadia took the Barinov name. Then he handed Lucas Peterson over to Nadia as a gift. She looked into Lucas’ eyes and watched him die as Push strangled him with thick garrote wire.

I couldn’t blame Push for falling in love with Nadia – she was stunningly beautiful with platinum blond hair, and crystal blue eyes, with an innocent demeanor. But her eyes turned to stone-cold from all the traumatic experiences she endured in her young life.

I greeted the newlyweds once I entered the parlor, Nadia gave me a warm hug. Push stood behind her with a relaxed smile, which was rare for him since he was mostly unexpressive, and hid his emotions, like a player with a good poker face. Getting married in Maui made them both look happy. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne and a toast to their future together as one of the most powerful couples in the Metropolitan DC area. They had all their power in their pockets from law enforcement, politics, gambling and real estate to other illegal businesses like drugs, and even the porn industry.

Push offered me a nice fat Cuban cigar when I sat down on a leather couch. “How are things with Dane in AC?” he asked, as he sat beside Nadia across from me.

I lit the cigar, tasting the sweet tobacco. “Dane is good. He sends his love and best wishes to you both. I brought his sister, Gina back here to Maryland with me. She’s mixed up in something and her life may be in danger. Her apartment was ransacked yesterday and her friend, Rebecca, is missing. I promised Dane I’d protect her until we find Rebecca.

Push’s brows lifted, “I didn’t even know Dane had a sister.”

“I didn’t either. She’s a high-end escort, along with her friend, Rebecca. And we know that’s a dangerous business to be in, especially when their clients are some of the same powerful men that we rub shoulders with.” The more I told Push and Nadia about Gina, the more irritated I became, picturing her with some of the sleezy corrupt men I worked with.

I leaned my head back, blowing out a puff of smoke from the cigar.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she,” Nadia asked.

“Yes. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, with a bratty attitude.”

“The perfect match!” Nadia said excitedly.

I chuckled “No woman is a perfect match for me, sweetheart.”

“That just may be the best way to protect Gina.” Push said. “Marry her, and help her find her friend. Dane is one of our loyal business partners, and one of the few men we not only trust but consider a friend. We are the three Kings – Maryland, DC, and Atlantic City. We own it, we rule it. And Gina will become untouchable. I’m betting that Dane will want this union too.”

Push was right, even though I had a hard time admitting it myself. Dane’s parents were dead and Gina was the only family he had, other than their distant family of uncles and cousins. I knew Dane didn’t like that his only sister worked as an escort either. I knew it had to be hard sometimes for Dane to earn the respect of men in our corrupt world when they paid to have sex with his sister.

I breathed out exasperated, “Well Gina will not say yes even if I proposed. I’d probably have to drag her down the aisle kicking and screaming.”

“Why do you say that?” Nadia asked.

“I rub her the wrong way, pretty much like sandpaper.”

“I know Gina is not able to resist those blue eyes of yours, Nolan. And she knows Dane entrusts you to protect her. She is most likely worried about her friend Rebecca and very afraid. I know exactly how she feels.” Nadia did know how it felt to be afraid for her own life not too long ago.

My phone buzzed inside my suit jacket. I pulled it out to see Dane’s name glow on the screen and answered.

“Nolan, is Gina with you?” Dane asked hurriedly.

I suddenly felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. “She’s at the MGM. I’m in Georgetown with Push and Nadia. What’s wrong?”

“Rebecca’s apartment was ransacked too. Blood was found and there was evidence of a struggle. Someone took her. Gina is in danger.”

I stood from the couch, “Did you tell her?”

“No, not yet.”

I bit down on the cigar. “I’m headed back to the MGM, be there in twenty-five minutes tops with my guy Brody. I’ll tell her.”

I drove way above the speed limit around the Capital Beltway and called Brody on the Bluetooth telling him to meet me at the MGM. A nauseous feeling began to swirl in the pit of my stomach as I remembered the look of fear in Gina’s eyes finding her apartment ransacked. I liked the look of desire in those pretty eyes of hers, rather than the look of fear.



I had sex with plenty of men, of different ages and races, with tons of money. I was never the same after father and son Caruso raped me in that room at Caesar’s five years ago. I wasn’t a virgin, but they still took from me my innocence – and I was left tainted by the brutality that men inflict. I knew Dane was not a good man, he was a criminal just like the rest of the men that he associated with. But I was so naïve to believe that those men would never hurt me the way they did because I was Dane’s sister and I was untouchable. But I learned quickly that I could be a dangerous liability. The only reason they raped me was to take over the Neri empire and provoke Dane to do something reckless. That’s why Dane never knew about the rape because if he did, he would have killed the Carusos that very day. And a bloody war would have ensued in Atlantic City between Caruso’s men and my brother’s men.

Those were the reasons I went into the escort business because no good man would want a woman who was not even whole anymore. There were times I felt that I deserved it because I was so stupid and trustworthy. It was just sex with these men who were my clients. There was no intimacy, and I felt nothing when I fucked them. It was just business. I knew how to put on a good act, fake an orgasm, and fuck like a porn star. And they loved it, always coming back with more money.

I paced back and forth throughout the suite after Nolan left, feeling like a caged animal. I dug my nails into the palms of my hands and fidgeted, feeling like the walls were closing in on me. Nolan’s smug attitude infuriated me. Not at him, but at myself. His blue eyes both intimidated and excited me all at the same time. I was angry at my own body’s betrayal, as my nipples hardened when he stood so close and lifted my chin. No man had ever affected me the way Nolan did.

But things were moving way too fast in the last few days. I was filled with dread ever since Becca disappeared and those dark feelings of panic and fear came flooding back like they did after the rape.

An hour later, I left the room, dressed to kill, wearing a strapless red dress that showed off my legs and hugged my curves. I sauntered down the hall to the elevator in black patent stilettos and rode the elevator down to the casino.

The MGM was just like the casinos in Atlantic City. The immense patterned carpeting throughout the casino, the gambling tables and slot machines with their flashing lights and ringing bells, the scent of smoked cigars, perfume and cologne felt all too familiar.

I walked over to the cocktail lounge, and I caught the attention of a few men as their eyes followed me. I sat at the bar, and looked over to my right at a group of young men, knowing right away it was a bachelor party. I smiled at the one who looked like he just turned the legal drinking age. His eyes were on my cleavage, but when he saw I was looking directly at him, he suddenly looked away.

I ordered some kind of fruity martini from the bartender, pulling out my phone and staring at it, guessing at who would call me first – Dane or Nolan. I knew Nolan would be fuming mad when he discovered I’d left the suite. I rolled my eyes and smiled as I took another sip of the martini. In some way, I was looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction I’d get out of him.

“Gina?” A man’s voice pulled my eyes away from the phone. I recognized him instantly. He was a client of mine, but I couldn’t remember if his name was Steve or Stan. He was a heavy-set man in his mid-fifties with a bit of gray hair. But I remembered that no matter what color suit he wore, nothing ever seemed to fit him well. And that he liked it when I called him Daddy while he fucked me and paid me well.

“Stan Weldon.” He said, as his eyes steered right to my cleavage, “You look just as gorgeous as ever.”

I smiled, but I was not in the mood to engage in any conversation with him. “Hello, Stan. Thank you.” I responded with a smile, hoping he would just walk away.

But he didn’t and waved the bartender over to us. “You shouldn’t be drinking all alone Gina. Let’s drink together and have some fun together tonight.” Then placed his hand on the small of my back.

Something snapped and I suddenly felt cornered. I climbed off the barstool and grabbed my clutch, “No thank you, Stan. I want to be alone today.”

Stan’s arm snaring me around the waist and his other hand began to paw at my ass. “Come on baby girl, I feel lucky today. I’ll even pay you double this time.”

His eyes were filled with lust and his breath smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. I pushed off him, but he was stronger and wouldn’t let me go.

“Don’t fucking touch me you prick!” I railed at him.

Then Nolan was there, standing right behind Stan. A rush of cool air and Stan was gone.

Nolan hauled Stan off of me tossing him into bar stools like a heavy sack of dead weight and he fell face-first to the floor.

A man even broader and taller than Nolan jerked Stan off the floor. “When a woman says not to touch her, you listen.” He barked, “Here’s a reminder for you in the future.”

I heard Stan’s blood-curdling scream as the tall man broke his hand when the world suddenly tilted. Nolan hoisted me onto his shoulder and I dropped my clutch, gripping the back of his suit jacket.

“Put me down god damnit!” I screamed as Nolan carried me away from the cocktail lounge.

I heard laughter from people as I beat my fists into his lower back. Then I heard a bell ding and Nolan entered an elevator. Once the door slid closed, Nolan put me back down on my feet.

His fists were clenched as he came at me, his blue eyes glaring. “You stupid brat!”

Then it happened – I slapped him hard, across the face. The sound reverberated within the small space of the elevator. His eyes went wide.

The back of my head bumped against the wall as his lips crashed down on mine, his tongue invaded my mouth, tasting me, devouring me. My body betrayed me again, as my arms wrapped around his shoulders, my fingers raking through his wavy hair. I moaned when he pressed his hardness against my stomach.

He pulled away, “Let’s get married.”

“What? Are you crazy? A high-end escort like me will only tarnish your reputation.”

“I promised Dane I’d keep you safe. Marrying me will help your reputation, and keep you out of danger.”

“Am I in danger?” I felt a sudden rush of anxiety spread in my chest.

Nolan exhaled. “Dane called me. There’s evidence that Rebecca may have been taken unwillingly from her apartment.”

The air was knocked out of me. I felt it all along – Rebecca was in trouble and maybe fighting for her life.

“And whoever they are, know who I am. And they will come for me too.”

I covered my face with my hands and began to sob. But I felt Nolan’s arms wrap around me and I clung to him.

“Nothing will happen to you, Gina. I promise.” He said.

The elevator opened and Nolan held my hand, I followed him down the hall to my suite. Nolan slid the keycard and when I entered, I let go of his hand and began to pace again.

Nolan shut the door and leaned against it. He folded his arms across his chest. “Who was that stupid fuck? The one putting his hands all over you at the bar?”

I spun around “His name is Stan. He was a client of mine.”

“Well, he can’t jerk off now that my friend Brody just broke both his hands. If I see him in my casino again, I’ll have his balls mailed to his wife in a fucking Ziploc bag.”

I believed Nolan when he said he would do that to Stan.

He relaxed then, “I didn’t get an answer to my marriage proposal. Is it a yes or a no?”

“Does it even matter? Yes, I’ll marry you.”

“Good. Pack your things. You’re staying at my house starting tonight.”



When I got back to the MGM, I even knocked on the door to Gina’s suite instead of just walking in this time. But when she didn’t answer, I swiped a key card and entered to find her gone. I was in a fit of rage by the time I met up with Brody in the casino. Then to see some man not only touch Gina but paw her ass, it made my blood feel like it was in a pressure cooker ready to blow. I would’ve put a bullet in the back of the man’s head, but Brody held me back and broke his hands instead. Plus, I didn’t want to get blood and brain matter all over Gina and that sexy red dress she wore. When she smacked me across the face in the elevator, it got me hard, triggering me to kiss her, taste her. And she tasted like heaven.

I found myself relieved when Gina actually said yes to my marriage proposal. Brody returned to the suite with Gina’s purse while she packed her things, then I drove her back to my mansion on the Potomac River. When she walked in, I turned to the sound of her heels clicking on the marble tiled entranceway, to see her mouth dropped open.

She looked around in awe and at the grand piano to her right. “Do you play?”

I shut the door, placing her bag down. “No, just Chopsticks. That piano just collects dust until the maids come and clean it.”

Gina smiled. “Your house is... I can’t even find the words to describe it.”

Her reaction was the same as the other women I’d brought over. But Gina would soon be my wife, and own half of the house, along with my money. “The house will be yours soon enough, once we’re legally married.”

Her smile faded and her eyes lit up with that sexy fire. “You’re the one who proposed. I’ll sign a prenup, Nolan. I don’t want your house or your money.”

Of course, she didn’t. Gina was Dane’s only sister and part of the Neri Empire. Their parents were dead. So, I couldn’t understand why she chose to be a high-end escort.

“That’s what I can’t figure out. You’re a high-end escort, which only hurts your brother. When the men in our line of business don’t respect him, it’s very dangerous.”

“It’s none of your god damn business!” she shouted, her cheeks all flushed.

“You’re going to be my wife and my business. Get used to it because the only man you’ll be fucking is me.”

I hit a nerve again because she came at me like a wildcat. But before she could get another shot at my face, I took hold of her arms. She struggled against me, yelling that she hated men like me. When she tried to kick at my shins, I pinned her arms down and twisted her around, holding her tight against me. Then she went still and began to cry uncontrollably.

“Shh. I’m sorry.” I whispered against her cheek.

Gina hiccupped and sobbed, but she stopped fighting me. And I just stood there, holding her.


Gina chose one of the many rooms in the immense house to sleep in that day. In just two weeks the marriage would be official, and I was counting down the days when I would have Gina in my bed. I called Dane the next day telling him about the proposal and that Gina had accepted. She was the only family he had left and he was thrilled and agreed that it was the best thing for the three of us. A Neri and Reynolds union would make us even more powerful in the corrupt cities of politics and money. But the most important thing was to keep Gina safe. Dane had his men in the local Jersey law enforcement investigating the disappearance of Rebecca.

News spreads quickly and within a few days, the word was out that Nolan Reynolds, the most eligible bachelor in the Nation’s Capital was getting married to a high-end escort. It was spread all over social media from Washington, DC to Chicago, to Las Vegas. We had two weeks to pull off a grand wedding reception, with the actual marriage taking place at a Maryland county courthouse. It was a legal contractual agreement, not some formal church ceremony. My parents were ecstatic when I called them with the news, as they started to discuss names for our first child, which they already knew in their hearts would be a boy.

Gina kept her distance the next few days, as she stayed on the opposite end of me in the huge house. By the end of the first week, I needed to get away and ended up sitting at a small table at The Mpire Club – a Gentlemen’s Club in North West Washington DC. I was surrounded in blue and pink neon lights, white furnishings and glass tables, making the seedy strip club look clean. I drank from a glass of cheap whiskey and watched a young blonde dancer work the pole on a small circular stage lit in neon colors. I should’ve just hopped on a flight to the other side of the country and land in Vegas. Then gamble away a few hundred thousand dollars just to waste it for no reason at all.

Push was always punctual, arriving on time, but he looked so out of place in the neon strip club dressed casually in a gray wool sweater and jeans. I knew Push for years and he was a man to be reckoned with. He was a killer and a man I was glad to have on my side when shit went down. He had a notorious reputation in politics, law enforcement, and organized crime. He had very close ties to one of the biggest Yakuza bosses from Tokyo, Japan who was known around the world - Osamu Takata.

“Why here Nolan?” He asked. Then the waitress came to our table and Push waved her away. I knew he would’ve rather been at home with Nadia instead of sitting with me in a strip club.

I ordered another round of the cheap whiskey before she left. “I wanted to be someplace other than the MGM or my own house. Let’s just consider this a tacky bachelor party. Is Nadia good with meeting Gina tomorrow? I’m assuming they’ll go do whatever brides do before the big day.”

“Yes, Nadia is looking forward to it. Mack will drive them to wherever they want to go.” He said, raising his voice above the loud thumping music. “Nadia needs female companionship.”

I envied my good friend. Push was just as powerful and rich as I was, plus he had Nadia, his beautiful wife. Whereas I was going to marry a woman that I didn’t even know, for the sole purpose of protecting her.

I heaved a sigh. “You’re a lucky man, Push. The married life suits you.”

Push leaned back, relaxing a bit, “That I am. Nadia is everything to me. I will kill for her and I will die for her. I don’t know Gina Neri, but she is Dane’s only sibling. Marrying her is a show of loyalty to Dane.”

The waitress returned, placing another glass of whiskey on the table.

“It’s a marriage for contractual reasons only, for her protection,” I said. “Gina’s friend Rebecca was taken unwillingly it seems. There’s evidence at her apartment. Her disappearance is still a mystery and Dane’s men are chasing down any leads they have. The investigation is ongoing. Gina only knows that Rebecca was having an affair with a man who, of course, wants to remain a secret. Rebecca got pregnant and I’m betting that this man is well known either in politics or organized crime – or even both. I have a bad feeling the girl is dead.”

“This man will be found or show himself someday, I guarantee it. We both know that men in powerful positions, especially the corrupt ones, get sloppy.”

“And after we find him. What then? Gina isn’t exactly happy to go through with this marriage charade. We can’t be in the same god damn room together without arguing about something. One minute she pisses me the fuck off, then the next minute I want to get her in my bed.”

The side of Push’s mouth lifted and he shook his head “I’ve never seen you this worked up over a woman, Nolan. Maybe Nadia was right. You’ve finally met your match.”

I remember saying something similar to him about Nadia years ago. And I hoped in a way that he was right.



It was a bright and chilly afternoon when Nolan drove me into Georgetown to meet his friends Push and Nadia Barinov. I was nervous, sitting in the passenger seat and cracking my knuckles. It looked so unattractive and I was doing it right in front of Nolan, but I couldn’t help myself.

As he drove, he placed his hand over both of mine, “Relax Gina. They’ll like you. I guarantee it.”

Nolan had been a polite host at his mansion, even though I felt like a charity case. We kept our distance though. I stayed on one end of the house while he stayed on the other. He was out on most days doing whatever powerful businessmen like him did in the DC area.

We pulled up in front of Nadia and Push’s home, an immaculate mansion in Georgetown. Push, a tall handsome man with dark hair greeted us at the door. His eyes were so dark they were almost black, like a shark. He was intimidating at first sight, but his mouth lifted in a smile, as Nolan introduced us. He took my hand and kissed it. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Gina Neri. Nolan was right, you are stunning.”

I thanked him but felt a slight blush coming on and I looked at Nolan. He told Push I was stunning? Then a young woman with platinum blond hair appeared beside Push. Nolan introduced her as Nadia Barinov. She was strikingly beautiful, with crystal blue eyes, a shade lighter than Nolan’s bold blue, and her complexion was fair. She smiled and shook my hand. “I’m so glad to finally meet you, Gina.” You have your brother, Dane’s eyes. Let’s go find you your perfect dress, Mack can drive us.”

Nadia’s driver, Mack, drove us in a limo through Georgetown and into Northern Virginia. We sat together silently in the backseat. I never really had any close female friends. My only friend was Rebecca. We both smiled at each other in the uncomfortable silence.

Nadia was the first to break the silence. “Are you excited, or nervous? Or both?” She smiled, her eyes looking much wiser than her young age.

I smiled “I guess I’m both. Nolan has been very generous and kind. I’m indebted.”

Nadia’s brows went up, “Indebted? You shouldn’t feel that way, Gina.”

“I’m an escort”, I interrupted. “A prostitute who gets paid extremely well. This marriage is strictly a business arrangement and for my protection.” I breathed in deep and exhaled. There was that silence between us for a few moments.

“Yes, I know. Nolan told us that your dear friend, Rebecca has gone missing. I’m sorry. I can imagine how worried you must be for her.”

“Thank you. Rebecca’s childhood was hell for her and she doesn’t speak to her parents or any of her relatives. I was really her only family. She’s an escort like me. She got pregnant and never told me who the father was. I fear that whoever that man is, he didn’t want the baby and something terrible has happened to her.” I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. I began to cry and then I felt Nadia wrap her arm around me.

“I had a friend once. Her name was Christina. Horrible things happened and she betrayed me. She moved away. But I now have my parents who I thought were dead all my life. Push, Nolan and Dane helped find them and I’ve never been so happy as I am now. It was a crush at first, but I’ve loved Push ever since I was just a young teenager. Push has done things...” Her eyes darted to the back of Mack’s head as he drove, then lowered her voice. “Bad things. He has hurt men. Killed men. When I was attacked in my own home, it was Push who saved my life. Push will help Dane and Nolan find your friend Rebecca. I guarantee it, Gina.”

That’s why I saw the wisdom in her young eyes. I could only imagine the things she went through. Most young women our age were more focused on their popularity on social media, going out with their friends, or looking forward to their next date. But women like Nadia and I lived in a corrupt world, where powerful rich men called the shots.

I smiled, pulling out a tissue from my purse to wipe my tears. “Thank you, Nadia. Talking about this really helps. You’re very kind.”

“Cheer up. Nolan will only have his eyes on you on your wedding day. He’s absolutely smitten with you!”

“Ha! I highly doubt that.”

“Really! I saw the way he looks at you.”

“He’s arrogant.”

“Yes, he is.”

“We can’t even be in the same room together without shouting at each other.”

Nadia laughed at that. “That’s what Nolan told Push last night. Maybe things will get better between you two. Nolan will come around, just give him some time. He’s used to being a bachelor and always having his way. He’s probably struggling with the fact that he’s going to be a married man soon.”

“To a high-end escort.” I finished her sentence.

Nadia touched my hand, “To a smart woman who’s a Neri. A woman who has the experience and knows the ways of men. What they think, and what to say to pump up their egos. How to look at them and how to touch them. Those are very important attributes to have, especially in this corrupt world we live in.”

“I never really thought of it that way. But yes, I do have some talents when it comes to men’s egos.

“Maybe you could tell me about some of your experiences as an escort? I think we could learn a lot from each other.”

“I would like that. And I hope I find a pretty wedding dress that Nolan will like.”

Spending the day with Nadia helped ease my anxiety over the fact that I was soon to be married to Nolan. Mack drove us to a very upscale dress boutique. I tried on several dresses by very famous French designers. I found a simple white sleeveless dress that hugged my curves, that came down to mid-thigh. Over it was a sleeveless sheer lace that extended past the hemline of the dress and to the floor. A short train made of soft lace. As I stood in front of the mirror, Nadia and the dress consultant found a pretty tiara made of sparkling crystal rhinestones in a floral and leaf design. She placed it on my head and Nadia beamed a smile at my reflection.

“This is the dress!” I said, smiling back at her.

“Yes! Nolan is going to trip over his own feet when he sees you in it.”



Dane drove down from Atlantic City two days before the wedding and met me in my office at the MGM.

He had Rebecca’s phone records going back for two months and showed me a list of numbers. “The area codes are local, either in AC or here in the Mid-Atlantic area. I’m getting them all traced today. When I get contact info for the numbers, I’ll send my people in law enforcement to question each of them. I’m pretty sure most are Rebecca’s clients. They’ve wanted to remain anonymous of course, and won’t be too happy to be questioned about Rebecca.”

He walked over to the window and looked at the huge Capital Wheel on National Harbor. “How is Gina?”

“Her anxiety level is high, and she fidgets more. I have dinner reservations for the three of us. The Flight Deck there at the Capital Wheel. Gina will very happy once she sees you.”

Dane just stared out the window and didn’t respond.

I left my office chair and stood beside him. “I had one of my lawyers draw up a prenup. Gina signed it yesterday.”

He smiled “She didn’t give you any grief over it?”

“No. She knows this marriage is for her protection. But if we ever divorce, all my financial holdings and estate will belong solely to me. I do, however, plan to give her a lump sum of one million if we part ways.”

“Good. I want to thank you, Nolan. You’re a loyal friend and I am indebted to you. I love Gina. She’s my blood.” Dane said, then he gave me a hug. I hugged him back.


Initially, we were going to get married at a courthouse, but something inside me wanted to give Gina more, she deserved more. The small wedding took place in a small chapel at the Naval District in Washington. Only a handful of people were invited – There were Mr. Takata and his entourage of Yakuza men dressed in black suits and red ties. Nadia and Push stood beside her parents, Felix and Lana Barinov. And then my parents, Tyler and Alice flying up from their home in the Florida Keys to attend.

I stood with the chaplain wearing a blue suit when Gina entered the chapel. Her hand was in the crook of Dane’s arm as they walked down the aisle together. The air felt like it was knocked out of my lungs and my mouth suddenly went dry at the sight of her. She looked regal and beautiful in a white wedding dress that hugged her curvy form. She had a faint smile, but her eyes were sad with tears that were about to spill. Dane kissed her on both cheeks. He offered her hand to me and I took it in mine. The Navy chaplain said a few things but I wasn’t paying attention, as I looked at Gina. We both said I do and I placed a soft kiss on her lips.

The reception was held in the MGM Grand Ballroom. All the powerful players in business, politics, and corruption along the Northeast coast were in attendance. A few professional photographers and the local news media were there too. A line formed and Gina stood beside me shaking hands with men and woman who congratulated us. I never left her side and was proud to have her as my wife.

My father was not too thrilled.

His face turning beet red, “You’re marrying a god damned prostitute? You know how bad that’s going to look on this family?”

“Gina will be well respected. And if she’s not, I’ll handle it my way.” I replied, my jaw set.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Gina. Sometimes I’d pull her close to my side and place a hand on the small of her back. As we greeted guests, she would smile up at me as I introduced her to all the guests. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked, but we never really had a moment alone together.

Next in line to greet was a young man I recognized as Jimmy Caruso I felt Gina’s body stiffen next to me as he took her hand and presented her a gold necklace with a blue stone pendant in a small box.

“A wedding gift for the beautiful bride.” He said with a smile.

Gina’s eyes went wide as she looked at the necklace. She stepped back, jerking her hand out of Jimmy’s grasp and snatched the box from him.

I moved to her “Gina, what’s wrong?”

“The necklace belongs to Rebecca. The sapphire pendant is her birthstone. I gave it to her on her birthday last year!”

I jacked Jimmy up by the front of his suit jacket with my fists, “You got a lot of fucking nerve upsetting my wife!”

Jimmy grabbed at my fists, stepping back. “I’m not one to be messed with Nolan Reynolds.” He answered with a sneer.

I clenched my jaw, “How did you get Rebecca’s necklace?”

He snickered. “She gave it to me.”

“Bullshit!” I growled. People gasped loudly. I grabbed his tie and wrapped it once around his neck. I jerked it hard, just then Brody appeared and Jimmy’s eyes bulged as he gasped for air. “Brody, get him out of here before he becomes a dead man.”

People gasped as Jimmy waved his hand at Brody and shrugged, straightening out his suit jacket. He chuckled as he walked away with Brody behind to escort him out. When I looked at Gina, she was almost as white as her wedding dress.

I cupped her cheeks in my hands. “You don’t look well. Let’s get you some air.”

I took her hand and led her to the outside terrace of the ballroom. Dane followed close behind, along with Push.

I pulled off my suit jacket and wrapped it over Gina’s shoulders. She looked down at the necklace in the box and her eyes welled with tears. I pulled her close to me and held her.

I knew the Carusos only by name.

“Do you have any ties with that slimeball?” I asked Dane.

His eyes were filled with as much anger as mine. “No. They’re very well connected in the Jersey area. They deal in some of the casino business, but they’re also into porn and sex trafficking. They’re like a bad taste in your mouth the way father and son Caruso run their filthy business.” He spit on the terrace floor. “They’re scum.”

I looked over at Push. His brows knitted together and his dark eyes looked just as angry. “I like to kill scum. I’ll cut a good artery and watch them bleed out and die slow.”

Gina put a hand to her stomach, “I think I’m going to be sick. Something has happened to Rebecca. Something terrible. I know it.” She began to sob, and I held her tighter.

Dane’s eyes were intense as he looked at her and touched her shoulder. “I’m driving back to the City tonight to get answers. It’s clear now. The father of Rebecca’s baby didn’t want his reputation flushed down the shitter and plastered all over the social media tabloids.”



Jimmy Caruso had that menacing look in his eyes. The same look he had the night he raped me in that suite at Caesar’s. They were full of lust. Lust for control. It shook me to my core. Dane and Push left me alone with Nolan on the balcony. Where he held me tight in his arms and I felt safe.

He spoke low near to my cheek “Take a deep breath, Gina.”

I inhaled deep and smelled Nolan’s male scent, mingled with the woodsy scent of the cologne he wore. It calmed my senses but sent a quiver to my chest and between my thighs.

Nolan tilted my chin up to look at him. He frowned, his blue eyes filled with pent up anger, but I found it so damn sexy. My knees felt weak and my lips parted, when my eyes steered down to his mouth.

Nolan smiled and his brow relaxed then. “I love the way you respond to me.” He leaned in and kissed me, driving his tongue into my mouth.

I wrapped my arms over his broad shoulders digging my nails into his shirt. My greedy tongue exploring his mouth. He groaned, pressing me closer against his hard body.


We ended our long kiss reluctantly, then Nolan held my hand and we walked together back into the ballroom to greet guests and performed all the traditional things you did at wedding receptions. It was late into the evening when Nolan drove me back to the mansion that was now home to the both of us.

I climbed out of the car and yelped. Nolan was so quick as he scooped me up into his arms like I was light as a feather. He chuckled. “I’m carrying my bride over the threshold.”

There was this underlying tension between us ever since we met. So, it was very romantic and my heart felt light when I saw the playful gleam in Nolan’s eyes. He carried me through the door and walked over to the grand piano. He sat me on top of it, above the piano keys. I kicked my heels off and hiked my wedding dress up above my knees. I welcomed him to me, as he stepped in between my thighs. When he moved in closer, he pressed some of the piano keys, making a nonmelodic tune.

He reached up and began to take out the hairpins that held my tiara in place all night. “We’re husband and wife now. Let’s start over. Call it a new chapter with no more animosity between us.” He lifted the tiara, laying it beside me. He ran his fingers through my hair, letting it loose, spreading it over my shoulders. “You're a smart woman who knows how to take care of herself. I want you to know that I'm checked regularly and have never gone bare with a woman. I want to feel you without anything between us."

“Yes, Nolan I’d like that. I’m also checked regularly and want to feel of you inside me. Let us start over. Carrying me into the house was very sweet and romantic. It’s a tradition. Do you know the meaning of it?”

His thirsty eyes just stared down at my lips. “I’m not the traditional type.”

I placed my hands on his bearded jaw, “In ancient Rome, it was a ritual for the groom to carry his bride into the home. To protect her from demons or bad luck.”

“You can trust me, Gina. I will protect you, with my life. You’re an exciting and beautiful woman. The things you do to me.”

I pulled him close and we kissed. This time it’s frenzied, my hands raking through his wavy dark brown hair. His lips moved to my throat and I moaned, feeling his wet tongue lick and suck. My nipples hardened and I was wet, needing him, his mouth, his tongue, his cock.

As we kissed, the off-note sound of the piano keys reverberated throughout the main entranceway of the mansion. I laid back on the piano and Nolan moved over me, as he pulled the lace sleeve of my wedding dress down my shoulder. He tugged my bra down exposing my nipple and it beaded up from being exposed to the cool air. I gasped when his lips clamped over it and running his tongue across it back and forth. My breathing became fast and heavy and I closed my eyes, feeling the delicious sensations as his warm mouth tormented my nipple.

Nolan released my nipple with a smack, “Take off the dress. I want you naked.” he said, his voice rough.

I sat up and he watched, his blue eyes so full of lust as I unzipped the back of my wedding dress. He pulled the other side down as I unhooked my bra. I didn’t wear any stockings so when I removed my panties, I was completely naked. I laid back down as Nolan ran his warm palm from my lower belly, up to my breast. “Your body is so fucking beautiful.”

His other hand went lower, cupping my heated mound. He slid a thick finger into me and I cried out, arching my back. I was so slippery wet, his finger moving in and out with ease. Then I felt his warm breath on my sex.

“Nolan, please!” I begged.

I felt his wet tongue slide up along my folds and I spread my thighs even more for him. I dug my nails into his shoulders as his mouth worked my pussy until I was panting and writhing on that shiny black grand piano.

He leaned away and I sat up, smashing my mouth onto his and tasted my own sex on his tongue. He shrugged off his suit jacket, and quickly unbuttoned his shirt, peeling it off and dropping it to the floor. His bare chest and arms were all muscle. Dark tattoos covered his pecs and along his arms. When he undid his slacks, I licked my palm and fingers, then wrapped them around his thick shaft. It was hard as stone, but the skin was velvety smooth.

Nolan inhaled deeply as I stroked him. We kissed as his hand snaked up the back of my neck and into my hair. He gathered my hair in his fist and pulled. My neck arched as he licked and kissed it, moving closer to me so that the head of his cock was just at my slick opening. I let go of him and braced my hands on the edge of the piano, then he drove himself completely into me.

His warm hands grabbed my ass, pinning me there as he fucked me. He slid out, rubbing his slick cock over my swollen bud, then slid back into me. He kept doing that, over and over again until I cried out my release of orgasmic pleasure. I leaned back as my walls pulsated, squeezing his solid cock.

Nolan’s hips thrusted a few more times, as he kissed me. Moments later he grunted and I felt him explode deep inside me. I wrapped my arms over his shoulders. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat. I sighed as I laid my cheek against his chest, feeling his heart pounding hard and fast.

Nolan leaned away and pulled up his slacks. He picked up his shirt and suit jacket off the floor and wrapped them over my shoulders. I slid my arms into the sleeves and he scooped me up off the piano and carried me upstairs to our bedroom.


We couldn’t rest until we both had our fill of each other throughout the night. Afterwards, Nolan just held me in his arms, both sweaty and sated, steadying our racing hearts. Nolan fell asleep with his arm draped over my waist as he pressed me up against his chest. The house was dark and quiet. Then the image of Jimmy sneer came into my head again and wouldn’t go away. When I finally closed my eyes, the dark images crept into my dreams. I relived both the pain and the shame all over again.

I lifted Nolan’s muscular arm and slid out of bed quietly. I pulled on Nolan’s shirt rolling up the long sleeves and descended down the stairs. I walked toward the back of the mansion and stood by the huge bay window. I looked at the pool the lights illuminating the clear blue water. I suddenly felt a chill and folded my arms across my chest. I felt cold not being close to Nolan and his warmth. He said he would protect me. He would keep me safe. I never told Dane about the rape, fearing that he would be killed and taken from me. He is all the family I had left.

I never trusted anyone, other than Dane. Could I trust Nolan?

Nolan was there suddenly, standing behind me. He wrapped his warm solid arms over mine. “Talk to me, Gina.”

I leaned back feeling his hard body and felt safe. I laid my cheek against his bicep and took a deep breath then exhaled. “I was raped five years ago.”

I felt Nolan’s body stiffen, as his arms tightened around me. “Is he still alive?”

“Yes. They are still alive. It was Jimmy Caruso. And his father.”

“I take it you never told Dane. Because they would’ve been dead a long time ago.”

I turned around to face him. “And Dane would’ve been dead right along with them Nolan. That’s the reason they raped me. To get to Dane. They wanted him to go into a rage and do something reckless. There would have been a war between the Carusos and Dane’s men who are loyal to him.”

“The Carusos have something to do with Rebecca’s disappearance.” He said. “That’s why that piece of shit showed up with her necklace. Dane will get answers tomorrow. I’ll do some digging here in DC. We’ll find out who got Rebecca pregnant and I guarantee that this man is tied to the Carusos in some way.”

Nolan titled his head, his brows furrowed as he cupped my cheek. “The Carusos have not only shown you and Dane disrespect. They hurt you. When this is over, both father and son will be dust and their filthy empire will fall with them. Then your enemies will fear you. Fear us.”



I carried Gina to our bed that night to taste her, touch her and bury myself deep inside her. I held her in my arms until we fell asleep hours later. It was like a thunderstorm between us right out the gate, from the first moment I met Gina in Dane’s office. I admitted to myself just then that I wanted her ever since then. But the tense storm between us was wearing thin, but marrying Gina brought us closer. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Gina downstairs staring out the bay window at the pool and hugging herself in the dark. When she revealed to me that the Caruso men had raped her, I felt the temperature rise in my blood coursing through my veins. Just imagining them even touching her at all was enough justification to put three bullets in the heads of both father and son.

Gina held that terrible secret bottled up inside her for so long, and never told Dane. She kept the secret from Dane for fear of losing him. He was her only family. I didn’t know much about their parents, only that their mother, Janice Neri, was killed when Gina was very young. A stray bullet that was meant for their father struck their mother instead. Their father – Marco Neri of Italian descent, his family was from the city of Milan. He ruled over his corrupt and organized empire in Jersey, New York, and Chicago. The feds, most of them in the pockets of the other mob bosses, slapped charges on Marco from RICO to Tax evasion. He wasn’t going to step into any courtroom alive. The feds let Marco’s rivals get to him and do the dirty deed. Men surrounded Marco’s estate in upscale Linwood, New Jersey and slaughtered him, with enough guns and ammo it looked like a battle zone in the Middle East. Thankfully, Dane and Gina were not there when it happened.

Dane was the heir to all of Marco’s businesses. Dane only kept some of the men loyal to his father. The others that had betrayed him, or ratted him to the Feds were killed.

I called Dane the next day wanting names from the list of numbers he had from Rebecca’s phone. I wanted to do some digging in the DC area while Dane would flush anything out up in Jersey.

One number that Dane gave me with a 410 area-code was Julien Ward, the CFO and part of the Executive Staff for the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission. He was an older man in his late fifties, married with grown kids in college, attending Penn State and one at Harvard. He was as crooked and as rich as they came in the DC Metro area. I’d seen Jules – as everyone calls him - at business functions, rubbing shoulders with powerful players in the casino business.

I drove up to Baltimore, taking Brody along for the ride. The man dressed in a security guard uniform didn’t give us any lip as we entered the office building. We entered Julien’s office as he sat at his desk talking on his cell phone.

He ended his call and looked surprised. “Who are you? You can’t just come walking into my office!”

“You know Rebecca Stallworth.” I cut him off.

I saw the whites of his eyes and the look of guilt he couldn’t hide. “Who?”

“You know damn well who Rebecca is Jules. Where is she?”

Brody moved quietly to stand behind Julien’s office chair.

It didn’t take long. Jules failed quickly under pressure. He squeezed his eyes shut. “That stupid girl. She should have just gone through with the abortion and walked away a rich stupid girl.”

“But she didn’t.”

“No. She didn’t want to go through with the abortion. I had to get her to disappear! I’m a married man of thirty years! If this got out my career, my reputation and my life would be flushed down the fucking toilet!”

Brody was quick, reaching down and putting Jules in a headlock and squeezed. His arm was like a fucking python squeezing.

I clenched my jaw. “Who did you pay to get rid of Rebecca?!”

Jules grabbed at Brody’s bicep and gasped for air. “Caruso! Nick Caruso!” Brody let go and shoved him. Jules leaned forward on his desk, grabbing his throat and coughed. “I didn’t want them to hurt her. Just get her on a plane or a bus to somewhere, anywhere! Just disappear.” He broke and began to blubber and cry like a slimy son of a bitch.

I reached down, gripping a handful of his hair and yanked his head up. I bore my eyes into his. “When we walk out of here, you better get on your knees and pray that Rebecca is still alive. Or I’ll send Brody back here to finish the job of snapping your fucking neck!”


As I drove on the Capital Beltway back to the MGM, I remembered that Brody not only had special ops and merc on his resume, he was also well known in the outlaw motorcycle clubs in the Mid-Atlantic. The businesses the MCs dealt in – whether drugs, prostitution or gun trade – were along the same lines of the corrupt dirty businesses of the three Kings – Me, Dane and Push. Dane said that the Carusos dealt in prostitution and along with that – human trafficking. I figured Brody could help me get some intel.

“You’re pretty tight with some of the MCs in this area, aren’t you?” I asked Brody as he sat in the passenger seat with his arms folded across his chest. He was almost about to doze off and he looked out of place in the blue button-down shirt he wore.

He opened his eyes. “There’s only one MC. The Royal Bastards. They’ve got chapters all over the country. They know how to run whatever businesses they deal in like a tight fucking ship. They have a chapter here in Washington too. They’re a bunch of bad-ass motherfuckers.”

“Do you know any of the DC chapter members?”

“Sure do – the President himself as a matter of fact. Name is Hendrix Stone. Goes by his club name – Heavy.”

“They deal in prostitution, don’t they?”

“Yeah. That and porn. Even make a little money with the local strip clubs. They’ve got their hands in anything that deals in pussy. It’s a big business besides the drug trade.”

“You think this Heavy would have a meet with me?”

Brody side-eyed me. “It won’t hurt me to ask. Why Boss-man?”

“I’m getting a very bad vibe. If Julien paid those Caruso fucks to handle Gina’s friend Rebecca, then she was dead weeks ago.”



I reached over for Nolan in our bed the morning after our wedding night, but he was gone. I stretched and I looked over at the bedside clock to see it was already noon. Nolan must have left earlier in the morning and did it quietly so I could sleep. He left me a text message on my phone that he was out with Brody until the afternoon and that Nadia was coming by the mansion at around one o’clock to bring over a gift for me.

I climbed out of bed, and smiled, remembering how Nolan had held me in his arms through the night. I pulled on one of his shirts again and I padded barefoot down the stairs to the immense kitchen. I brewed some coffee, then took a shower and was dressed before Nadia came over.

She was right on time, ringing the doorbell at one o’clock sharp. I opened the door to see Mack standing behind her, along with a young Asian man, dressed in a black suit. Nadia smiled, but as I realized like before, the smile never really matched her sad eyes.

“How is the beautiful bride fairing this morning?” She asked as she hugged me, then walked in. Mack and the Asian man followed behind.

“It was a wonderful wedding night, and I should be blushing.” I retorted and giggled.

Nadia introduced me to the Asian man in the black suit. “Gina, I want you to meet Mr. Denji Ono. His family has strong ties to Mr. Takata. Nolan thought it was a good idea to hire Denji as your assistant. He can run any errands for you, be your driver, plus he’s an amazing chef!”

I laughed, “Nolan texted me that you would be bringing me a gift, but I wasn’t expecting a personal assistant.”

Denji smiled and bowed to me, then shook my hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Reynolds. I’m honored to be at your service. Mr. Reynolds has checked out all of my credentials.”

“Nice to meet you too Denji. I trust that my husband has. And we will pay you very well.”

I stood on the front step as Nadia left with Mack and Denji when Nolan pulled into the circle driveway and greeted them. He looked so sinfully sexy dressed in a grey button-down shirt, his collar unbuttoned with black slacks. He walked up the steps, pulling off his shades. He snatched me around the waist and planted a long warm kiss on my lips.

He grinned, his blue eyes making my insides tingle. “Did you rest well Mrs. Reynolds?”

Just the look and taste of him, I wanted him inside me right then and there. But I had to remember to breathe after that kiss. “Yes, I did. But when I woke up you were gone.”

He was serious then. “I found out who the man is. Come inside. Let’s talk.”

He took my hand and I followed him back into the mansion and to the immense kitchen with the marble countertops.

He held both my hands and began to tell me. “I took a drive up to Baltimore and brought Brody along today. His name is Julien Ward, a big shot in the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission. He’s the man that got Rebecca pregnant. Jules wanted her to disappear before she ruined him. He paid the Carusos to help make Rebecca disappear. That’s why Jimmy showed up at our wedding reception with her necklace.”

I slapped a hand over my mouth to prevent my scream. All the terrible things I feared and imagined were true. “They killed her.”

I was numb with dread. Nolan pulled me into his arms. “I’ll call Dane and tell him. I’m working with Brody to connect with some people that I hope can help find out what happened to Rebecca.”

I held onto Nolan, breathing in his scent to calm me. He pulled his cell phone out and made the call to Dane. I began to fidget as he talked to Dane on the phone, digging my nails into the palms of my hands behind Nolan’s back, feeling hopeless and fearing I would never see Rebecca again.

When he ended the call with Dane, he lifted my chin, “Let’s go out. Just us. I know a good sushi joint.”

Nolan drove me into Northwest DC to a sushi bar called Ginza. It was pretty discreet, nestled in between two other shops along a strip of buildings. Nolan told me it had been in business since the 1970s. Ginza was one of the few places that Mr. Takata and Push would go to get away from the busy world for a bit of peace and quiet accompanied with some great sushi.

We sat together at a small table and it felt cozy in the small restaurant. A young Japanese woman served us warm sake. My first sip tasted so good as it warmed me going down. We were served freshly made sushi from a middle-aged Japanese man named Kioshi. As we ate and drank several more cups of sake and made small talk. Nolan kept giving me that look like he wanted to plant my ass on that little table and fuck me right there.

The sun had gone down and the sky was filled with bright stars when Nolan drove me home from Ginza. The warm sake I drank helped me relax but I was also excited at the same time. I wanted Nolan. He drove the car, while he placed his hand on my thigh. I hiked up my red dress and his eyes steered to my bare thighs and back to the road again.

He slid his warm hand up and then down in between my thighs to my pent-up heat. He bit his bottom lip when his fingertips brushed across my panties. “Damn Gina. Your panties are soaked.” He groaned.

I lifted his hand from my thigh slowly, raising it to my mouth and wrapped my lips around his thumb and sucked. He gripped the steering wheel, his eyes darting from me and back to the road again. We were only a few miles from the mansion by the time I licked and sucked each of his fingers. When I shoved his hand down the front of my panties, he slipped his middle finger up inside me and I gasped with pleasure.

I shut my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his finger sliding in and out of me. Moments later, he pulled into the circle driveway and parked the car. He pulled his finger out of me then unzipped his slacks. He lifted his hips, shoving down his slacks and his hard cock sprung free.

He was quick as he unfastened my seatbelt. “Get over here and ride my cock.”

I climbed over and straddled him, keeping my head lowered within the small space of the car. My panties were in the way of his erection. Without warning, he ripped them off, dropping them on the passenger seat. I lifted myself and slid his hard shaft completely up inside me.

We were wild and frenzied, as our tongues tasted each other. I slid up and down his thick length as he yanked down the front of my dress first, then my bra. His lips latched onto my hard nipple. I cried out as he sucked hard on it and raked my hands through his wavy hair. Both his hands came down to grip my ass, as his hips rose to meet my rhythm. I reached down with one hand and began to rub my sensitive spot while feeling his slick cock sliding in and out again.

“You’re going to make me come Nolan!” I breathed out.

“That’s it, baby. Explode all over me.” He growled low against my neck.

And that’s when I was brought over the edge. I cried out as I exploded with an orgasm around him. He pumped up into me harder, faster, his hands gripping my ass tighter. He grunted as he exploded, shooting his hot semen against my cervix.

As we sat there holding onto each other and trying to catch our breaths, we noticed that all the windows in the car were fogged up. We both laughed and then I kissed him softly, slowly.

I leaned away and Nolan’s eyes had a relaxed hazy gleam to them. “Anything you want Gina and I’ll give it to you.” He said.

“All I want is you.”



Brody came through for me and got the meet up with the Royal Bastards for the following week. Before then, I canceled all of the appointments I had for the next few days so I could spend them alone with Gina. I was consumed by her and no matter how many times I was deep inside Gina, I could never get enough. Her touch and her soft lips and tongue on my dick drove me fucking crazy.

It was late into the night on Saturday as I sat on a zebra-print velvet couch in the VIP room of a strip club in Georgetown called the Pink Pussy Dollhouse. Brody sat next to me dressed in the same very casual manner as I was, in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He introduced me to the three men who sat across from us as members of the Royal Bastards MC. The first man was Heavy, the chapter’s President. He was covered in as much ink as any member of the Yakuza, with tats covering both arms and up around his neck. He looked menacing enough for me. The second man was the VP they called Wrecker and the third was the Sergeant at Arms, Roadkill. They were both just as mean looking as Heavy, but Roadkill had that look in his eyes like Push did – like they’d seen some really bad unspeakable shit that should be left buried forever.

A naked Asian woman was straddled across Heavy’s lap, grinding her hips against his crotch in rhythm to the hard rock song coming through the speakers in the room. She was so petite and Heavy’s hands looked like paws of a bear as he grabbed her ass. He sucked on her nipple, not even giving a fuck we were all just sitting there watching. I wasn’t into the live porn show but knew this was the best place Brody could get the Royal Bastards to meet with us.

Wrecker and Heavy passed a joint between them, while I ordered the most expensive scotch in the club, which was cheap shit, from the redheaded waitress. Brody ordered the same as I lit up a cigar.

Heavy leaned away from the naked Asian girl still grinding on his lap and glared at me. “I don’t give a flying fuck how Notorious you are Nolan Reynolds. I don’t do business with white-collar motherfuckers like you. Brody is tight with the Royal Bastards, and that’s the only reason I even agreed to meet with you.”

Outlaw MCs were just as dangerous, greedy and hungry for power as any corrupt politician or businessman in the Nation’s Capital. We may deal in different vices, whether drugs, gambling, or prostitution. But the one common thread was ending up rich, in prison, or dead. I chose the first option – to stay rich. There had to be something in it for the Royal Bastards MC, and I knew if I talked money, Heavy would listen.

“I’m looking for a woman who went missing. I have a good guess she’s either dead or sold off into some sex trade circuit. Nick Caruso is involved. Do you know him?”

Heavy lifted the little Asian woman off his lap and smacked her hard on the ass. She stepped away and moved onto Wrecker’s lap. “Yeah, I know that slimy piece of shit. He does a lot of business with the Bloody Aces MC. Those cocksuckers are our enemy. They kidnapped some of our girls about a year ago, and they were very pretty too. It took my club a few weeks to track them down. Two were sold and were heading down across the border into Mexico, to some drug cartels. One was killed in a fuckin snuff film. We got the other two girls back, but they’re both fucked up in the head and cut up pretty bad.”

“The woman I’m looking for, her name is Rebecca Stallworth. I’ll send you photos of her. Find her for me and I’ll pay you. Just give me a number.”

Heavy leaned forward, taking a swig off his bottle of beer. “Hundred-grand.”

“Fifty now and fifty when I get her back.”

Heavy looked over to his VP Wrecker sitting beside him with the Asian girl kissing on his neck. “That kind of money is just as sweet as pussy, brother.”

Heavy shifted his eyes back to me and nodded. “Deal. Give my club a week and we’ll find your girl.”

Brody and I left the Pink Pussy Dollhouse. I thanked him for setting up this meet tonight as he buckled on his helmet and put his shades on. He swung a leg over his Harley that was parked beside the other bikes belonging to the Royal Bastards. “No problem Boss-man. The Royal Bastards are crude and jagged around the edges, but they’re true to their word. You can count on them to find your wife’s friend.” He started his bike, revving the throttle a few times, then rode away down M Street.

The next morning, I transferred fifty-grand to the account number Heavy sent me via text. I sent him a text letting him know the funds have been sent and with a few pictures of Rebecca. I called Dane and filled him in on the details of paying the Royal Bastards to track down info and find Rebecca. I promised Gina I would keep her secret of the rape between us but whether we found Rebecca dead or alive, Nick Caruso and his son were already dead and living on borrowed time as far as I was concerned.


I sat in my office at the MGM a week later to meet with the Royal Bastards. Gina insisted a few times that she wanted to be there with me, but I shut her down quickly. I told her the MC was a different breed of dangerous men, but the truth of it was that if the news about Rebecca was bad, I wanted to be the one to tell Gina myself.

Brody stood by the window overlooking the Potomac River when the sound of the buzzer on my office door went off. We still had another hour before Heavy said he’d be here. Brody walked to the door and looked through the peephole.

He turned back to me, “It’s your wife.”

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. “Told her not to come here today. Fuck. Let her in.”

When Brody opened the office door, I was about to scold Gina like a brat child. But she walked in wearing a black patent jacket that came to just above her knees and tied at the waist, along with a pair of red patent stilettos. I had no doubt she was naked under that jacket. She sauntered past Brody who coughed, keeping his eyes off her and stared at me. My dick was semi-hard by the time she reached my desk.

“Take a lunch break Brody.” I said, not able to take my eyes off her.

“Sure-thing Boss-man.” Brody made his way out and shut the door behind him.

“I told you to stay home Gina. Denji drove you here didn’t he.”

She sat right in my lap and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. “Yes. I told him to play the slots or tables for an hour. Thought I’d come by and get you off in your office while you work.”

I grunted when she wiggled her ass right on my crotch. I was hard as a rock and aching by then. Twisting my fist into her hair, I brought her down, smashing her lips on mine. She pulled away from me and slid down to her knees. I looked down and into her eyes. They gleamed with uninhibited desire. She undid my jeans, licking her lips and pulled my hard dick out.

I cupped her cheek, flushed warm, “You’re such a naughty girl. I bet you’re naked underneath that jacket too.”

“Mm Hmm.” She mumbled then I grunted when she wrapped her lips around me. I buried both my hands into her soft brown hair and leaned my head back, enjoying what she was doing with that mouth of hers. She worked her tongue and with just enough suction, she was about to make me explode in her mouth.

I pulled away, slipping out of her warm mouth and lifted her off the floor. I untied the belt to her jacket and pulled it off her. The sight of her beautiful naked body in red heels almost brought me over the edge. I spun her around to face my desk and pressed on her back, bending her over it.

I grabbed Gina’s hips and with one hard thrust, I was deep inside her. She cried out and moaned when I spanked her curvy ass as I plowed into her wet pussy. She reached down and rubbed her clit. I felt her squeeze me tight when she cried out her orgasm. Running my hand down her back, I sped up my pace hips slamming against her. My eyes drank in the sight of my throbbing shaft sliding in and out of her beautiful body. I wanted to last a bit longer but I couldn’t hold back. I pulled out of her suddenly, and with two fast strokes to my throbbing dick, I exploded, coming all over her back and sexy ass.



Nolan zipped up his jeans and went into his bathroom. He brought back a warm wet cloth to wipe my back clean while he leaned down and planted soft kisses on my shoulder. He picked up my jacket and held it out for me. After I slid my arms into the sleeves, he closed it and tied the belt back in place.

He pulled me back into his arms. “I want to protect you, Gina. But you’re so damn hot-headed sometimes.” He mumbled into my hair.

I looked up into his eyes. “I’m sick and tired of being afraid. I’m tired of the nightmares and what those disgusting animals did to me. I relive it over and over again in my dreams. All these years, I kept it bottled up and told no one. It’s like the Carusos win and they’re chomping at the bit just waiting for an all-out war with Dane. That’s why I became an escort. I blamed Dane for what happened to me. But then Rebecca disappeared, she was my best friend and I realized the only person I could trust to help find her was Dane. Since I’ve met you, Nolan, you’ve helped me realize that I deserve to be respected. Dane is my family and he deserves to be respected, and feared too.”

Nolan cupped my cheek, “You deserve respect and so much more.”

I nuzzled into the warmth of his palm. “You’ve been so good to me. My rock. My sanctuary.”

“Okay then. You can stay here with me when the Royal Bastards arrive. I will not shield you from whatever they tell us about Rebecca. Then we will work together on a plan to rid of the Caruso scum and divvy up all that is theirs – their money, their businesses, and their power.”

Nolan kissed me softly, then stepped back. “We have a few more minutes before Heavy and his men get here.” He took my hand in his, “I want to show you something.”

He opened a door in the wall behind his desk and led me into a darkened room. It was dimly lit by three rows of flat-screen monitors displaying various areas on the casino floor. There were a few desks and office chairs in the room too, but no one was there except us.

“I take it this is your security surveillance room.” I said as I looked at one monitor showing people gathered around a craps table.

“This is just one. I have another in a back room on the casino floor too. No matter where, or what time it is. Day or night, we’re always watching.”

Nolan continued and told me he employed several ex-convicts who were cheaters and some were casino dealers. They knew all the cheating “tells” – the certain behaviors of a cheater. They could spot them quickly too. The surveillance cameras were so high-tech they could even zoom in close enough to show the cards a person is holding at a blackjack table. There weren’t any cameras in the poker rooms though, since people play against each other and not against the Casino. The poker players watched each other to make sure no one was cheating or taking advantage of everyone else at the table.

Even dealers would steal on occasion, by shoving a chip or two into their pocket. That’s why dealers perform the ritual of clapping their hands and flipping their palms up and down before they leave a table. If someone is caught stealing or cheating, they were put in handcuffs by Nolan’s security staff and walked through the Casino and out the door. Sometimes the habitual offenders were brought into the room and left with a busted lip, broken bones or worse.

Nolan’s only goal was to take all your money the moment you step into the MGM. You lose track of time because there are no windows or clocks anywhere. You stay in the casino and keep playing and keep losing. You think you’re getting a great deal when the pretty waitress dressed in short skirts, fishnet stockings and heels serves you free drinks with rail liquor, but in reality, you just lost two-hundred dollars at a slot machine.

Nolan pulled me back into his arms. He always wanted to be touching me ever since we got married. And I loved it. “How about we go to Vegas? We never really had a honeymoon. Let’s just go waste lots of money on gambling and see the sights. Go see a show even!”

I smiled feeling the warmth spread throughout my chest as I looked at the playfulness in his blue eyes. “Sounds like the perfect honeymoon, Nolan.”

We kissed again, this time slow and sweet. I moaned when he deepened the kiss, pressing me tighter against him. He was the one to pull away first. “Better not start up again. They should be here any minute now.”

Just as we left the surveillance room there was a knock at Nolan’s office door. I stood behind his desk as Nolan looked through the peephole and opened the door. Brody entered first, followed by two men wearing black leather vests. They must have been the Royal Bastards Motorcycle Club that Nolan had told me about. Both men had dark hair with long beards and their arms and necks were covered in tattoos. I didn’t know much about motorcycle clubs, only from television shows and movies. I believed Nolan when he said they were dangerous men because they sure did look like it.

Their eyes steered right to me as they entered, looking like a couple of barbarians imagining what I looked like underneath my jacket. I suddenly felt naked wanting to fold my arms across my chest, but Nolan introduced me as his wife to the first one named Heavy. I looked at the front of his vest to see two patches that stood out. One patch read Heavy and the other read President. The other man called himself Wrecker and his patch read VP. They both just nodded and had this air of arrogance about them, not so different than Nolan or Dane. Nolan leaned against his desk, folding his arms across his chest, as Brody stood by the window.

Heavy’s eyes pivoted back to Nolan “You sure you want the wife to hear this?”

Nolan nodded. “Yes, all of it.”

Heavy shrugged his shoulders, “Well it’s pretty fucked up but here goes. Your girl Rebecca is dead. She’s been dead for a few weeks now. Those Caruso cunts sold her off to those Bloody Aces. My club was lucky enough to get their hands on one of the club members. We did some interrogation of that maggot. I’ll leave out the gory details, but he pretty much gave us all the answers we needed. The Bloody Aces did to her what they did to one of our girls – made a snuff film and killed her. Snuff is big money, being sold through channels deeper than any other underground market. It’s some sick shit, along with child porn. They weighted Rebecca down with cement blocks and she’s in a deep channel somewhere in the Potomac River. That Bloody Ace is also takin a dirt nap now. My Sgt., Roadkill made sure he died real slow and with a lot of fuckin’ pain. The Royal Bastards deal in pussy and porn. But we don’t kill chicks on film. I got my club out of that a long time ago. We’ll get some blow-back for killing one of theirs, but that’s just part of the gig.”

My stomach turned. I almost wretched, but held myself together and clenched my jaw.

Nolan turned around to look at me then. “Breathe Gina.”

I nodded at him.

He turned back to Heavy and Wrecker. “Anything else you want to give me?”

“That’s all of it.” Heavy replied.

“You’ll see that second half of the payment in your account before midnight.”

Heavy shrugged his shoulder, “This shit cuts a bit close to us Royal Bastards and our women. You can keep the other half of the money. We enjoyed dealing out some of our own vengeance on the Bloody Aces.

I was too numb by then to cry for Rebecca. The only thing I could feel was pure rage.

As Heavy and Wrecker left the office, Brody followed behind and shut the office door.

Nolan pulled me back into his arms. “Julien Ward deserves to die for what he did to Rebecca. Brody will pay him a visit soon.”

I dug my nails into his shirt. “I want them all dead, Nolan. Julien, Nick Caruso, and his son. Kill them, all of them.”



A week later, local news reported that Julien Ward died, apparently of suicide. He jumped out of the thirty-story window of his office building. The news didn’t report anything about the broken glass from the window, or that Julien was pushed out of it, thanks to Brody. And there were no news reports on the young woman who he impregnated and then sold off to just disappear but ended up dead too.

Things were set in motion for the hit on the Carusos within a few weeks. I filled Dane and Push in on my plans, and they both wanted in on the action. I had someone on the inside. He called himself Rocky and he was the muscle for the Carusos for a few years. But I paid Rocky very well and had him in my pocket. He gave me some valuable intel on both father and son’s day to day routine. I wanted this done perfectly, and it would be known in every city from DC to Vegas that Nolan Reynolds put the hit on the Carusos.

I was prepared for any blowback and knew that those who were loyal to the Carusos, and the Bloody Aces MC would come and try to hit us back. There was always a chance that I’d get a bullet in the back of my head just like anyone else in this corrupt and dangerous business. Gina was the woman for me and I would not only kill for her, but I’d also die for her. She’d maneuvered her way right to where she wanted me – wrapped around her little finger. The burning pain I felt deep inside, that was vulnerability. She was like an intoxicating drug and I was addicted.

I wanted to kill the Carusos myself, but I promised Gina I would keep what they did to her a secret. Dane would question why I was so dead set in pulling the trigger myself. I had to also keep my hands clean of the kill, even though I still dealt out the vengeance for Gina.

I decided to give the deed to Push. When I told him, he looked like he would foam at the mouth with excitement and probably sported a hard-on. Dane’s men in AC followed father and son Caruso watching every move they made – what they did, where they went for several weeks. Their favorite spot to gamble, mostly poker and craps, was at Caesars. It was also no secret that Nick’s wife, Jimmy’s mother, mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago.

The Carusos traveled back and forth from DC to AC. Brody watched them when they were in DC and he discovered that they frequented a multi-million-dollar mansion in Georgetown. From the outside, it looked like every other mansion or townhome, but it was an upscale brothel for the very ri