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Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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Ready to turn what you want into the life that you live? The #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back shows you how.

In Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein lays out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You'll learn how to co-create the life you want. You'll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don't have to work so hard to get what you want. Most important, you'll feel good. And when you feel good, you'll give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you.

Super Attractor is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires.

In these pages, you'll learn how to:
• Do less and attract more
• Relax and trust that what you desire is on the way
• Know that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times
• Feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold

Accepting that you are a Super Attractor will change everything. You'll trust that it's safe to release the past, and you'll no longer fear the future. You'll tap into an infinite source of abundance, energy, joy, and well-being. This well-being will become the norm for you, and you'll grow to embrace it as your birthright. Most importantly, you'll know intuitively how to show up for life and bring more light to the world around you.
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AND Super Attractor

“Those of us who have no doubt that consciousness is the fundamental reality which conceives, constructs, governs, and becomes that which we call physical reality have no doubt that in every moment the world is a mirror of our inner state of being. This book explains with elegant simplicity and practical steps how you can be the author of your life story and manifest your deepest desires and cherished dreams.”

— Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“Gabrielle is the real thing. I respect her work immensely.”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Named “a new thought leader” by Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday



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Names: Bernstein, Gabrielle, author.

Title: Super attractor : manifest the life you want / Gabrielle Bernstein.

Description: Carlsbad, California : Hay House, Inc., [2019] | Includes bibliographical references and index.

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1st edition, September 2019

Printed in the United States of America

For my son, Oliver.


Introduction: You Are a Super Attractor

Chapter 1: The Universe Always Delivers

Chapter 2: It’s Good to Feel Good

Chapter 3: There’s More Than Enough to Go Around

Chapter 4: Have Fun along the Way

Chapter 5: Lift the Veil

Chapter 6: Invisible Guidance Is Available to You

Chapter 7: Do Less and Attract More

Chapter 8: Taking Spiritually Aligned Action

Chapter 9: Appreciate and Appreciate More

Chapter 10: Let the Universe Catch Up with Your Dreams

Chapter 11: Unwavering Faith in the Universe



About the Author


* * *

You Are a Super Attractor

I’ve always known that there is a nonphysical presence beyond my visible sight. All my life I’ve intuitively tuned in to it and used it as a source for good. I’ve tapped into this unlimited presence of power to heal my body, support my relationships, guide my career in the service of others, and attract my greatest desires.

There are many names for this type of spiritual presence. I refer to it interchangeably as the Universe, God, spirit, inner guidance, love, and other terms too. You may have your own word that resonates with you. Or maybe you’re new to spirituality and don’t yet have a vocabulary around it. It doesn’t matter. What we call it is irrelevant. Connecting to it is imperative. The very fact that you are reading this book right now is evidence that you have listened, consciously or unconsciously, to divine guidance that led you here, and you are willing to claim that connection.

I honor you for your willingness. Claiming my connection to the presence of this power has directed the course of my life. The simple choice to tune in to this source of love has helped me recover from addiction, heal PTSD, undo fearful beliefs, and live with clear purpose. My connection to the presence of love has been my guide, my protector, and my partner in the co-creation of my life. Living my life in daily devotion to this nonphysical source of power has made me a Super Attractor.

Being a Super Attractor means that what I believe is what I receive. I can co-create the world I want to see by aligning with good-feeling emotions and directing them toward my desires. I can tap into an unlimited source of creative energy to contribute inspired ideas, offer wisdom, receive abundance, and feel free. And best of all, I can harness this power into a force for good in the world.

Being a Super Attractor doesn’t mean I haven’t had to face very real challenges. But I can see clearly how my struggles have been part of a bigger plan to help me strengthen my faith in my Super Attractor connection. I’ve chosen to perceive hard life experiences as spiritual assignments for growth and healing. I’ve accepted that nothing happens by accident. And I know that as long as I remember I’m a Super Attractor, I will be able to accept difficult experiences as opportunities to fine-tune my inner power and get closer to consciousness. The tough stuff offers me a chance to shine the crystal that is me. Being a Super Attractor doesn’t mean everything is perfect—but it does mean that I show up for life with faith, no matter what. Claiming my Super Attractor power has helped me to move through rough times with much more grace, honesty, and compassion than I otherwise would.

Living my life in this way has brought me what I desire most: freedom. I feel free knowing that there is an ever-present energy of love within me and around me. I’m free knowing that I’m always being guided and that I have the power to co-create the world I want to see. Freedom is the greatest gift of all. Nothing holds me back. I no longer play small. For more than a decade, I’ve lived, loved, and taught with this freedom. Freedom has given me the experience of being an untethered force of light in the world.

When you align yourself with your Super Attractor energy, you no longer feel blocked by fear. You remember that you are a spirit having a human experience. The spirit within you is the presence of inspiration, joy, and the truth of who you are. When you practice these steps, you remember that you are a wise, powerful, healthy, and holy spirit. When you accept this, you can be free. The feeling of freedom is inevitable when you attune your energy to the presence of your truth. You may not stay connected to this truth all the time, but the more often you turn to it, the easier it will be to feel free.

As a spiritual teacher, I have witnessed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world begin to wake up to the presence of freedom within. I see these transformations daily. But while that awakening is beautiful, it isn’t enough. Too often we treat it as the end point, when it’s really just the beginning. We may know that we can feel better and therefore attract more, but we must go further and fully embody that truth in order to be free. Embodying this truth begins by undoing the belief systems of fear that block us from being Super Attractors. We must be willing and committed to change the way we think, act, and live.

In my case, I didn’t have to go out and find this connection; I just had to slow down and remember it. I’ve devoted my life to the process of slowing down and realigning with the presence of inner power. With each meditation, I vibrate at a higher frequency; with each prayer, I surrender to a power greater than myself. My dedication to the spiritual realm has given me the freedom I desire. I am not exceptional. You have this connection too, and claiming it is both fun and easy. In this book, I want to share with you how to connect to that power.

I want you to know this: you are a Super Attractor.

If that feels strange to you right now, that’s okay. But I know that by the time you finish this book, you will claim that power with total confidence and ease. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a Super Attractor.

In 2016, I published a book called The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith. Readers throughout the world followed the book’s lessons to strengthen their faith in the Universe. They reclaimed their connection to a higher power and restored their faith in love. When I was preparing to write a new book, I intuitively knew that it was time to take these teachings to the next level. This book is that next step. With the practices outlined in the coming chapters, I’m going to push the spiritual envelope to teach you how to fine-tune your spiritual connection to effortlessly attract what you want into your life. If you haven’t read The Universe Has Your Back, don’t sweat it. It’s not a prerequisite. Trust that you were guided here first for a reason.

You may already be on a spiritual path. You may already practice manifesting and live by the Law of Attraction. Or these concepts may be completely new to you. Either way, this book will help them become second nature. Throughout the book I will share my own personal methods for aligning with your Super Attractor presence. Some of these practices have been greatly influenced by my teachers Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. But my greatest teacher of all has been my life experience. Each day offers new opportunities to get closer to the Universe and strengthen my Super Attractor power. Each life challenge offers new miracles and lessons. Throughout the book I’ll call on my own personal examples of what it’s like to live in alignment and be a Super Attractor.


To master your Super Attractor power, you must start by understanding how you’ve likely become disconnected from it. In nearly 15 years as a spiritual teacher, I’ve gained a very clear understanding of the common ways people misuse and block this power. I expect you’ll recognize yourself in some (or all) of the most common types.


Even a person on a spiritual path can forget that they’re a Super Attractor. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the fear-based stories of the world and weaken your faith. When fear takes over, you go into a kind of comatose state. You literally forget who you really are. You build up belief systems of separation, lack, judgment, and negativity. All these false perceptions deny your inner power and block your Super Attractor power. This book will be a wake-up call to remind you of who you really are. Just by opening to this introduction, you’ve begun to wake up and remember.


There are many people who read personal growth books, attend seminars, meditate, pray . . . and still feel stuck. I hear this often: “Gabby, I’m doing everything right, but I still feel so off. I’m praying, meditating, and using positive affirmations, but I’m still not attracting what I want. What’s wrong?!”

What’s wrong is that they are doing what I call “manic manifesting.” These folks have faith in the Universe, and lots of spiritual tools, but they are energetically blocking their connection. They’ve been playing tricks with the Universe rather than aligning with their true power. Manic manifesting happens when someone has all the spiritual tools and jargon but forgets the most important part of attracting: to tune in to the Universe. You can say affirmations, pray, and meditate every day and still not attract because your energy is out of alignment. Instead of allowing yourself to receive, you want to “get.” This book will teach you that the most important element of manifesting with the Universe is to embody the energy of love. If you identify as a manic manifester, you’re in the right place! In this book I’ll hook you up with a whole new way of being.


Pushers are people who try to push and control to reach their goals and feel safe. They believe that the more they do, the more they’ll achieve. They’re trying to “make things happen” rather than allowing themselves to attract naturally. They’ve forgotten that there is support beyond their own action and will. Pushers believe that they have to make things happen, and aligning and receiving guidance don’t come into the equation. They’ve forgotten where their true power lies. This is a common characteristic, and it’s one that many cultures often seem to reward. Pushers have a fear-based belief that if they’re not super productive, nothing will happen for them. Little do they know that their pushy energy is blocking their capacity to attract! The Universe doesn’t respond as well to frantic energy. Rather, the Universe vibrates at a positive frequency, and to co-create with it, your energy must align with that frequency.

The practices in this book will help you slow down, be still, and allow. I will teach you the art of allowing so that you can stop pushing, feel secure, and start receiving naturally.


Each day brings new opportunities to lean toward fear or lean into love. While we always have a choice, we often (quite unconsciously) default to fear. We choose fear in many ways, from the TV we watch to the conversations we have to the thoughts we entertain. The presence of fear is a sure sign we’ve disconnected from the loving presence of the Universe.

Throughout the book I’ll offer you practical tools and spiritual principles to undo fear and reclaim love. Undoing fear doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be much easier than you’ve ever imagined. Get ready to create radical shifts fast!


Judging, comparing, attacking, and seeing ourselves as separate from others all disconnect us from the Universe. If you identify as a judgmental person (judging others or yourself), take a moment to acknowledge how it makes you feel. Be honest and gentle with yourself as you do this. While you may feel justified in your judgment or try to rationalize it, it’s undeniable how negative it makes you feel. Being a Super Attractor is about feeling good, and in this book I’ll give you lots of amazing tools and spiritual practices to help you cultivate joy and have fun! As you become willing to release your judgment and choose compassion and peace instead, you will reconnect to your power.

These are just a few of the common ways we block our Super Attractor power. The good news is that your power never left you! You simply forgot about it. This book will guide you to recognize it, claim it, use it to attract what you want, and be a force for good in the world.

Let me guide you to become a Super Attractor through powerful steps explained in the upcoming chapters. These chapters will include spiritual methods and lessons that build on each other so that by the end you will have fully claimed your power. While each method in this book can be applied independently, I’ve placed them in an order that has a cumulative effect. Practice each method as presented so that you can get the most out of this transformational process. You may find that some lessons resonate with you more than others. That’s okay! Once you’ve gone through each chapter, you can then apply the tools interchangeably and at your own pace. Most importantly—have fun! The more fun you have, the stronger your Super Attractor power becomes. Fun turns you into a magnet for miracles.

And here’s the promise: When you accept that you are a Super Attractor, life gets awesome! You feel joyful, inspired, purposeful, and empowered. You’ll no longer feel the need to control, compare, or push, and you’ll settle into a sense of ease. Best of all, you’ll become a powerful example for others—and you’ll vibrate at such a high, loving frequency that your energy will be felt far and wide.

Here’s how the book breaks down:


Every thought you have is a message you send to the Universe. The Universe is always saying YES to your thoughts, energy, and emotions. Therefore, what you put out you will receive back—whether you want it or not. In Chapter 1 I’ll guide you to bring awareness to what you’re asking for. I’ll help you see how you’re often asking for what you don’t want, and I’ll show you how you can consciously clarify your requests to the Universe. This is an imperative step toward being a Super Attractor because it establishes a clear dialogue with the Universe. In this chapter I’ll teach you my method for tapping into your Super Attractor power instead of following the voice of fear, and I’ll show you how to make it a habit that’s easy to sustain.


One of the biggest blocks to being a Super Attractor is our resistance to feeling good. We’ve all grown far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of joy and faith. We’ve learned to rely on fear as a way of protecting ourselves from being disappointed, hurt, or triggered. We’ve become so accustomed to the fearful projections of the world that we don’t trust that things can be good. Unconsciously we feel that if we focus on everything good, we will lose control and be unsafe. In Chapter 2 you’ll learn how to change your thoughts about your fears and begin to make feeling good a priority. This step prepares you for the manifesting to come because in order to attract all that’s good, you must first believe you are worthy of it. The exercises in Chapter 2 will help you welcome worthiness and happiness and prepare you to claim all that you will attract.


The fear of not having enough is a major block to your Super Attractor power. The energy of lack causes us to vibrate at a low frequency, repelling the very things we want and thereby creating more lack.

Therefore, in Chapter 3 I’ll teach you my method for transcending lack and comparison through positive intention. This practice guides you to pray for others to have more of what you want for yourself. You’ll quickly see how wanting more for others puts you into an energy of abundance! It feels good to want others to feel good. The simple practice of wishing for others to receive will put you into an energy of receptivity, and this feeling of abundance will rapidly begin to attract more of what you want into your life. When you genuinely want others to be abundant, your good fortune will multiply.


In Chapter 4 I’ll wake you up to the awesome power of fun! Joy is the ultimate creator and the most powerful vibration we can embody. When you calibrate your energy to the experience of joy, you become a magnet for whatever you think about. In this chapter I’ll teach you a method that will help you quickly move from negative, low-level thoughts and energy to a more positive state. I’ll guide you to trust in the power of your thoughts and energy to help you navigate life’s challenges so you can show up for life in a state of joy. Through the practices in Chapter 4, you’ll see that when you lean toward joy, you are led!


In Chapter 5 I’ll guide you to understand and embrace your true power. It isn’t some credential, status, or achievement. I’ll show you that your true power lies in your capacity to tune in to the energy of love and the inner vision of light. A Course in Miracles says, “Miracles are seen in light.” In this chapter you’ll learn what it means to see in light and to bring light with you wherever you go. I’ll also teach you my Meditation for Lifting the Veil, in which you transcend the energy of this world and step into a place of love.


In Chapter 6 I’m going to push the metaphysical envelope and invite you to open up to new forms of guidance. In order to help you establish a spiritual relationship of your own understanding, I’ll share my own beliefs about spiritual guides. These guides are wise, loving, and compassionate, and they can help you in every area of your life. I’ll introduce you to the different kinds of spiritual guides, including angels and archangels, your Higher Self, the love of the Universe, and family members and friends who have passed on. I’ll teach you how to connect with these spiritual guides and how to receive guidance and help from them.


As I noted before, pushing is one of the greatest blocks to being a Super Attractor. Being a Super Attractor is about strengthening your faith, tuning in to the energy of love, and allowing the Universe to catch up with your dreams. To begin the practice of allowing, we must get out of the way and let life flow so we can truly thrive as a Super Attractor.

In Chapter 7 I’ll teach you how to turn over your desires to the care of the Universe or a higher power of your own understanding. The daily practice of surrendering your plans to a higher power will help you cultivate your ability to be still and embrace the present moment. In stillness we receive. You’ll experience immense relief, a drop in anxiety, and a surge of energy as you stop pouring all your mental, emotional, and even physical effort into pushing, controlling, and trying to make things happen. I’ll help you trust that your alignment with the Universe is enough to co-create the world you want to see.


By Chapter 8 you will have undergone deep transformations! At this point you’ll be vibrating at a Super Attractor frequency and ready to learn how to direct your powerful energy toward your desires. You’ll be ready to start co-creating with the Universe through fun, creative, and eye-opening practices. I’ll teach you how to clarify your desires through the power of intention. Your positive, excited intentions, combined with your free-flowing energy, will prime you to take spiritually aligned action. You’ll begin to see your desires come into form in clear, concrete, and at times beautifully startling ways. In this chapter you’ll get into the groovy practice of celebrating your miracle moments and manifestations!


Once you’ve begun showing up for life in a joyful state and taking spiritually aligned action, you’ll be ready to fully appreciate everything in your life. Appreciation dissolves all blocks to the presence of our power. When we’re in a state of appreciation, we’re actively creating more of what we want. We’re also in an energy of acceptance and nonresistance. In the absence of resistance, we are Super Attractors.

In this chapter I’ll guide you through appreciation practices that will fill your heart with excitement and enthusiasm for life! Once you access a state of appreciation, I’ll guide you to reach for even more of it. When you get into the flow of appreciation, you want to create even more momentum behind it. You’ll learn how to make appreciation a habit so that you can effortlessly maintain a powerful and positive point of attraction.


The secret to attracting is to surrender your desire to the highest good! Chapter 10 will help you loosen your grip and rely on a higher power to show you the next right action. In this chapter you’ll learn how to relax and enjoy the manifestation process! The best part of being a Super Attractor is that you don’t have to figure it all out. You can direct your focus, dwell in the energy of fun, and surrender your desires to the Universe. I’ll guide you to pay attention to your inner wisdom and to signs from the Universe. Above all, this chapter is about turning over your will to the care of a higher power so you can let miracles unfold naturally.


In this chapter I’ll teach you how to allow the abundant love of the Universe to flow. You’ll learn how to see fear as a pathway back to love, and I’ll teach you techniques that will help you stay in the stream of well-being and protect your good-feeling emotions. You will claim a sense of faithful knowing, and you’ll see how living with positive expectations clears the path for solutions in all situations, even the difficult ones. When we align our thoughts and energy with spiritual faith, we can expect miracles. Faith isn’t hoping that God will help you; faith is knowing that help is on the way.


This text will help you to understand the importance of living in alignment with the Universe—not just dabbling in your practice when it feels convenient. I don’t want your spiritual life compartmentalized and kept separate from your day-to-day experiences. I want you to live a spiritual life all the time. I want you to feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold. I want you to feel connected to a spiritual force that you can rely on. I want you to attract what you desire and create a life filled with purpose, happiness, abundance, and peace. I want you to feel free.

Accepting that you are a Super Attractor will change everything. You’ll trust that it’s safe to release the past, and you’ll no longer fear the future. You’ll tap into an infinite source of abundance, energy, joy, and well-being. This well-being will become the norm for you, and you’ll grow to embrace it as your birthright. Most importantly, you’ll know intuitively how to show up for life and bring more light to the world around you.

This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want. You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Best of all, you’ll feel good.


Once you claim your Super Attractor power, the question then becomes: What will you do with it? When you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that can elevate everyone around you. By claiming your true power, you will help others do the same. The practices here will empower you to live your purpose, and they will amplify abundance, happiness, health, and peace for everyone you come into contact with and beyond. By the end of this book, you will have a greater understanding of your higher purpose. You will know how to fulfill your function: to be a force of love in the world.

It’s time to claim your power. Turn to Chapter 1 and let’s begin.

Chapter 1


* * *

I’m so psyched to be sitting at my desk writing this book! I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all that I want to share with you. I long to get these words onto the page. I’m thrilled that you’re here, and I’m equally excited for myself. You see, I need this book more than you can imagine. At a recent talk I gave, an audience member said to me, “Gabby, I’m a life coach, and I feel like a fraud. I’ve got a lot of fear, I obsess about the small stuff, and I’m still working out a lot of personal issues. How can I help others manifest their dreams when I’m going through such a hard time?” I laughed and said, “Honey, I’m writing my seventh spiritual book, and I’m still a head case!” In that moment I admitted to myself and a public audience that I was out of alignment with my Super Attractor power. I admitted that even though my name and face are on the books and I have the microphone in my hand, I still desperately needed a spiritual kick in the ass. And that’s why I’m so excited to write this book. Sitting here in my office, I already feel better. I feel empowered by the words that I know are coming, I’m energized by the pages I’ve committed to write, and I feel ease just knowing that the answers are within me.

My excitement about this book is a massive statement to the Universe. It’s my way of saying yes to feeling good, yes to healing my false perceptions, and yes to living with true freedom and joy. The Universe is always picking up what we’re putting out. And today, I’m putting out an energy of joy for all that is to come from this miraculous writing journey ahead.

Right now, as I write this book, my spiritual cheerleader is coming through, and I’m so grateful. Because the past few months have been far from joyful. I got really out of alignment with the energy of joy and totally disconnected from my Super Attractor power. I was in the midst of launching my book Judgment Detox. Writing the book was a beautiful experience, but when it came time to launch it, I let myself get really stressed out. I was overwhelmed with thoughts of fear because I felt out of control, unsupported, and pressured to perform. I was in and out of manic manifesting, trying to force the Universe to give me the results I wanted. My work and personal relationships suffered due to my misalignment. And I had a lot of negative stories on repeat. The negative stories built up strong momentum, so much so that I got physically sick and depressed. Worst of all, I felt tremendous guilt because I was so disconnected from the true source of power on which I’ve grown to rely. Each negative thought, controlling action, and fear-based response continued to tell the Universe that I was a yes for chaos.

We become out of alignment when we get hooked into fear-based, low-energy thoughts. The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles teaches, “There are no ‘idle’ thoughts. All thinking produces form on some level.” Each thought we have emits energy. That energy either brings us closer to the supportive flow of the Universe or resists it. The energy behind our thoughts directly affects our experiences. When we have a fear-based, low-vibe thought on repeat, it creates energetic momentum that will eventually start to manifest in our lives. For instance, throughout the Judgment Detox book launch, I kept repeating the thought, “If I don’t do it, no one else will.” This is an old story for me. I replayed this thought over and over, and eventually it became my reality. I wound up controlling every detail and felt unsupported because I wouldn’t let anyone support me. My thoughts of being unsupported became my experience.

I can tell when I’m out of alignment because I become focused on outside goals and objectives as opposed to the joy of life. When I’m misaligned, I try to control my circumstances. I’m resentful, my energy is low, and I feel physically ill. It’s a struggle to get things done, and I cut off the flow of inspiration.

By contrast, when I’m in alignment with the Universe, I feel happy and excited regardless of what my circumstances may be. I’m hopeful and positive even when I face challenges. I’m not worried, stressed, or focused on problems. Good things flow to me, and I feel creativity moving through me. People want to support me, and I find a way through every block.

Two weeks before my book tour for Judgment Detox ended, it became clear to me that I was badly out of alignment. I hit bottom with my negative thoughts and patterns. It was like I was energetically strangling the book launch. I tried to control the process, became obsessed with the outcome, and let stress be the driving force behind every action I took. I was miserable and couldn’t sustain that behavior, and I had no choice but to pivot. One night I said to my husband, “I’m done with the drama. I’m changing the story. I’m getting more help, and I’m clearing space to focus on my gifts. I want to write more, speak more, and live in my creative force. I welcome the Universe to support this shift now.”

The words I spoke were more than just words. What I experienced was an energy shift. I accepted that in an instant I could choose again and redirect my life. I embraced the truth: The instant we realign with love, the Universe responds powerfully. In any given moment, we can change our story and say yes to what we truly want. As soon as we do, the Universe delivers.

Within seconds of saying my prayer, I started feeling better. And I let that good-feeling momentum carry me. I started dreaming about the people I’d hire to get me into a space where I could focus on my creative work. I committed to relaxing and restoring. Days later I headed to California to close out the tour, and I had the time of my life. The event planning went perfectly, the media helped get the word out, and the audience members had a blast. On stage, I allowed myself to surrender to my art and let the Universal creative force move through me. My husband noticed my shift and said, “All right, what happened? You’re in such a better place.” I said, “I told the Universe I was ready to realign.”

The key to getting back into alignment is to want it. In an instant we can forgive our fear and choose again. We can start a new story, shift our perceptions, and allow miracles to unfold. Low-vibe thoughts become addictive, and as with any addiction, we need to interrupt the pattern to heal it. This book will offer powerful tools to help you interrupt negative energy and low-vibe thoughts so that you can redirect your life to flow toward what you desire—and most importantly, so that you can feel good, release control, and trust in the Universe.

Throughout the book I’ll reference one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Abraham-Hicks, often known just as Abraham. Abraham is the work of a woman named Esther Hicks, who is a channel for lessons and teachings on the topic of the Law of Attraction. She is one of the most powerful practitioners in the field. “Abraham” is treated as a plural noun because the name represents a collective spiritual energy who have described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.” My own teachings and personal life have been greatly influenced by Abraham, and I’m proud to share their teachings throughout this book. Abraham-Hicks say, “There is only a stream of Well-Being that flows. You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same.” The stream of well-being is an ever-present flow of love, creativity, inspiration, and peace. When our energy vibrates with love, we match the creative force of the Universe. When you’re in this flow, you know that no matter your circumstances, there is a spiritual solution. You feel a sense of freedom and faith that what you desire is on the way even if you can’t see it yet. You have more fun and you feel better. Invisible doors open for you, and creative opportunities present themselves without effort. You can do less and receive more. When you’re in alignment with the flow of the Universe, you are a Super Attractor creating the life you want and attracting more than you could otherwise imagine simply by choosing to feel good. Life is much easier when you realign with the Universe.

So today I ask you this important question: Are you ready to realign with the Universe?

I know the answer is yes. But I want to check in further.

Is the answer, “Hell yes, Gabby, I’m ready”?

Or is it a, “Yes, but . . . ”?

This is an important distinction because even slight resistance will block the flow.

If you feel resistant or hesitant in answering this question, here’s the solution: let’s call out your resistance right now. It’s actually very likely that you’re out of alignment with the feeling of joy in some way, so don’t freak out! Just forgive yourself now. Say this prayer silently or out loud to yourself: I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. The moment you forgive your past, you clear space for the present, and an energetic shift occurs. And here’s the really exciting thing: at this moment right now, you’re perfectly on track. The Universe is always saying YES, even when it doesn’t necessarily feel like it. The simple act of reading this book means that you’re a yes for joy, abundance, wellness, romance, and anything else you could possibly desire. Opening this book is a massive statement to the Universe that you’re willing to realign with a higher power and be a Super Attractor. So if there are a lot of issues in your life right now, start by thanking them. The issues in our lives offer us a choice: we can let them take over, or we can let them help us pivot toward grace. The methods in this book will help you pivot.

As soon as you pivot, you begin your new life! A new way of perceiving the world, yourself, your relationships, and your physical body. Your desire to feel better is all you need to pivot toward alignment. So, my friend, let the pivoting begin.

Even the toughest experiences offer you great wisdom and direction. Be grateful for what has caused you discomfort, because it reveals to you what you still need to heal. Take a moment to thank the situations in your life that don’t feel good. Bless these issues so that you can set them free. Take a minute now to see the job loss as an opportunity to shift your career toward work that brings you joy. See the breakup as a chance to love yourself more. Be open to perceiving a physical condition as a chance to get closer to God. The moment we choose to perceive our pain as the catalyst for great healing and growth, we realign with the power of the Universe. This gratitude helps you get out of the feeling of being the victim and into a state of positivity.

You may be thinking, “If I’m grateful for this stuff, aren’t I sending the message that I’m okay with it?” Actually, the opposite is true. When you let difficult situations dominate your life, you give them power and momentum. As soon as you choose to see the light in the dark corners, you redirect your power toward what you want. Hard or unpleasant situations offer you clarity about what you don’t want, thereby helping you discover what you do want. This is the first step back into alignment.

Throughout my life, these simple shifts have helped me transform darkness into light. One of the most powerful examples for me occurred on October 2, 2005. This was the day I chose to put down alcohol and drugs and get sober. That shift not only saved my life but also would ultimately go on to save the lives of many people. I wrote about my recovery in my book Spirit Junkie, and that work inspired readers around the world to find their own path to recovery. My willingness to see my addiction as a teacher, forgive myself, and choose love has helped countless people.

If you’re struggling with any kind of addiction, whether it’s to a substance, a behavior, or even to fearful thoughts, know that in this moment you can choose again. Your choice to see love will help you to redirect your life. Become willing right now to forgive yourself for all that was and celebrate all that you will become.

I feel empowered when I am grateful for the tough stuff. I can see even traumatic events and addictions as learning devices rather than shameful dark periods. Every difficult situation in my life, no matter how hard it seemed at the time, has offered me grace on the other side. I’ve made a choice to grow through pain and find honor in all that I’ve been through. Choosing to see difficult times with grace has helped me move out of the feeling of being a victim and feel proud of myself for my willingness to grow.

Of course, the goal isn’t to have to fall apart to realign. The goal is to make alignment a daily priority. Since we’re at the beginning of this journey, you may find that misalignment seems to be your default setting. Don’t sweat it. The moment you find yourself out of alignment, you can be grateful for the lesson and forgive yourself fast.

You don’t have to fix your whole life to feel better now! In fact, you don’t have to do much at all. Begin your shift into alignment with a method I call “Choose Again.”


When you begin this practice, I recommend you document each step in your Super Attractor journal (visit the book resources page at The more you practice this method, the more it will become second nature. In time you’ll be able to quickly follow the method in your mind whenever you need it. For now, however, let your journal support your path.

Step 1: Notice the thought.

When you find yourself stuck in negativity or fear, consciously step back. You can do this by noticing that your thoughts and energy are out of alignment with joy. Ask yourself, “How do I feel right now?” Write down your answer in your journal.

Step 2: Forgive the thought.

Forgive yourself for being misaligned and celebrate your desire to shift. Thank your negative feelings and thoughts for showing you what you don’t want and revealing what you do. Next to each negative thought that you document, write the words Thank you for revealing to me what I don’t want so that I can clarify what I do want.

Step 3: Choose again.

Answer this question in your journal: “What is the best-feeling thought I can find right now?” Then ask the Universe to guide you toward that thought. In your journal, write down this prayer or say it to yourself: Thank you, Universe, for guiding my thoughts toward good-feeling emotions.

As you practice this step, remember that you are reaching for the next best feeling. You are not required to land on the ultimate solution. So, for instance, if you are struggling with finances, the thought “I’m going to be out of debt in one week!” is likely to create more misalignment because you probably wouldn’t believe it. Instead, choose a thought that feels realistic and possible. For this step to work, you must believe in your next best thought. If there’s any doubt, then your energy won’t back up your prayer. (Keep in mind that the Universe always hears your prayers. But your energy must support those prayers in order for you to hear the guidance that the Universe then provides.)

Let’s look together at how we might apply the three steps of the Choose Again Method: As before, imagine someone who is suffering from financial lack and uncertainty. Understandably, this person’s dominant thoughts center around debt and the crippling fear of not being able to pay their bills. They’ve become obsessed with these fearful thoughts because the inner voice of fear (otherwise known as the ego) has convinced them that the more they think about it, the more they can control their circumstances. It is at this stage that we can start to apply the initial step of recognizing the negative thoughts. It’s normal, of course, to think that obsessing over an issue is how we find solutions. But it actually has the opposite effect. The more your mentality tends toward fear and lack, the further away you are from allowing solutions to come into your consciousness. We bring energy to the object of our focus. That energy influences our emotional state, and it’s our emotional state that is our point of attraction. Fear-minded thinking puts us out of alignment with positive energy. When we’re out of alignment with positive energy, we’re disconnected from the support of the Universe. The Universe has the capacity to bring forth creative solutions for earning, new ways of managing money, and other ideas that the fear-based logical mind cannot come up with. But we have to be in a receptive place to hear the answers.

The way out of that negative loop is through Step 2, forgiving the misaligned thoughts. Through forgiveness, we can release the past and accept that the present moment offers an opportunity for grace. Even a slight moment of presence is enough to redirect our energy and get positive momentum to help choose a better thought. Moving to Step 3, we think, “What is the best-feeling thought I can find right now?” A nice way to get there in this instance could be with a statement like “I’m open to creative possibilities for abundance.” This statement becomes a prayer. By saying this kind of affirmation silently or out loud, we make a massive announcement to the Universe that we are ready to choose again. The very second we choose a loving thought, our emotions shift and our energy changes. This is realignment with the Universe.

The Choose Again Method may seem too simple at first. You may be wondering how you can just shift out of negative thoughts that may have plagued you for years. I assure you that choosing to shift your thoughts doesn’t have to be difficult. It does not matter whether these negative thoughts have been with you for 2 weeks or 20 years. The simple choice to feel better is enough to put you on a path to what you desire. So use these three steps to help you redirect your energy and slow down the flow of negativity.

The simplicity of this method might tempt you to dismiss its value. Let me be very clear: we don’t have time to dwell in our drama. Being committed to a spiritual path means that we’re ready to wake up fast. We need to make feeling good our highest priority and do whatever it takes to be Super Attractors. Our commitment to living in alignment will help us stay sane in these times. No matter where you are in the world, you cannot hide from the negative energy of the daily news, political climate, and feelings of divisiveness. Even if you were able to ignore the world around you, perhaps by avoidance or escapism, you would do so at the expense of the greater good. You would deprive the world of your positive energy, which affects not just you but everyone you come into contact with.

I live among just a few hundred neighbors in a rural town. Even here, in the peace and quiet of the countryside, I’m not immune to the negative energy of the world. All I have to do is turn on the news or scroll through social media to feel assaulted by low vibrations. But instead of dragging me down, it offers me an opportunity to practice the Choose Again Method and strengthen my connection to the Universe. When we become aware of how external negative vibrations affect us, we can follow the three steps and pivot fast. The only way to come back into loving alignment is to become aware of how we detour. Throughout this book I will encourage you to return to the Choose Again Method to witness your misalignment and come back to love fast.

It’s important to understand that this method is not designed for you to bypass your problems. It’s designed to help you attract solutions. Remember, the best-feeling thought you can reach for may not be the ultimate solution, but it will guide you to feel better. Every better-feeling emotion offers you guidance toward the solutions you seek and the joyful truth of who you are. Use this practice to gently guide your energy back into alignment with the Universe so that you can be an energetic match for healing and guidance. The more you make this method a habit, the better you’ll feel. And the better you feel, the more easily you will attract the feelings and experiences you want in your life.

Each chapter in this book will offer you new methods to help you strengthen your connection to the Universe, direct your desires, and become a Super Attractor. Before you embark on the rest of the lessons, it’s helpful to always start by choosing again. Each step in the Choose Again Method is crucial to your alignment and holds a promise. Let’s review:

In Step 1 you recognize your misalignment. You can’t change a bad habit without admitting that it’s there. All spiritual practice must begin with awareness, so become conscious of your misalignment and thank your thoughts and feelings. You show gratitude for these thoughts and feelings because they reveal what you don’t want and guide you toward what you truly desire.

Step 2 is to forgive yourself for being misaligned. If not, you’ll hold on to the past and stay stuck in the negative pattern no matter how hard you try to pivot. Forgive yourself, your thoughts, and anything that led you to this point. Accept that even the most difficult experiences in your life have given you an opportunity to grow if you choose to. We can be the victim of the world we see, or we can choose to perceive difficult past experiences as a catalyst for change.

And finally, you get the option to choose again. By reaching toward the best-feeling thought you can access, you’re instantly put into a new vibrational state. This new thought is a prayer. With it, you send a message to the Universe that you want to feel better. In this new vibration, the Universe responds by guiding you to your next right action. The next right action may come to you as a better-feeling thought, as a new idea, or as a desire to end a harmful pattern. In October 2005, the moment I chose to release my addiction and get sober, the Universe instantly directed me to call a friend to help me get to a recovery meeting. As soon as I asked for help, the Universe delivered.

Remember that we can’t hear intuitive guidance from the Universe until we’re willing to ask for help. Receiving spiritual guidance requires that we become attuned to the energy of the Universe. Imagine you’re constantly complaining about your job to a close friend. They try to offer you guidance, but your incessant negativity and fear block you from even hearing their words. You resist their guidance because you’re so focused on what isn’t working. Then, finally, when things get too tough and you can’t handle it anymore, you break down. You call your friend and ask for help. They respond with profoundly clear direction, compassion, and guidance. You say, “This is exactly what I needed to hear.” They reply, “It’s what I’ve been saying all along.” Their guidance was the same. The only difference was that you chose to hear it.

It’s no different with your relationship to the Universe. The Universe is always conspiring to support you, guide you, and compassionately lead you toward the highest good. When you’re focused on chaos and fear, or trying to control everything, you deflect this support and guidance. But the moment you surrender, the Universe is there to pick you up off the floor and show you the way.

But you don’t need to wait till you feel desperate to surrender. You don’t have to keep spiraling downward till you’ve hit bottom and you’re lying on the floor. You can make choosing again (and choosing love) your habit. Surrendering should be the first thing you do, not your last-ditch effort. The Choose Again Method is your path to clearer communication with the Universe.

My intention is to help you get into constant contact with the Universe. I’ve found that in certain areas of my life it’s been easy to receive Universal guidance, whereas in others I’ve resisted. The areas where there’s resistance are the ones where my dominant thoughts are still aligned with fear. I’ve done a lot of therapy, sober recovery, trauma healing, and various other practices to reorganize these dominant beliefs. But nothing helps me more than surrendering them to the Universe for help. As soon as I allow the Universe to replace my fear-based beliefs with new perceptions, I receive a miracle. Our analytical minds want to resist this simplicity. We want to think that it will take decades of recovery to change our beliefs. But Abraham-Hicks say, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” When you choose a new thought, a shift will occur.

I want you to choose again—and do so quickly—and follow the Universal guidance that’s always available to you. When you choose again, resolution is offered. This doesn’t mean that further healing isn’t required. The solution might still be several steps away. So even if the issue doesn’t seem fully resolved now, you can trust that you’re being guided in the right direction. You can trust that when you let the Universe lead you, you’ll receive Good Orderly Direction (the Universal force of love, also known as G-O-D). You will be given intuitive ideas of where to go and what to say. And you’ll be more easily led to a way through every block.

When we choose again, we send a prayer to the Universe that we’re ready to feel good. Back when I got sober, my mentor in recovery told me to get on my knees and ask God to help me stay clean. She said that when I felt the urge to relapse, I should never take matters into my own hands. She called that behavior “white-knuckling it.” Instead, she suggested that I turn my addiction over to a higher power to help guide me back. At the time I didn’t have much of a relationship with God or the Universe. I identified as a spiritual person, but I hadn’t yet established what the concept of a higher power meant to me. Nonetheless, I followed her direction. She said, “Act as if and you will be led.” So I got on my knees and started to pray daily. At the time my prayer was to stay clean and sober. Whenever I was tempted to pick up a drink or do a drug, I’d hit my knees and pray. At dinner parties and on dates, if I felt tempted, I’d excuse myself and go to the bathroom to pray and get centered. Prayer became my immediate response to any inner turmoil or addictive pull. Prayer became a habit. To this day, when I find myself out of alignment with peace, it’s a sign that I’ve been relying on my own strength instead of the strength of a higher power. In those moments I follow the Choose Again Method: notice the thought, forgive the thought, choose again.

Praying doesn’t have to mean kneeling beside your bed and talking to God. A prayer can come through a simple surrendered thought, when you decide that your will is no longer working and you invite in a higher power to take the lead. The instant you choose to think a better thought, you’ve asked to realign with a higher power. You can call it the Universe, call it angels, call it spirit, call it your inner guide, call it God. I don’t care; just call on it. The methods in this book are backed with a prayer. They are designed to help you offer up your grievances and fears to a higher power. Surrender to each practice in this book, and strengthen your faith in the Universal energy of love. With your faith you’ll feel safe and certain no matter what. Follow these methods to realign with the Universe and dissolve feelings of separation and doubt. My late mentor and friend Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you eliminate the concept of separation from your thoughts and your behavior, you begin to feel your connection to everything and everyone.” That connection is your Super Attractor power.

You just have to clear the blocks to its presence. Each practice in this book will offer you a gradual opening to the energy that is available to you at all times. Gradual is the operative word. I don’t expect you to shift from lack to abundance or sickness to health instantly. What I hope is that you follow these steps and gradually shift your perceptions, thoughts, and energy one moment at a time. This gradual effect will offer you long-lasting change. When you change your mind about your experience, your experience will change. This is a subtle but very potent shift that occurs when you pivot from darkness to light.

Keep it simple, follow my guidance, and let good-feeling emotions gently lead you back into alignment with your true nature!

Each method in this book will help get you back into alignment. My hope is that once you learn them, you’ll use them interchangeably and make them part of your daily routine. The more you apply these methods in your life, the faster they will become second nature. We need practices for feeling good in order to make feeling good a habit. We’ve given more faith and energy to the negativity in our minds, and it’s time to redirect our focus. By practicing these methods, you will be able to quickly shift from fear to joy and realign with your Super Attractor nature. Have fun with these tools and use them as often as possible!

There’s no right or wrong way to apply these methods. Just make sure you’re having fun! Don’t let your spiritual practice become a chore. Let it be a reprieve from the world’s drama and your inner turmoil. I’ve kept these methods simple so that you can do them easily and in the moment, no matter what you have going on in your life. These tools will catapult you back to your true, joyful nature. Aligning with the Universe must be a conscious choice we make all throughout the day.


When we open our eyes in the morning, we can go in one of two directions: we can align with the Universe through spiritual practice, meditation, prayer, affirmation, or exercise . . . or we can pick up our phones, turn to the news, gulp down a cup of coffee, and start rushing around.

When we choose the second option, we often begin our day with negative vibrations and overwhelm. So it’s imperative that we change our morning habits. The morning is a sacred time and must be cherished. It’s when we choose how we want the rest of the day to go. A single shift in our behavior can redirect our entire day.

Set yourself up to win by starting your day with a practice that will get you aligned as soon as you wake up! I’ve found that this is the optimal time for aligning your energy with love. You’ve spent the night sleeping in an energy of nonresistance. Abraham-Hicks teach that when we sleep, we release resistance to negative thoughts. That means that when we wake up, we have a clean slate in front of us—an opportunity to release the negativity from the day before and begin again. That’s why the first moments of the morning are so precious. We can take advantage of being in a state of nonresistance and start the day with a fresh attitude. Follow a morning practice to start your day in alignment and sustain your good-feeling emotions throughout the day.

I’ve built up a wealth of spiritual practices to turn to as soon as I wake up. I created the Spirit Junkie App, which is set to show me a positive affirmation first thing (you can find the app at Then I set my phone to airplane mode and meditate. But there’s one morning practice in particular that has changed my life: once I’ve gotten out of bed and brushed my teeth, I recite positive mantras! The mantras guide me to return to the love of the Universe, accept myself, and forgive myself for any misalignment from the day before. I affirm how I want to feel, who I want to be, and how I want to show up in the world. I affirm self-love and compassion. I affirm my willingness to feel good. This practice has been a saving grace for me. It instantly puts me into spiritual, physical, and emotional alignment. Affirming positivity helps me take advantage of my connection to the Universe and ride that positive momentum throughout the day.

The moment you wake up, you can recite the following mantras silently or out loud. Or you can download my audio mantras that are backed with inspirational music at You can use them first thing in the morning and even throughout the day. Regardless of how you feel when you wake up in the morning, these affirmations will help you get into alignment. These words can greatly support you even when you don’t believe in them. Just say them out loud and let the power of your intentions get you back into alignment. I’ve made this practice a daily routine, and I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me.


My body is rested and my mind is clear.

I start my day with positive thoughts and energy.

I am relaxed, nonresistant, and clear.

My day unfolds with ease and grace.

People support me throughout the day.

The Universe supports my desires today.

I am open to receiving greatness.

I am energized and inspired.

Creative possibilities are available to me.

Nothing holds me back.

I take action with faith and clarity.

I am healthy, well, and vibrant.

Today is a great day.

I’m having fun today.

I bring joy to others.

I bring light with me wherever I go.

I am a positive influence on the world.

All is well.

Repeating these mantras on your own or with the audio download will immediately shift you into an empowered energy and positive vibration. I invite you to make this method part of your daily routine. It will help you clear mental blocks, release resistance, and set yourself up for a miraculous day. Spending even five minutes in affirmation is enough to change the direction of your day.

If you have kids, get them in on this practice too! Imagine how empowered a child would feel if they started their day with positivity. There’s no greater practice to set your kid up to feel great.

By applying the Choose Again Method and mantras, you will begin to feel better. But the moment you start feeling good, it’s possible something sneaky may happen. Your ego (the inner voice of fear) will resist your good feelings. The ego’s voice has been your dominant inner dialogue for so long that it may have a stronghold on your subconscious. That’s okay, though, because we’re calling it out in the next chapter! In Chapter 2 I will help you become aware of the ways that the ego will resist feeling good. I’ll help you accept that it’s good to feel good. Positive-feeling emotions are our birthright, and in this next chapter you’ll become unapologetic about how you want to feel. Don’t be afraid of the ego, because your commitment to love is stronger than fear. And I’ve got your back every step of the way.

Chapter 2


* * *

Of all the blocks to our Super Attractor power, the biggest is our resistance to feeling good. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself: Have you come to rely on fear as a form of protection against feeling disappointment or hurt? It becomes so easy to slip into this way of thinking that you may not even be aware of it. Fear can feel like a natural way to protect yourself and stay in control. We’ve all come to be far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of joy and faith. You may be thinking, “Wait, I don’t walk around feeling scared all the time. How am I relying on fear?” The answer is that fear takes many forms, and emotions you likely recognize—such as anxiety, defensiveness, judgment, and the impulse to control—really stem from a sense of fear. Think of fear as the opposite of love. When you rely on fear, as most of us do, you are disconnected from the free-flowing love of the Universe.

The unfortunate truth is, many of us are addicted to fear. We’ve become so accustomed to the fearful projections of the world that we don’t trust that things can be good. Unconsciously we think that if we focus on the good stuff, we will lose control, be unsafe, or be susceptible to disappointment. The ego has convinced us that “good” is limited and eventually our luck will run out. We suspect that anything really good is probably too good to be true. Society has convinced us that if something is worth having, it requires struggle, heroic perseverance, and sacrifice. Therefore, we’ve become addicted to suffering, and this mind-set actually increases our struggling! When we believe we need to suffer, we tell the Universe it’s what we want. Remember the message of Chapter 1: the Universe always delivers. If we believe in suffering, we will suffer.

What I’m about to say may startle you. I want you to read this next sentence as many times as you need to in order for it to sink in:

In order to truly live as a Super Attractor,

we must accept that good things can come easily.

This is likely the opposite of everything you’ve ever been taught! This is because most of us have it all backward. For our whole lives, we’ve held on to fear-based belief systems to feel safe. We believe in thoughts like “I have to work incredibly hard to succeed,” “I’m too old to have a baby,” and “I’m terrible at relationships.” Can you see how all these thoughts are backed with an energy of resistance? Our resistance to feeling good is what blocks the good that we want to attract. The moment we release that resistance and let ourselves feel good, then everything we truly desire begins to come to us naturally. When we feel good, we attract solutions rather than problems. When we feel good, life flows naturally.

I know it’s hard to get your head around this. Many students of spiritual practices (including me) believe this concept but have a difficult time applying it. Fear has a strong hold on us. We resist feeling good so much that we expect life to be hard.

By way of example, here is how fear presented itself in the early part of my career. In the first decade of building my business, I experienced a lot of joy and faith. But beneath that joy and faith was an ever-present undercurrent of fear. I was scared that if I weren’t working my ass off, then my career would all fall apart. This belief system stemmed from childhood. When I was young, I picked up the story that “If I don’t do it, no one else will.” I spent my life believing that I had to strive hard and overwork in order to get what I wanted. My career continued to move forward because the joy and faith were stronger than the fear. But even though I was having fun and achieving success, I always felt as if it had to be hard or it wouldn’t continue to work. No matter how inspired I felt or what I accomplished, I always felt as if I was fighting, and that there was always more to do. The belief “If I don’t do it, no one else will” was blocking my Super Attractor power. And even though the Universe presented me with a lot of opportunity and success, it didn’t come without struggle. I knew deep down that there had to be a better way, but for a long time I wasn’t ready to truly access it.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I hit bottom with my workaholism. My struggling and stress finally took me down. My belief that I had to do it all created a world where I felt very unsupported, fearful, and alone. My body was falling apart, I was barely holding my business together, and my relationships were suffering. Then I hit bottom. Often, a bottom is a moment of surrender, and in this case it was for me. In this surrendered state, I said the words out loud: “There has to be a better way.” I could no longer resist help from others, and most of all I couldn’t continue to resist support from the Universe. Once I hit this bottom, I received a gift. I could finally see how I was terrified of feeling good. I realized that I equated feeling good with losing control. Worst of all, I was afraid of surrendering to the higher power of the Universe. I believed that I had to rely on myself and that I had to suffer to succeed. While this belief system was deeply ingrained in my psyche, the Universe had begun to present a spiritual solution.

The moment I hit my knees and surrendered to the Universe, clear direction was presented to me. As soon as I became willing to change my belief that I was unsupported, support came through! It first showed up as intuition. When we realign with the Universe, we can receive loving direction as an inner knowing. Sometimes it can come as a hit of inspiration or a download of information. This time I heard very clear intuitive direction. I was journaling one morning and my hand started to move faster than usual. My handwriting shifted and the words on the page took on a different tone. I knew that I was receiving direction from a Universal presence. These words came onto the page: Pay attention to the places where you feel supported. Feel the feelings of support, and continue to feel them more.

I was so moved by this spiritual guidance that I put it into practice right away. I asked myself, “Where do I feel supported?” Instantly a thought came into my mind about my event planner, Anette. The only area in my career where I’d ever allowed anyone to support me was in putting together events. For several years I’d collaborated with Anette to plan my book tours and large-scale events. Anette is a powerhouse who gets the job done! She is so confident and in charge, and her energy takes over in such a way that you have no choice but to surrender to her support. No matter how hard I’d try to control things, Anette would always remind me to get out of the way and trust her. When I was working with Anette, I always had faith that everything was fully taken care of. I felt greatly supported and at ease. I knew Anette had my back.

I started to put this feeling of support into action. After journaling and receiving this intuitive hit, I spent several minutes daydreaming about how much I loved Anette and how supported she made me feel. Then I wrote in my journal, “When I’m working with Anette, I feel like everything is happening around me and I’m truly taken care of.” Let me tell you, it felt so great to write down these words. This statement affirmed exactly how good I wanted to feel! And it felt so good to feel good. The Universal direction I’d received in my journal was exactly what I needed to redirect my energy and put me back into alignment with the support of the Universe.

I repeated this for months: “Everything is happening around me and I’m truly taken care of.” I said it while driving, while cooking, before I went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning. It became my mantra. In those moments when I felt the urge to take over anything, from a big project to a small task, and do everything myself, I turned to this mantra.

Not only did I repeat this mantra all day, I also spent my stillness practice meditating on the feeling of what it was like to work with Anette. I’d see myself backstage, feeling totally relaxed knowing that she was handling everything. I’d envision myself walking onto the stage, seeing everyone happily settled in their seats, and feeling free knowing that all the important elements and countless little details alike were handled. Over the next few months, I spent hours in meditation feeling this feeling and re-creating the experience of being supported by Anette. I put energy, visions, and enthusiasm into this feeling. I reveled in it. I surrendered to feeling good!

Within months of starting this practice, I started to notice things dramatically change in my business. Without even realizing it, I’d attracted two new people to help. I was finally letting my husband own his role, and I was delegating my responsibilities left and right. In a few short months, I started to get out of the way and let others in. This was a miracle! Feeling good guided me toward what I truly wanted. I could finally focus on being an empowering spiritual teacher—and more importantly, I could release the fear of not being supported and the belief that I had to do everything myself.


In order to feel good, you must decide to stop feeling bad. It’s as simple and profound as that. There is no other way. For far too long, we have resisted this decision because we’ve been waiting for our life’s circumstances to give us a reason to feel good. In fact, many of us don’t even realize that feeling bad is a decision we’ve made. We think things like “I’ll feel good when I get a clean bill of health” or “I’ll feel good when I have the money in the bank.” When we do this, we’re putting the outcome before the feeling. We have it all twisted! We think that we must live in fear in order to get something we want, which will then allow us to feel good. But the truth is that once you feel good, you start to easily attract what you desire! When we make feeling good our priority, everything else can flow.

A lot of people get hung up on the limiting belief that they’re not worthy of feeling good and having what they want. Struggle becomes a habit, and joy is an afterthought. I’m asking you to see things totally differently. If you think you’re not worthy of feeling good, then you’re out of alignment with the truth of who you are. The loving energy of the Universe, the magnificence of God, the serenity of spirit is all within us. There is not a source outside of us that can save us from our sense of unworthiness. When we truly accept that we embody the power of love, then we can start to realign with the belief that we are worthy of feeling good. Feeling good is feeling God. By that I mean that when we feel good, we remember the God within us. Accepting our greatness is the key to being a Super Attractor. Let these methods help you stand in certainty that you are good and that, when you embody this truth, good things flow to you naturally.

Feeling good is good for its own sake! I learned this from Deepak Chopra at an event I was co-hosting with him and Eckhart Tolle in 2016. In between my hosting duties, I stood backstage listening to Deepak and Eckhart speak about their spiritual beliefs. At one point Deepak said that when you’re happy for a particular reason, you’re still in misery—because that reason can be taken from you tomorrow. His words reminded me that when we focus on what we think we need, we weaken our faith in the Universe.

Deciding to feel good is easier than you think! The Universe has been patiently awaiting your decision to feel good, and this decision is especially needed in your darkest moments. The Universe is guiding us even when we resist it. The instant we release our resistance, a flood of support and love rushes in. It’s important to accept this. This isn’t a “fake it till you make it” exercise. The Universe wants you to feel good and wants to guide you toward exactly what you want and need. Remember, you are one with the Universal energy of love, and feeling good is your birthright.

Don’t just take my word for it! Let me help you see the Universe in action. Take any area of your life where you’re struggling and want to feel better. Fill in the blank in the sentence below:

I recognize I’m out of alignment with [name a person, situation, belief system, etc.]. I choose to release the outcome and feel good now. Thank you, Universe, for guiding me.

This statement is a prayer. You’re humbly offering your fear over to the Universe, and you are claiming your desire to feel good! We can’t wait for our circumstances to change to feel good. The more good-feeling emotions you bring to your current circumstances, the faster things begin to work out the way you want, and the faster you feel better.


The Think It to Feel It Method lets you borrow a moment of happiness that you’re able to identify and apply it to a situation where you’re otherwise struggling. To get started, conjure up an area of your life where your desired emotion has shown up. It could be in a situation from your past or even an image you have of your future self. You can also think of someone in your life who displays that characteristic you would like for yourself.

Let me give you an example that illustrates this method. For me, one of my big desires, and an area where I struggle, is to be more relaxed even when things aren’t going as planned. I don’t have many experiences from my own life where I’ve been calm in the midst of something going wrong, so it’s hard to bring one to mind and call on that feeling from my own memory. But when I think about how I might want to feel, I am instantly reminded of my friend Elisa. Her attitude is relaxed and calm even in the most chaotic of circumstances. I can envision her saying, “Okay, everything’s working out.” She can turn to that place of certainty no matter what’s happening around her. I love this about her, and I want to embody it for myself. So even though I can’t find that quality in myself yet, I know what it looks like and feels like to be around someone who has it. Elisa represents an attitude I can creatively call on as my desired feeling.

The most important part of this method is that the circumstances you choose to focus on make you feel good! If thinking about your first boyfriend makes you feel the romance you want to experience in your life today, then think it to feel it! If thinking about a time when you loved your job makes you feel confident and happy, then think it to feel it! It’s safe to recall good memories or experiences. It’s safe to look to others to reflect back to us what we want. We aren’t comparing, but instead finding a good-feeling emotion in a situation where feeling good is difficult for us. We often think that if we had something in the past, we can’t have it again. We may be scared to dwell in those good feelings for fear that we’ll long for what once was. Similarly, we avoid thinking too much about other people’s abundance and happiness. We think there’s not enough to go around and that another person’s success in some way indicates our failure. The opposite is true. All these experiences mirror to us a part of who we are. They mirror our desire for that feeling. And all manifestation begins with desire.


Now that you have a clearer idea of how you want to feel, you’re ready to put it into action in your everyday life!

Affirm in your journal how you want to feel. Remember my affirmation, “Everything is happening around me, and I’m truly taken care of.” Those words made me feel so good. Your affirmation should make you feel good. Be unapologetic about how you want to feel, and affirm it now!

Write your affirmation in your journal.

Now let’s check in with how your affirmation makes you feel. On a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the best feeling), where does this affirmation fall? If you’re under a 7, then I recommend you rewrite your affirmation in a simpler way. You must believe in your affirmation for it to take effect. For instance, if you’re struggling with your body image, and your affirmation is “I love everything about my body,” there might be a disconnect. Right now your energy is so focused on disliking (or even hating) your body that it’s tough to reach for body love. Instead, you could affirm something that feels closer to what you believe in. Something like “I respect my body” or “I’m willing to start loving my body.” The key is to believe in the affirmation even if it hasn’t come into form yet. I believed in my affirmation even when it was only Anette who reflected it back to me. The words felt good to me, and that’s how I knew I could use the statement to help me proactively co-create a new reality.

If you were under a 7 on the 0–10 scale, rewrite your affirmation in your journal so that you believe in it and it makes you feel great.

Once you’ve confirmed your affirmation, it’s time to start using it. Set it as an alarm on your phone, or make it your phone’s lock screen. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your computer, fridge, mirror, or car dashboard. Recite it morning, noon, and night. Whenever you notice yourself falling back into negative thoughts, repeat your affirmation a few times in a row to replace the low-vibe momentum. This is a powerful action! Your affirmation can slow down the negative momentum in your mind and allow you to quickly align with how you truly want to feel.

The Think It to Feel It Method, like every other method in this book, is designed to raise your vibration. Commit to your affirmation and take it seriously. Turn to it regularly. If you tend to forget or easily fall back into old patterns, then make sure to follow my tips above and reinforce your affirmation with phone alarms, sticky notes, and other visible reminders. Make it a habit and you will soon see just how powerful it is.


The next step in assuming the energy of how you want to feel is to relish feeling good! Devote 10 minutes a day to sitting in meditation and allowing yourself to feel the feelings of your affirmation. If you are new to meditation, get excited! This is a practice even complete beginners can do easily. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Just be sure you’re relaxed and sitting in a straight but natural posture. This meditation practice begins with a journaling exercise, so have your journal by your side.

Once you’re seated comfortably, open your journal and write your new “feel-good” affirmation at the top of the page. Then, for a few minutes, write about how this desire makes you feel. Write only about the positive aspects of this desire. Direct your writing toward ideas and visions that make you feel good. If any other thought or idea comes to mind, swiftly reach for a better feeling and write it down. Proactively guide yourself to a positive vision of your desire. When you’re done writing, take a moment to read over what you put onto the page. Let your words inspire you and ignite good-feeling emotions.

Now it’s time to meditate on these positive feelings. Gently close your eyes and breathe into the high-vibe feelings that you’ve cultivated through this writing exercise. Breathe long and deep. With every inhale, feel more deeply into the positive feeling.

Sit as long as you want to, and allow the good-feeling emotions to take over your psyche. If you have a negative thought, just gently replace it with your affirmation.

If visualizing yourself into your desired feelings seems difficult, you can instead sit for 10 minutes and silently repeat your affirmation. Let your positive affirmation replace any negative thoughts you may have. If you want my support with this contemplative practice, visit and download my guided meditation and suggested music.

This meditation is an exercise in assuming the energy of how you want to feel. Remember, the Universe responds to your energy! Being a Super Attractor requires that we align with the energy of what we want to attract. This step is crucial in the process of alignment. When you’re happy for no particular reason, you become a magnet for what you desire! When you loosen your grip on the outcome and focus on feeling good, good things come to you naturally. You’re no longer relying on getting something or somewhere to feel good. You just feel good and allow. I strongly recommend you make this a daily practice so that you keep the high-vibe momentum moving in the direction of what you’re ready to receive.


As soon as you start repeating your affirmation and focusing on feeling good, you’ll begin to notice the Universe supporting you. In an instant the Universe can sweep in and rearrange your perspective. The moment you surrender your fear to the Universe, love takes over. Your only job now is to let love come through. Welcome and trust in every single feeling of support and every moment of synchronicity. The more you embrace the wonder of Universal guidance, the more it will show up in your life. What you believe, you will perceive. Choose to focus on the guidance, intuition, and direction that comes through. Whenever I affirm good-feeling thoughts and emotions, the Universe positively redirects my day! I’m given creative possibilities for problems I otherwise could not solve. I receive intuitions about how to handle situations that once overwhelmed me. I feel a sense of peace and faith. Feeling good aligns us with the Universe. This alignment offers us health, mental clarity, confidence, and reduced stress and anxiety. When we feel good, we are the opposite of resistant. We are receptive.


In order to feel good consistently, we have to make it a practice. It’s likely you’re used to waiting for your outside circumstances to dictate how you feel. This whole book is a process of unlearning that habit! I want to help you learn how to access good-feeling emotions even when things aren’t working out as you planned. Dedicate time each day to consciously focus on feeling good so that in time it becomes your default state.

In addition to repeating your affirmation and meditating on good feelings, I suggest you do more things that make you happy. That’s right—I am giving you permission to make having fun your top priority! This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and go live on a beach. Instead, think about all the activities in your daily life that make you happy. Identify the things you do that bring you joy, and do them more often.

Make feeling good a priority the same way you might make exercise or family a priority. If this is totally new to you or you suspect you’ll revert to old habits in a few days, I suggest scheduling these activities into your calendar as you would a meeting! This isn’t about turning fun into another obligation; it’s about making it a priority. If you know you need some structure in order to honor this priority, that’s okay! In time it will become a habit. Remember to be deliberate and bring conscious awareness to feeling good. To be frank, we typically put everything else before feeling good. Most of us don’t necessarily think much about this. Or we might even think it’s virtuous. (If you’ve ever felt a hit of self-righteous satisfaction for being busier and more stressed-out than your friends or co-workers, you know this feeling!) But here is the truth: when we put everything else before feeling good, we’re putting those things before our connection to our Super Attractor power. Whatever we put before our spiritual connection will suffer greatly. You may achieve what you want, but you will struggle and feel like crap all along the way. This is a whole new way of being. Feeling good must come first. Everything else will follow.

You now have several methods for aligning with good-feeling emotions:

You can call on your affirmation to shift your thoughts.

You can sit in your meditation to shift your energy.

You can do something that brings you joy to realign with the Universe.

Use these methods to make feeling good your highest priority!

I want to emphasize an important point: you shouldn’t be afraid to feel good when things aren’t working out. When things don’t go our way, our immediate reaction is to dwell in negativity. We can’t even imagine feeling good in the midst of something going wrong. But feeling good is the quickest way out of what is wrong. Try it for yourself the next time something doesn’t go your way. Do something to feel good fast. Listen to your favorite guided meditation. Call a friend who always makes you laugh. Take a walk outside. Allow yourself to access happiness even in the midst of a difficult time. That joy will be your guide out of the negative experience. It’s totally fine to let yourself feel discomfort, but don’t be afraid to balance it with joy. The good-feeling emotions will realign you with the Universe, and the Universe will be your guide. Make feeling good a priority, and you will be guided.


It’s easy to deny yourself good-feeling emotions. Maybe my story of overworking resonates with you, and you’re sure that success requires struggle. Maybe you think the only way to be safe and secure is to control everything. Maybe you feel defeated by the dating scene. Or maybe you simply don’t believe that you’re worthy of feeling good. I have a lot of compassion for wherever you are at this point. The world we’ve grown to rely on has taught us to struggle. Every day we’re inundated with bad news, reasons to compare ourselves to others, and a pervasive focus on the negative. Many of us have internal sources of struggle as well, such as health conditions and past traumas, that can get in the way of feeling good.

But now is the time to change that pattern. Loosen your grip on life, let yourself be free in these practices, and don’t judge yourself for releasing control. Giving yourself permission to feel good is a perceptual shift. It may take practice and repetition, but when you commit to feeling good, your life will change in miraculous ways. You may have to remind yourself regularly that it’s okay to feel good. Even now, as I write this book, I’m in the process of giving myself permission to slow down and take better care of myself even if it means saying no to personal or business opportunities. My intention is to feel good first before I do anything else. And if that means I have to say no, then I will. This new pattern is uncomfortable for me because I’ve spent decades overworking and overachieving. But with each day that goes by, I feel more and more comfortable with my new normal. I’m beginning to accept that the less I do, the more I will succeed—because the less I do, the better I feel, and I bring that good feeling to the projects that I do take on. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to revert to old behavior, but it won’t take me out of the flow. In those moments I return to my affirmation. My commitment to feeling good is stronger than the pull of my old patterns. The more time I devote to feeling good, the easier my life becomes. Each day I continue to give myself permission to feel good above all else, and the payoff is miraculous! I feel supported, I have the time and mental space to be creative, and my family and business are thriving.


It’s very important to recognize the power of your words. Simple words can direct you on the right path or lead you down a fear-based spiral that brings you into a state of misalignment. For example, around the time that I was writing this book, things had gotten very hectic in my business. We were growing rapidly and desperately needed to hire more people. My team was super on top of everything, but they were feeling overwhelmed. Without realizing it, the company mantra had become “We have so much going on and we can’t keep up with it!” This mantra started with me. On every call I’d worry that everyone was too busy, or we would talk about how much we had to get done. My words started to infiltrate the team. Within weeks all I kept hearing everyone say was “I just don’t have time to get it all done. I’m so overwhelmed.” Then I started to notice how their resistance was making me feel out of alignment with the good vibes I’m used to exuding. It was resulting in low energy, a negative mantra, and low morale. Then one afternoon, while working on this chapter, I had a major aha moment. I was at this exact point in the chapter, where I’m writing about the vibration of words, and I screamed, “Yikes, I’m not doing this!” Within minutes I scheduled a team call and got everyone on the videoconference line. I explained how my urgency and words were bringing them down and gently showed them how they had picked up what I was putting out. I asked us all to change the dialogue about what was happening. I practiced the Choose Again Method in real time and started to reach for good-feeling thoughts. I said things like “We are blessed. We have a message that is spreading rapidly, and we’re growing fast. This is such an awesome position to be in. I’m confident in our ability to attract additional support. We’re doing our passion work, and we’re fulfilled every day. The Universe is expanding time for us when we choose to have fun along the way.” Right after this redirect, I noticed the energy of the team shift. Their eyes lit up, they had huge smiles on their faces, and I could sense their relief. We’d chosen the wrong words to describe our circumstances, and we were all ready to choose again! With our new language, we began moving forward with power, enthusiasm, and a Super Attractor energy.

As this story shows, it’s important to become conscious of how your words affect other people. When you gossip, complain, judge, or put others down, you weaken your vibrational alignment with the Universe. Be conscious of your words even when you think what you’re saying is helpful, because the language you use can be damaging.

When you’re fine-tuning your Super Attractor connection, it’s also important to protect your own energy from other people’s words. For instance, while I was going through my fertility journey, I was very open publicly about my personal experience of trying to conceive. In my book The Universe Has Your Back, I wrote about how my fertility journey was my greatest teacher in surrender. I knew my openness was helping women who were going through the same thing. I felt empowered by writing and speaking publicly about my experience. Sharing in this way opened the floodgates for many women to tell me their stories. I received emails, texts, and social media messages from women all over the world wanting to share their miracles and their struggles. While I felt very grateful for their outreach, I also noticed myself feeling down. Several women emailed me their stories of hardship and heartache. Over the years of being a spiritual teacher, I have welcomed people’s stories and held each one with deep compassion. But this time it was too close to home. I began to feel my faith dwindle and my positive momentum slow down. I started to worry about some of the stories I was hearing and project them onto myself. I became very conscious of how other people’s words were affecting me. So as soon as I noticed that I wasn’t feeling good, I decided to pivot. I began to change the way I interpreted this information. When someone shared a negative fertility story with me, I’d immediately help guide them to a better place. Or if I received an email that suggested resistance around fertility, I’d say a prayer for the person and gently remind myself that their story wasn’t mine. I did everything I could to protect my good-feeling momentum.

After several months of gently deflecting the negative stories and choosing to commit to feeling good, something interesting happened. I noticed that I was no longer getting negative messages or comments at all. It was almost as if I was immune to them. My commitment to feeling good sent out a message to the Universe that I was no longer a match for negative fertility stories. Not only was I no longer hearing the negative stories, but I was also attracting so many happy stories. Every woman I heard from was coming to me with positive, miraculous stories of fertility. It was amazing to see how my commitment to feeling good made me a Super Attractor for stories that would support my intention.

As you begin the practice of feeling good, you will notice a lot of resistance from the outside world. Don’t blame others for their resistance. They’re merely reflecting back to you any lingering resistance of your own. Use these moments as opportunities to surrender to feeling good. You can’t control what people say or do, but you can control how you choose to perceive it. Practice protecting your good-feeling emotions at all costs. Darkness cannot coexist in your light, so keep shining! In certain settings, you may need to redirect conversations, unfollow people on social media, or even leave the room. Be kind and loving toward others while creating clear boundaries that protect your good-feeling emotions. You can choose how you perceive your world. You are the dreamer of your dream.


Throughout my career I’ve met thousands of people who have transformed their lives by adopting a spiritual practice. They share stories about how, as soon as they changed their thoughts and energy, they began to attract what they wanted into their lives. As they shifted their point of attraction, they became Super Attractors for what they truly desired. However, many of the same people told me that as soon as they started to feel better and began to attract what they wanted, out of nowhere, a fearful voice began to question, “Is this too good to be true?” The voice of fear started to sabotage their good-feeling emotions. Their faith in fear took over, and they fell back into the old pattern of negative thoughts and fear-based attracting.

I want to call this out now so that you’re constantly checking in with yourself. If you apply each method in this book, you will begin to feel miraculous shifts and experience mind-blowing results. This is not an exaggeration. The second you align yourself with good-feeling emotions, your Super Attractor power begins to set in. But as quickly as your power turns on, fear can show up to block it. So let’s call it out now. Your fear is going to do anything it can to sabotage your Super Attractor mojo. But don’t fear your fear. Just be aware of it. When fear tries to take you out of alignment, return to your Choose Again Method from Chapter 1 to stay in the good-feeling flow.

Here’s how you can use the Choose Again Method when you notice fear sabotaging your flow:

1. Notice the fear.

Notice when your fearful thoughts start sabotaging your positive flow, and ask yourself, “How do I feel right now?” Let yourself feel whatever is coming up for you.

2. Forgive the thought.

Forgive yourself for fearing the good feelings. Say out loud or silently, “I forgive this thought, and I choose to believe in love instead.” Then celebrate your desire to shift back to feeling good!

3. Choose again.

Answer this question: “What is the best-feeling thought I can find right now?” Then thank the Universe for guiding you toward that thought.

Use your Choose Again Method to come back fast and say no to self-sabotage. Becoming a Super Attractor will require you to repeat new positive behavior regularly. Now is your time to make feeling good a habit! (There’s more of this waiting for you. In the coming chapters, I’ll give you a really powerful method for thinking your way into feeling better.)


You may find great relief in these methods and notice immediate changes. But there might also be some areas of your life that take a bit longer to shift. That’s totally fine. The goal isn’t to change everything about your life overnight. The goal is to have fun along the way to what you desire! Abraham-Hicks say:

The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for more.

Your satisfaction with what is allows you to be happy and peaceful regardless of whether you have exactly what you think you need. So just forget what you think you need and focus on feeling good! Feeling good will bring you far more than whatever you thought you needed. You’ll release the need to get something, be somewhere, or have certain circumstances in place to be happy. Happiness will become the outcome you desire most.

Commit to the practices in this chapter. They will prepare you for the manifesting to come, because in order to attract all that’s good, you must first believe you are worthy of feeling good. The methods you’ve learned so far will help you welcome worthiness and happiness and prepare you to claim all that you will attract.

Enjoy the practice of feeling good. As I’ve said, this whole idea may be really new to you, and your ego is likely to resist it. So that’s what we will explore in Chapter 3. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy not feeling good and blocking your Super Attractor power by comparing yourself to others and investing in the illusion of lack. I’m taking on these blocks in the coming chapter. I’ll give you my methods for kicking comparison, competition, jealousy, and overachieving. And I’ll show you how to call in abundance with mind-set shifts that work fast.

Chapter 3


* * *

For many years I’ve led a training called the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. This training helps spiritual people gain the confidence and business-building tools to inspire others by doing what inspires them. It attracts people from all professions and backgrounds. I’ve met lawyers, yogis, life coaches, therapists, nurses, makeup artists, and more. They come from different places in the world and are at different points in their careers and lives. But they all start the training with one common desire: to make an impact in the world and be abundant doing it. I’ve trained thousands of people with my methods, and I’ve seen radical transformations.

My students begin their Spirit Junkie Masterclass journey revved up, inspired, and excited to step into their power. But I’ve noticed a number of common fears and forms of resistance at the beginning of the training. Many students don’t feel like they’re good enough or have enough resources to do the big work they want to do. Many people say they feel unqualified or lack the time, money, or support they deem necessary. Still others fear that their ideas have been taken. They say things like “She’s already doing this, so how can I?” Many students arrive with the mantra “Who am I to do this?” Masterclass alumni reading this book are likely nodding their heads in recognition! Showing up for your dream takes guts, and it can bring up a lot of fear.

This fear mentality shows up in all of us, especially when we’re on the precipice of something great. Fear of not having enough and fear of not being enough are both major blocks to our Super Attractor power. Many people suffer from feelings of lack that have been ingrained in them since childhood. Or they constantly compare themselves to others and see everything as a competition. I’ve fallen prey to these thoughts and behaviors, and I’m sure you have too. These types of fears are easy to succumb to.

Comparison is an especially difficult emotion to navigate. Most of us know that it’s not helpful to compare ou