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Everything You Need to Know to Start Working Magic with Candles, Crystals and Herbs

Are you looking for some inspiration to take your magical practice to the next level? The Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit from best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain offers three collections of spellwork focused on the powerful energies of candles, colors, crystals, mineral stones, and magical herbs.

Together, these books form a comprehensive grimoire of accessible, practical magic to help you further your own unique practice. Each Book of Shadows in this set expands on a form of magic covered in Lisa's three beginner guides, Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, and Herbal Magic. They can be used as companions to these guides, but they also stand on their own. The 160 magical workings within are designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike.

Book of Candle Spells

Book of Candle Spells focuses on working with the Element of Fire, and the potent vibrational frequencies of the visible light spectrum. Candles take center stage to varying degrees across this collection. Some spells are focused exclusively on the combined magic of candle and color, while others incorporate additional tools such as crystals and other color-appropriate ingredients. The spells are also organized by color, with chapter introductions detailing the magical properties and uses for the 14 colors most widely used in Wiccan and other contemporary magic.

Book of Crystal Spells

Book of Crystal Spells is devoted to the magical uses of the 13 crystals and other mineral stones introduced in Crystal Magic. Many of these spells are focused on aspects of emotional healing and energetic balancing, two purposes that crystals are uniquely suited for, but you’ll also find more traditional goals represented, like prosperity, protection, and relationships. The spells are organized by stone, rather than by purpose, so you can develop a magical connection with different types of crystals, one at a time. You’ll find an overview of the properties of each stone in the chapter introductions.

Book of Herbal Spells

Book of Herbal Spells builds on the information from Herbal Magic, with a chapter for each of the 13 herbs featured in the original book. Single herbs are often the main focus of these spells, with minimal additional ingredients, to help you focus your attention on the subtle energies of the herbs themselves. As you work more and more with herbal magic, you will develop a natural affinity with these marvelous plant beings that have been co-creating with magical people since the beginning of time.

Magical Workings for Any Experience Level

The practice of magic is a lifelong path, with delightful and rewarding results that can transform our lives. References like The Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit are invaluable tools for shaping your unique journey. Throughout these collections, you’ll find:

168 spells, rituals, magical charms, and recipes

Clear step-by-step instructions

Magic for prosperity, protection, romance, healing, success, and more

Workings focused on 14 colors, 13 crystals and mineral stones, and 13 magical herbs

Chapter introductions outlining the magical properties and uses of each color, crystal, and herb

Practical tips for preparing for magic

You’re bound to find inspiration in each Book of Shadows in this collection. May this addition to your library help you deepen your connection to the magical gifts granted to us all from the abundant and generous Earth.
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meinathan rajamanickam
MOON SPELLS- simple and excellent
07 February 2021 (15:18) 
I wouldn't touch these books with a 10 foot pole to be honest, having read them, they are really bad to start your craft.
13 December 2021 (11:29) 
It’s nice. And good. : )
09 January 2022 (13:18) 

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    Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit: 
    A Book of Candle, Crystal, and Herbal Spells 
    By Lisa Chamberlain 


    Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit—Copyright © 2018 by L. Chamberlain. 
    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author. Reviewers may quote brief passages in reviews. 


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    This book is for entertainment purposes only. The views expressed are those of the author alone, and should not be taken as expert instruction or commands. The reader is responsible for his or her own actions. 
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    Neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of the purchaser or reader of these materials. 
    Any perceived slight of any individual or organization is purely unintentional. 


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    Welcome to the Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit. Together, these three collections of spells, rituals, magical charms, and recipes form a comprehensive grimoire of accessible, practical magic to inspire and help you develop your own unique practice.  
    Each Book of Shadows in this set expands on a form of magic covered in my three beginner guides, Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, and Herbal Magic. The 160 magical workings within are designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. 
    Book of Candle Spells focuses on working with the Element of Fire, and the potent vibrational frequencies of the visible light spectrum. Candles take center stage to varying degrees across the collection—some spells are focused exclusively on the combined magic of candle and color, while others incorporate additional tools such as crystals and other color-appropriate ingredients. The spells are also organized by color, with chapter introductions detailing the magical properties and uses for the 14 colors most widely used in Wiccan and other contemporary magic. 
    Book of Crystal Spells is devoted to the magical uses of the 13 crystals and other mineral stones introduced in Crystal Magic. Many of these spells are focused on aspects of emotional healing and energetic balancing, two purposes that crystals are uniquely suited for, but you’ll also find more traditional goals represented, like prosperity, protection, and relationships. The spells are organized by stone, rather than by purpose, so you can develop a magical connection with different types of crystals, one at a time. You’ll find an overview of the properties of each stone in the chapter introductions. 
    Likewise, Book of Herbal Spells takes the information from Herbal Magic to the next level, with a chapter for each of the 13 herbs featured in the original book. Single herbs are often the main focus of these spells, with minimal additional ingredients, to help you deepen your own magical relationships with the subtle energies of the herbs themselves. As you work more and more with herbal magic, you will develop a natural affinity with these marvelous plant beings that have been co-creating with magical people since the beginning of time. 
    I hope that you find many useful workings, and plenty of inspiration, in these three collections. As I always say in all of my books, follow your own inner guidance as you browse through the spells and read about the magical properties of colors, crystals, and herbs.  
    Feel free to tailor any spell to your individual approach to magic—add or substitute ingredients, compose your own spell words to replace those suggested here, or even just borrow the form and structure of a spell to use for a different purpose, with different ingredients. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to follow a spell exactly as written, this time-honored approach works just as well—as long as you resonate with every detail of it. Your magical methods are entirely up to you!  
    Here’s to continued learning and growth along your path, and to the magical gifts granted to us all through the abundant generosity of our beloved Earth. 
    Enjoy your journey, and Blessed Be! 


    The Spellbook Starter Kit consists of the following three books in their entirety. Click on the thumbnail of each book cover to jump directly to the start of that book! Alternatively, keep reading on for the start of book one, Wicca Book of Candle Spells. 
    [image: ] 
    Book of Candle Spells 
    [image: ] 
    Book of Crystal Spells 
    [image: ] 
    Book of Herbal Spells 


Book of Candle Spells: 
    A Book of Shadows for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Candle Magic 
    By Lisa Chamberlain 
    [image: ] 


    Table of Contents for Book of Candle Spells 
    Passionate Relationship Spell 
    Sunlight Ritual for Physical Energy 
    Healthy Fire Regeneration Spell 
    Will-Powered Victory Charm 
    Spell for Navigating Sudden Change 
    Encouragement Spell for Challenging Times 
    Orange Empowerment Bath Spell 
    Juicy Sunshine Vitality Spell 
    Color Scrying Ritual 
    Confident Communication Spell 
    Mirror Magic for Self-Esteem 
    Yellow “Study Buddy” Spell 
    Magic Cash Spell 
    Lucky Penny Employment Spell 
    Candlelight Fertility Spell 
    Seven-Day Luck Boosting Spell 
    Blue Perimeter Home Protection Spell 
    Harmony Spell for Domestic Conflicts 
    Spell for Increased Patience 
    “Love Notes to Self” Medicine Spell 
    Indigo Zone Meditation Practice 
    Indigo Psychic Receptivity Practice 
    Spell for Clarity 
    Spiritual Cleansing Bath 
    Elemental Flame Communication 
    Joyful Crown Chakra Connection Spell 
    Devotion Revitalization Spell 
    Violet Flame Transmutation Ritual 
    “Spinning Wheels” Clarity Spell 
    Magical Tools Cleansing Ritual 
    Global Peace Spell 
    White Light Healing Spell 
    Crystalline Protection Shield 
    Personal Negativity Banishing Spell 
    Fire and Water House Cleansing Spell 
    Transformation Talisman 
    Silver Goddess Reconnection Spell 
    Temperance Water Ritual 
    Lucky Coin Gambling Spell 
    Lost is Found Spell 
    Golden Scroll Success Spell 
    Gold Ambition Spell 
    Pile of Money Abundance Spell 
    Seven Day Money Magic 
    Garden Seed Blessing Spell 
    “In the Zone” Concentration Spell 
    Spell for Finding Your Companion Animal 
    Balance and Stability Spell 
    Anti-Grouch Invisibility Spell 
    Negative Influence Neutralizer 
    Conflict Resolution Spell 
    Big Decision Branch-Out Spell 
    A Spell for Children to Start the Day 
    Friendship Strengthening Spell 
    Strawberry Salad Romance Spell 
    Seven-Day Self-Love Spell 


    Welcome to my Book of Candle Spells!  
    Candle magic brings together two powerful sources of magical energy: the Element of Fire and the potent vibrations of color magic. Candle magic is widely recognized as the easiest form of magic for beginners to work with, as it is quite accessible and highly effective. Of course, seasoned magicians also still find candle spells rewarding, and this book is designed to bring new ideas to your magical practice no matter your level of experience.  
    Candles take center stage to varying degrees across this collection—some are focused exclusively on the combined magic of candle and color, while others incorporate additional tools such as crystals and other color-oriented ingredients. The spells are organized by color, and feature the 14 colors most widely used in Wiccan and other contemporary magic. You can personalize the spells by choosing your own preferred shades of any given color, if you like.  
    The spells in this book call for a variety of candle types. Many use spell candles, which are well-sized for single-use workings and available in Wiccan and occult-oriented shops, as well as online. Other spells call for pillar candles, which are longer-lasting and tend to be safer and sturdier than other candles. Tea lights and votives are easy to handle and work well in spells calling for multiple candles and outdoor workings.  
    Occasionally, a spell will call for a taper candle, which can be messy in terms of dripping wax, but this can be a nice enhancement of the magical atmosphere desired for spellwork. Many spells will call for “work candles,” which are simply used to bring the mind into a more magical focus as the spellwork begins. These can be any size, and are always an option in any working, but are noted in the ingredients lists here when they’re particularly helpful.  
    Some candle colors are more widely available than others, and depending on your access to magical supply shops, it might be more difficult to find certain colors. If need be, a white candle can be substituted for these colors, as will be discussed in the White chapter.  
    Many people wonder what to do with the unused portions of their candles after the spellwork is complete. Several spells call for letting the candle burn out on its own, but if you are instructed to extinguish the candle, you may use it again for atmosphere (just don’t use it for other workings).  
    On occasion, disposal of the candle may be called for, if the working is for removal of negative energy. Traditionally, this is done by burying the candle, although some ecologically-minded Witches prefer not to disturb any life within the soil with a human-made object. This is entirely up to you, so do what your intuition advises. If you do choose to throw candle remnants in the trash, do so with an attitude of ceremony, rather than mindlessly tossing your magical leftovers in the bin.  
    When it comes to extinguishing candles, this is ideally done with a candle snuffer or by waving your hands over the flame, rather than blowing it out. If you do need to blow it out, just make a point of thanking the Element of Fire for its role in the spell before doing to. As for what to light your candles with, opinions abound on whether matches or a lighter is better for magical work. Use your intuition (or whatever you happen to have on hand!) in this regard as well.  
    Anointing candles with magically-charged oils is a time-honored tradition in Witchcraft, and many spells in this book call for the use of essential oils for this purpose. Most will offer a few different choices of oils, based on their magical correspondences. You are free, of course, to create your own blend using a combination of these and/or other oils, or use a tried-and-true blend you already work with, if it’s sufficiently related to the purpose of the spell.  
    Do be aware of the amount of oil on your fingertips before lighting the candle, as oil is flammable! Wash or wipe your hands after anointing, if necessary. You can find more information about anointing candles and working magic with essential oils in my books Candle Magic and Essential Oils Magic. 
    As always, each spell in this book assumes that you have already energetically cleared and charged all ingredients prior to beginning the work. Charging candles can be as easy as holding them between your palms and sending your focused energy into the wax, or placing them on a consecrated pentacle slab. Depending on your practice, you might invoke the Goddess and God, the Elements, or other spiritual energies you work with to aid you in your magic. If you haven’t yet learned to charge magical items, research and try a few different methods until you find what feels most appropriate for you. 
    Each spell also assumes you have done your part to bring yourself into a magically-focused state of mind, as this is the most important aspect of the work. This is a highly individualized process for each practitioner, but usually involves some kind of meditation or other relaxation technique. Many of these spells include reminders to spend time quieting your mind, but it’s up to you to take this step before any magical working. It is ultimately your energy that’s shifting the reality of the Universe, so shape it well and use it wisely! 
    Finally, while the words provided in these spells are effective at sealing the work, they are meant to be taken as suggestions only. If they resonate with you, then by all means use them! However, please feel free to substitute words of your own choosing, as this adds an extra element of your own unique magical power to the work.  
    It is my hope that you find many inspiring and useful spells among this candle-oriented collection. As always, remember that you are the magician, and any additions, subtractions, or other alterations to the spells that occur to you are worth trying, as long as they resonate with your own inner guide. Enjoy your continuing exploration of the world of candle and color magic!  
    Blessed Be. 


    We all know red as the first color of the rainbow, but it is also among the most potent colors used in magic. It is not by any means a “neutral” color, and can provoke strong impressions, both positive and negative, depending on its context.  
    On the one hand, red roses are symbolic of love and passion, and are generally thought to be pleasing by those who give and receive them. On the other hand, the phrase “seeing red” describes feelings of anger and rage. Red is not a subtle color, to say the least! 
    At the most basic physical level, red relates to survival. It is the color of blood and of a healthy human heart. Red is also associated with the root chakra, which relates to issues of instinct, safety, survival, and boundaries. As such, red is associated with vitality and strength, good health, and the will to do what is necessary to survive and thrive.  
    This color is appropriate for magic related to physical healing and raising one’s physical energy, as well as to motivation, willpower, ambition, and determination. Anything that contributes to basic security, such as business deals, career goals, or the acquisition of a home can benefit from red’s magical energies. Red can also assist with issues requiring courage, fast action, leadership, and strength. It helps with confidence and self-esteem, and can help increase your personal vibrancy so that you stand out in a group.  
    Red’s very masculine energy can be harnessed for workings related to lust and male sexual potency, as well as matters involving conflict or competition. Yet this color is also associated with the energies of joy, birth, celebration and renewal. And of course, red is the quintessential color of passion—whether related to romance, sex, a favorite hobby or pursuit, a social cause, or anything else you feel passionate about.  
    Red candles can add a “quickening” power to spellwork in general, but are particularly potent in spellwork related to any of the matters listed above. Red is a color of Fire and can be used in ritual to represent this Element. Astrologically, red is associated with the signs of Aries and Scorpio and the planet Mars. Its cardinal direction is South.  
    The spells in this chapter are aimed at helping you attract a passionate lover into your life, boost your physical energy, improve your health, and fire up your willpower to complete a challenging task.


    Passionate Relationship Spell 
    When you’re ready for a new lover, don’t just cast a general “love spell” without taking some time to consider what you really want out of a relationship. Otherwise, your powerful magic may bring you more of the same types of people you’ve already moved on from.  
    So take some time to clearly define what it is you’re looking for. You may want to prepare a list of qualities that you desire in a lover ahead of time, since you’ll be writing and speaking about them during the spell.  
    Of course, a truly healthy, passionate relationship must involve self-esteem and self-appreciation in both partners, so you’ll also be focusing on yourself in this spell. Spend some time affirming for yourself the positive qualities that you have to bring to a new relationship so that you have them clearly in mind as you begin the work. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 red spell candle 
    	 Cinnamon, jasmine, or rose essential oil 
    	 Crystal point, athame, or other ritual carving tool 
    	 White paper 
    	 Red pencil or marker 
    	 Wax paper 
    Carve a heart shape or other symbol of love into the candle, and anoint it with the oil. Now light the candle, and allow the wax to begin melting. 
    Meanwhile, cut two heart shapes, about the size of your palms, out of the paper.  
    Using the red pencil or marker, take one of the hearts and write the most important qualities you seek in a romantic partner. On the other heart, write a list of qualities you have to offer to another.  
    Hold the hearts in your hands for a moment as you focus on bringing new love into your life. 
    Now, place the hearts so that they overlap each other on a sheet of wax paper. Speaking out loud, take turns listing the qualities written on each heart.  
    As you list each one, drip a few drops of wax onto the hearts to seal them together. When you have finished speaking and the hearts are sealed, say the following (or similar) words: 
    “Passionate hearts, passionate minds,
Passionate souls, we now entwine.
So let it be.” 
    Place the hearts on your altar or in a special space in your home. Allow the candle to burn out on its own. 


    Sunlight Ritual for Physical Energy 
    This spell draws on the color red’s connection to the Sun and the Element of Fire. The Sun is the source of virtually all energy on our planet. This makes it the most obvious source to work with when you need to boost your physical energy!  
    As you perform this ritual, know that thousands of others across the world and throughout the span of human history, are with you. Cultures around the world, from the Aztecs to the Hindus to the ancient Egyptians to many Native American cultures revere the Sun in some way. It is an ageless tradition, offered here with a modern approach.  
    Ideally, this ritual is performed outside in direct sunlight on flat ground. However, you can create a vivid visualization of the Sun if you feel the need to work on a cloudy day, or work with bright lamplight and/or several large candles. All additional candles should be either red, yellow, orange, white, or pink.  
    You will need: 
    	 3 red candles 
    	 Work candle(s) for atmosphere (if working without direct sunlight) 
    	 3 large squares of tinfoil 
    Before the ritual, place one red candle (in a safe, sturdy holder) on each piece of tin foil. Arrange them on flat ground in a triangle shape, with enough space to stand in the center of the triangle.  
    Step inside the triangle and light the candles. Focus on the light of the candles and the sunlight bouncing off of the foil. Close your eyes, place your palms upward, and feel the warmth of the Sun on your skin.  
    With your eyes still closed, visualize the power of the Sun and the light of the candles filling your body with positive energy. See it start at your toes and work its way up until it reaches the top of your head.  
    Open your eyes and take a moment to feel the fullness of the solar energy inside of you. Say a word or two of thanks to the Sun for its never-ending energy and sustaining light.  
    Extinguish the candles and recycle the foil or save to use again when you repeat the ritual. 


    Healthy Fire Regeneration Spell 
    Fire magic is excellent for banishing, and red’s association with both Fire and health makes it the perfect choice for ridding yourself of a health issue. This spell honors the role of Fire in the forest—the destruction of the old in order to make room for the new. You will be “burning away” an old, unwanted physical form in order to bring in the new, healed, version of yourself.  
    Bay leaves are associated with healing and the fulfillment of wishes. What’s more, burning a bay leaf in the home has been shown to relieve anxiety and boost the immune system!  
    As with any magic, this spell is not meant to replace needed medical care. However, it will certainly add power to any healing process initiated by a medical professional. And while your health issue may not be resolved overnight, you will be aligning yourself with healing vibrational frequencies, allowing the process to unfold at a much faster rate than it would otherwise.  
    Depending on the size of your bay leaf and fireproof bowl, you may want to keep a small amount of water on hand just to be on the safe side. If you don’t have a red pencil, a regular pencil is fine. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 red spell candle 
    	 1 bay leaf 
    	 1 red pencil 
    	 Small fireproof bowl 
    	 Small cup of water (optional) 
    Before you begin, take three deep breaths and focus your energy on a white light radiating from your heart center. During each exhale, feel the light washing away any negativity or anxiety and allow your muscles to relax. When you feel calm, clear, and focused, light the red candle.  
    On the bay leaf, write down the health issue you’re seeking to banish. Then spend a few minutes visualizing your body as you wish it to be.  
    For example, if you have an injured knee, visualize walking, running, jumping, etc. with two completely healthy and pain-free knees. If you have a cold, visualize breathing freely and having plenty of energy. Hold and strengthen this vision for a few moments.  
    When you feel ready, say the following (or similar) words: 
    “I release all imbalances of body, mind, and soul.
This fire of regeneration makes me whole.
It is done.” 
    Now light the bay leaf on fire with the candle flame, and drop it into the dish to burn completely. (If the fire goes out before the leaf has completely burned, you can carefully relight it, either with the candle flame or a match.)  
    Allow the candle to burn out on its own. Scatter the ashes of the bay leaf over the Earth. 


    Will-Powered Victory Charm 
    Whether you’re trying to incorporate a new exercise routine, give up an unwanted habit, clean out your basement, or conquer some other daunting task, the fiery energy of red will help you summon the will to get started and the drive to succeed.  
    Red jasper, a mineral stone revered for its grounding and strengthening properties, makes an excellent magical charm for this purpose, but you can use any red stone if need be. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 red pillar candle 
    	 Crystal point, athame, or other ritual carving tool 
    	 1 piece of red jasper or other red stone 
    	 Anointing oil (optional) 
    Carve a symbol appropriate to your goal into the candle. This can be a “V” for victory, a runic symbol with a similar meaning, a pentacle, or even your initials—whatever symbol holds power for you related to this particular magical goal.  
    Anoint the candle with the oil, if using.  
    Now hold the red jasper or other stone between your palms.  
    Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and envision yourself succeeding at your task. Enjoy the feeling of victory and the pride of self-accomplishment.  
    When you feel ready, place the stone in front of the candle. Light the candle as you say the following (or similar) words three times: 
    “I am energy. I am willpower. I am success. I am worthy.” 
    When the candle has burned out on its own, your victory charm is charged and ready to assist you. Keep it with you whenever willpower is needed to accomplish your goal. 


    The upbeat energies of orange are a blend of red and yellow energies. The influence of red brings the properties of strength, stamina, vitality and ambition, while yellow contributes energies of cheerful encouragement, confidence, and optimism.  
    Orange is useful in magic related to both physical concerns, such as boosting energy and personal power, and concerns of the mind, such as acquiring needed information, improving memory, or summoning mental agility in a challenging situation. As a color of sunrise and sunset, orange is both powerful and peaceful, promoting balance and a sense of warmth and well-being. And like the popular fruit that bears its name, orange is sustaining and rejuvenating.  
    Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs creativity, movement, change, and emotions. The vibrations of orange can dispel depression, grief, feelings of abandonment, and other negative emotional energies, and help manage strong emotions. Orange also promotes joy, kindness, happiness, sharing, and an eagerness to have fun. It aids with social communication, and the ability to adapt smoothly to sudden change.  
    Orange is a color of Fire and can be used in solar magic, but its yellow-based energy also links it to the Element of Air. Accordingly, its cardinal direction can be either South or East. Astrologically, orange is associated with the Sun, the planets Mercury and Mars, and the signs of Leo and Sagittarius.  
    Orange is also a color of the harvest, and can be used in spells to bring forth the positive results of your recent efforts, especially when related to careers, promotions, and business. Orange brings success in legal matters, especially related to investments and to selling property, such as a home. It is also used to call in new opportunities in any of these areas.  
    The spells below work with orange candles and other orange ingredients to assist with adapting to change, raising your vibration through self-encouragement, strengthening your sense of empowerment, and boosting your vitality. 


    Spell for Navigating Sudden Change 
    Change is often startling and uncomfortable. This is true whether the change is positive, negative, expected, or unexpected. When it comes to unexpected change, however, it’s very common to get thrown off-balance by the disruption it causes. Yet all change brings with it new possibilities for improved circumstances, no matter how counterintuitive that may seem at the time.  
    This spell can help you navigate the choppy waters of unexpected change by shifting your perspective on the situation and rebalancing your energy, opening you up to receive unexpected blessings.  
    You will need: 
    	 1 orange pillar candle 
    	 Orange or bergamot essential oil 
    	 Oil burner or diffuser 
    	 Journal or writing paper 
    Heat the oil in the burner or diffuser and then spend a few moments breathing deeply to quiet your mind.  
    When you feel grounded and centered, light the pillar candle and begin to freewrite about the situation.  
    Start by identifying the change that has happened, and then write about what you liked about the way things were before. 
    Spend some time envisioning what positive developments are possible now that this change has occurred. You don’t need to know how these developments might come about—simply open your mind to the potential that this sudden change has made possible.  
    For example, if you’ve just lost a job, imagine what new and better opportunities could be coming your way. If you had travel plans that have fallen through, imagine what you can do with the time and money that have just been freed up.  
    Be creative and intuitive with your freewriting, rather than logical or analytical. Write for at least fifteen minutes total. As you write, imagine the candle shining a bright orange light upon you and surrounding you in its energetic field. 
    When you’re finished, fold up the pages you’ve written and place them next to the candle. As you do so, say the following (or similar) words:  
    “Winds of change are the breath of life.
I am grounded, centered, and ready for new blessings.
So let it be.” 
    Place the candle in a special place in your home and know that you can light it whenever you need some extra support during this time of change.  
    When some time has passed and you’ve adjusted to the change, you may want to revisit your freewriting to see how you have shifted since working the spell. 


    Encouragement Spell for Challenging Times 
    When faced with a difficult situation, whether it’s a challenging task, a tough life transition, or simply a garden-variety case of “the blues,” the vibrational frequencies of orange can be immensely helpful to your ability to overcome negative emotions. This spell will help you bring in the support you need by affirming what you are currently doing, honoring the character traits you admire in yourself, and encouraging an optimistic outlook.  
    You should shoot for as many encouraging notes as you can, but use a minimum of seven. If you can’t find orange sticky notes, white or yellow will work just as well.  
    Note: because you will be leaving paper in close proximity to a burning candle, it’s best not to leave the spell candle unattended at all. If this isn’t possible, then gently extinguish the spell candle when the work is finished, and feel free to relight it along with the pillar candle at a later stage.  
    You will need: 
    	 1 orange spell candle 
    	 1 orange pillar candle 
    	 Bergamot essential oil (optional) 
    	 Several (at least 7) orange sticky notes 
    Anoint the spell candle with the oil, if using. Light the pillar candle and take a few moments to quiet your mind. Allow for the possibility of positive thoughts to flow into your experience.  
    When you’re ready, begin to write messages of encouragement to yourself, using one sticky note for each message. For best results, focus on three categories: giving support to where you are in this moment, honoring what makes you feel good about yourself, and affirming an optimistic viewpoint.  
    Some examples of words of encouragement are “I am exactly where I’m supposed to be,” “I am a kind person,” and “I always rise to meet my challenges.”  
    Write as many as you can, but make sure you agree with each statement you’re making. If seven is all you can manage, that’s perfectly fine!  
    Arrange the messages around the orange spell candle in a circle, reading each one aloud before you place it down. Visualize the power of the words giving you a boost of encouragement.  
    When you feel your energy begin to lift, light the spell candle as you say the following (or similar) words:  
    “Every positive word I say
brings more light and joy my way.
And so it is.” 
    If you can, allow the spell candle to burn out on its own. Place the sticky notes in various spots around your home, your car, or wherever else you will see them often.  
    You can continue to relight the orange pillar candle (as well as the spell candle, if need be) whenever you would like to reactivate the encouraging vibrations. 


    Orange Empowerment Bath Spell 
    Ritual baths are often used for purification, calming, and healing purposes, but you can also use bath magic to promote more masculine energies like confidence and ambition.  
    If you’re facing a challenge or situation that has you feeling uneasy, try this vibration-shifting spell, using orange’s dual energies of peace and strength to dispel negative feelings and help you tap into your personal power. This is a great spell to do the night before an exam, a difficult conversation with a coworker or employer, or any other situation where you need to be both sharp and composed.  
    You will need: 
    	 1 orange candle 
    	 Other candles for atmosphere (optional) 
    	 1-2 tablespoons dried orange peels 
    	 3-7 drops orange essential oil 
    Run a warm bath to begin the ritual.  
    When the tub is full, add the orange essential oil and scatter the dried orange peels over the water. Light the orange candle and any other atmosphere candles, and turn off any artificial lighting.  
    Gently enter the bath and breathe deeply, allowing the scent of the orange oil to envelop you. Take a few deep breaths, focusing only on your inhalation and exhalation. Note the shift in your personal energy as you continue to relax. 
    Now imagine the situation or challenge you are wanting to be empowered for. See yourself speaking and acting in a manner that you are completely satisfied with. Summon whatever it is you want to feel about the situation once it has passed.  
    When you have a strong hold on the feeling, take a deep breath in, and visualize orange light suffusing your entire body. On the exhale, release your vision and all further thought on the matter.  
    Take some time to enjoy the rest of your bath, and when you’re ready, emerge from the tub, dry off, and gently extinguish the candle(s). 


    Juicy Sunshine Vitality Spell 
    We all know that orange juice is good for you, but like any food, the nutritional properties of an orange can be magnified and energized by adding in some magic!  
    If you’ve been feeling depleted of energy, or if you just want to try a fun experiment with kitchen witchery, grab some oranges and a knife (you can use your athame for this if you like) and get ready for a sunny boost of energy!  
    You may want to work this spell in your kitchen, as it can be a little messy for altar work, but this is entirely up to you. 
    You will need: 
    	 3 orange candles 
    	 3 oranges 
    Place the three candles a few inches apart on your altar or kitchen table, and place one orange in front of each candle.  
    Slice the first orange in half, and set the two halves back in front of the candle. Then light the candle as you say the following (or similar) words: 
    “I thank the Sun for its life-giving light.” 
    Repeat this process with the other two oranges. When lighting the second candle, say: 
    “I thank the Sun for its loving warmth.” 
    When lighting the third candle, say: 
    “I thank the Sun for its sustaining energy.” 
    Then take the halves of the first orange and squeeze their juice into the cup, focusing on the power and energy of the orange collecting in your cup through the light of the candle flame.  
    Repeat this with the other two oranges. 
    When you have squeezed all the juice out of the oranges, take a moment to hold the cup in your hands. Take a deep breath in, letting the refreshing scent and the bright candle light wash positive energy over you.  
    Each time you take a sip of the orange juice say an affirmation like “I am filled with physical and mental energy.”  
    When you’ve finished the juice, gently extinguish the candles and enjoy your increased vitality! 


    The cheerful, sunny energies of yellow are known for having instant vibration-raising effects on those who simply gaze at the color for a few moments. Yellow is actually the brightest color on the spectrum, and its harmonious energy helps us move away from the lower vibrations of stress and sadness. Yellow helps us open our capacity to enjoy the present moment, making way to experience optimism, happiness, and joy.  
    Yellow is primarily associated with the functions of the intellect, and is used in magic relating to memory, concentration, focus, and general mental clarity. It is the ideal magical color for students, as it assists with not merely acquiring knowledge, but truly understanding the subject matter one is studying. Yellow can help dissolve mental blocks and even accelerate the learning process, which is handy whether you’re taking a class, training for a new job, or simply taking up a new hobby.  
    As a color of the Air Element, yellow is also used in spellwork related to creative intelligence— imagination, inspiration, ingenuity, and new ideas—in both the arts and the business realm. Draw on the power of yellow when you feel stuck in a creative project or need to contribute original ideas to a group endeavor. If you’re seeking improved communication with friends or colleagues, or want to enhance your skills of persuasion, yellow is the ideal magical ally. Yellow is also used in spellwork related to travel—especially air travel—as well as intuition, divination, astral projection, and communicating with beings in the spirit realm.  
    Yellow also boosts self-awareness, self-esteem, and confidence, and is associated with the solar chakra, which governs these qualities. It is used in spellwork related to healing, pleasure, flexibility, beauty, and friendship. Yellow is also associated with the Sun as well as the planet Mercury, and the signs of Taurus and Libra. Its cardinal direction is East. As a Sun color, it is good for spells and rituals that call specifically on solar energies or deities associated with the Sun. 
    The magical workings below include a scrying session using the color yellow, spellwork focused on enhancing communication and boosting your self-confidence, and a “study buddy” in the form of an enchanted yellow candle. 


    Color Scrying Ritual 
    Scrying is an ancient and versatile form of divination, using water, crystal balls, tea leaves, and even cloud forms to reveal images and information not normally available to the conscious mind. But it isn’t an art that comes easily to everyone.  
    This fun method uses the interaction between water and color to allow for more readily-seen images to come through, which works well as a beginning scrying exercise. For best results, try this at night by candlelight! 
    Yellow’s association with the Element of Air and with divination makes it a great color to work with here, both in terms of the water and the candle(s). You may wish to approach this ritual with a specific question in mind, or simply be open to whatever images and impressions come through.  
    The food coloring will eventually dissolve into the water, but if you begin with cold water, you should have plenty of time for scrying before this happens. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 yellow spell candle 
    	 Anointing oil (optional) 
    	 Work candles for atmosphere (optional) 
    	 Small bowl 
    	 Cup of cold water 
    	 Yellow food coloring 
    	 Journal or writing paper (optional) 
    Find a quiet place to sit where you will be able to gaze into the bowl of water, ideally with the yellow candle(s) directly behind the bowl.  
    Anoint the spell candle with the oil, if using. Light any atmosphere candles and then spend a few moments quieting your mind. You may wish to think of a specific question at this time, but it’s not necessary.  
    When you feel ready, open your eyes and light the yellow candle. You can state your question at this time, or simply affirm that you’re open to helpful communication from the invisible realms. 
    Now pour the cup of water into the small bowl.  
    Train your focus on the water, emptying your mind of any other thoughts. Hold the bottle of food coloring about a foot above the bowl and squeeze three drops into the water.  
    With a soft gaze and receptive state of mind, sit quietly and allow any impressions from the yellow swirls within the water to arise in your consciousness. You may want to occasionally give the water a brief, gentle swirl with your finger to create more movement. 
    Feel free to write down any images, ideas, revelations, etc. that come to you during this exercise.  
    When you’re finished, or when the food coloring has dissolved into the water completely, gently extinguish the spell candle and pour the water down the sink. 


    Confident Communication Spell 
    Many Witches and other magical practitioners find themselves to be the “odd one out” in group settings, whether it’s at work, at school, or even among social acquaintances. Sometimes the gap between what we know of the Universe and how it is perceived through the lenses of “Muggles” is so great that we’re afraid to open our mouths, lest we say something “weird” and create an awkward moment. While you may never be able to open up someone else’s mind to the hidden, magical underpinnings of reality, you should still feel free to speak your mind about any topic from your own unique perspective.  
    Yellow’s airy and cheerful frequencies make it a great color to work with in this regard, as it fosters clear communication and a sunny aura at the same time. Those in your social sphere will be able to hear your words in whatever way makes the most sense for them, without discomfort or confusion causing conflict between you. Most importantly, you will feel confident and secure within yourself, and not worried about what anyone else thinks about what you’re saying! 
    You will need: 
    	 3 yellow votives or tea lights 
    	 Bergamot, cinnamon, clove, or lemon essential oil (optional) 
    Anoint the candles with the oil, if using.  
    Arrange the candles in a line on your altar or workspace. The candle to the left represents you, and the candle to the right represents your “audience,” or the people you come into contact with in your daily life. The candle in the middle represents your communications to others.  
    Light the first candle and say the following (or similar) words: 
    “I am a sovereign being, in tune with the workings of the Universe.” 
    Light the middle candle and say the following (or similar) words: 
    “I speak with clarity, honesty, and integrity in all of my interactions.” 
    Now light the third candle and say the following (or similar) words: 
    “My words are heard by those with ears to hear, hearts to feel, and minds to understand.” 
    Allow the candles to burn for at least an hour, or all the way out on their own.  
    If you like, you can repeat this spell for each social context you move through in your daily life: work, school, friends, family, etc.


    Mirror Magic for Self-Esteem 
    Everyone experiences challenges in the self-esteem department from time to time. This spell is designed for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves on a regular basis. And if you struggle with self-esteem to the point that you don’t like looking in the mirror, then this spell is definitely for you!  
    Yellow’s bright, harmonious energies of self-awareness, confidence, and encouragement can help you retrain your mind away from negative, unhelpful thoughts about yourself and toward more healing, positive, productive thoughts instead.  
    A large mounted mirror is ideal for this working, but a smaller mirror will also work—it just needs to rest securely against something so that you can write on it. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 yellow votive or tea light 
    	 Work candle(s) for atmosphere (optional) 
    	 Yellow Expo or other erasable marker 
    Light any atmosphere candles, and place the yellow candle so that you can see its reflection in the mirror.  
    Close your eyes and spend a few moments breathing deeply and quieting your mind.  
    When you feel ready, light the yellow candle and look directly at yourself in the mirror. Using the yellow non-permanent marker, begin to write adjectives and phrases that describe all of your positive qualities. 
    For example, you could write words such as “friendly, caring, thoughtful, articulate, intelligent,” etc. You can identify talents and skills that you’re proud of, or even write about past accomplishments that you’re still proud of. Be creative in assessing all of your best characteristics!  
    However, be sure that you believe these things about yourself, at least some of the time. In other words, if you feel your heart sinking as you write a word because you don’t think it’s true, then you’re putting negative energy into the spell and severely reducing its effectiveness. So if you’ve always loved baseball, but truly aren’t skilled at it, don’t write “good at baseball.” Instead, write something like “good at loving baseball!”  
    Cover the mirror with as many words and phrases as you can. When you’re finished writing, take a moment to read the words you have written. Repeat them out loud as you look into your own eyes in the mirror.  
    Close your eyes and take a deep breath, internalizing the positive vibrations of the words and their yellow color. Exhale and open your eyes, gazing at yourself in the mirror a final time. 
    Leave the candle near the mirror to burn out on its own. You can leave the words up on your mirror to read each day, or take a photo of the work to print and place on your altar before wiping the mirror clean. 


    Yellow “Study Buddy” Spell 
    If you have an important test coming up, a class presentation in which you really need to shine, or even such a burdensome number of class assignments that you don’t know where to start, try this creative, hands-on spell. Yellow’s airy, intellectual energies will physically merge with the academic material you’re working with and bring you into the ultimate “study flow.”  
    Ideally this spell is worked with an actual textbook, folder, or binder that you use for your class, but if this isn’t applicable, you can use any book or other study material as a representation of your task.  
    You will need: 
    	 1 yellow pillar candle 
    	 Peppermint, clary sage, or bergamot essential oil 
    	 Several feet of yellow ribbon 
    	 Textbook or binder 
    Anoint the candle with the oil as you visualize yourself assimilating new information, sparking new ideas, and moving from task to task with ease.  
    Light the candle and allow the wax to melt for a while until a small pool has gathered. Meanwhile, wrap a piece of yellow ribbon vertically around the front cover of the textbook or binder.  
    When the wax is ready, cut the ribbon to overlap just a bit and seal the ends of the ribbon together by dripping a small bead of wax on one end. Repeat this with the back cover of the textbook or binder.  
    Hold the enchanted book or binder in your hands and say the following (or similar) words three times:  
    “My mind is sharp, focused, and ready. I learn with each new breath.” 
    Now cut several 8-inch pieces of ribbon that you can then use as bookmarks or placeholders while you are studying.  
    Place the candle, bookmarks, and study materials in your study area and get to work! 


    Green is a color widely associated with the season of spring and the bursting forth of new life. It is the color of grass, leaves, and plant life in general, and is used in magic associated with the fairy realm.  
    Containing the energies of both yellow and blue, this vibrant color is both healing and uplifting, and its masculine and feminine energies evoke a sense of balance and harmony. As the color of the heart chakra, green is a mediator between the realm of thought and the realm of emotion, and assists in workings related to compassion, love (including love of self) and healthy partnerships, including marriages.  
    In the magical world, green is perhaps best known as the color of abundance and good luck. In fact, it is the predominant color of paper money in the United States, which gave rise to the slang term “green” in reference to cash. Green is indeed used in spellwork related to increasing financial well-being, but it’s also very effective for any kind of abundance, whether it’s good health, supportive friends and family, or a farm or garden ripe with nourishing crops.  
    Green is also associated with the related concept of prosperity—a reliable, continuous source of well-being as opposed to a one-time boon of good fortune. As such, green is also excellent for workings related to employment or career matters, the growth of business, and positive returns on investments.  
    Green’s association with the flourishing of plant life makes it an ideal color for spellwork focused on physical fertility, as well as all kinds of renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation, and transformation. It is a color of new beginnings, and can be used to support personal growth and progress toward any goal. Of course, green is highly appropriate for magic related to gardening, gaining skills in herbal healing, preservation of trees and other plant life, and environmental concerns. 
    Green is a color of Earth and can be used in magic and rituals to represent this Element. Astrologically, it is associated with the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury, and with the signs of Aquarius, Cancer, and Taurus. Its cardinal direction is North.  
    The spells in this chapter utilize green candles to boost your financial prosperity, help you gain rewarding employment, increase chances of conceiving a child, and promote good luck.


    Magic Cash Spell 
    There are many spells out there that involve charging actual cash—either coins or paper bills—to attract more cash. This version draws very directly from the power of the green spell candle, with a little help from prosperous patchouli oil.  
    You will need: 
    	 1 green spell candle 
    	 Patchouli essential oil 
    	 1 five-dollar bill 
    	 Green rubber band 
    Anoint the candle with the patchouli oil.  
    Fold the five-dollar bill in half lengthwise and wrap it around the candle.  
    Secure the bill with the rubber band, leaving at least an inch of space between the bill and the candle wick so that the flame will not ignite the bill. 
    Now hold the wrapped candle between your palms and summon up the feeling of being flush with cash, with all of your basic needs met and the ability to spend some money on yourself!  
    When you have a solid hold on this feeling, say the following (or similar) words three times:  
    “As above, so below.
So money in my life does flow.
Land to sky, shore to shore,
this money brings me money more.” 
    Light the candle and allow it to burn down to the top of the five-dollar bill.  
    Gently extinguish the candle, and when the wax has cooled, unwrap the bill.  
    Carry it with you in your wallet, but don’t spend it—instead, whenever you see it, remind yourself that you are attracting more cash into your life each day. 


    Lucky Penny Employment Spell 
    Job hunting is one of those tasks where our personal energy makes all the difference—not just at the interview, but in every step leading up to it. Being confident that you will find a well-paying job that you actually like greatly increases your chances of manifesting this outcome.  
    This spell allows you to focus the positive energy of your grandest desires into a physical talisman that you can carry with you throughout the job-seeking process—including to that final interview! 
    If you’re concerned about protecting the surface of your altar or work space from any spilled candle wax, you might want to place a small piece of wax paper under the coin. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 green spell candle 
    	 Patchouli, clove, lavender, or bergamot essential oil 
    	 1 new penny 
    	 Wax paper (optional) 
    	 Journal or writing paper (optional) 
    Anoint both sides of the penny with the oil, and then place it face-up on your altar or table, in front of the spell candle.  
    Light the spell candle and, as the wax begins to melt, spend several minutes focusing on how you will feel once you’re working in your new ideal job.  
    For extra powerful magic, freewrite for awhile on the characteristics of the job you wish to manifest.  
    When you feel a strong sense of satisfaction with your vision, and when enough wax has melted, carefully tip the candle to drip three drops of green wax onto the coin.  
    As you do so, say the following (or similar) words: 
    “The job is mine. It is done.” 
    Return the candle to its holder and allow it to burn out on its own.  
    Once it’s out, keep the coin with you in your pocket or purse as you go out and find your ideal new job. 


    Candlelight Fertility Spell 
    For women struggling to conceive a child, much assistance can be found from herbal medicine, acupuncture, and modern medical treatments. In conjunction with whatever you are currently trying, this simple spell can help create the vibrational atmosphere necessary for conception to occur. 
    Because fertility and conception are such personal undertakings, the symbol you carve into the candle should be chosen by you. If you aren’t familiar with any fertility symbols, do some research (there are many, many options from cultures around the world to choose from) or create your own. 
    In preparation for this spell, be sure to take some time to quiet your mind, breathe deeply, and let go of any and all negative thoughts, especially related to the subject at hand. This is important for any magical undertaking, but it’s especially crucial when it comes to fertility, since your physical body is the literal location where the magic will manifest. Make sure that the energy you put into this work is coming from a relaxed, clear, and optimistic frame of mind. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 large green pillar candle 
    	 Clary sage, ylang ylang, and/or geranium essential oil 
    	 Symbol(s) of fertility 
    	 Crystal point, athame, or other ritual carving tool 
    Carve your chosen fertility symbol into the candle. As you carve, visualize the joining of your life force with another to produce a new human being.  
    Anoint the candle with the oil, and then simply light the candle whenever you join with your mate.  
    Repeat the spell in the event that the candle has been spent before conception occurs. 


    Seven-Day Luck Boosting Spell 
    Since ancient times, different cultures have held different beliefs about “luck.” Many believed that the positions of the stars and planets ruled one’s luck, while others petitioned creatures such as fairies and sprites to bring them luck. But whatever the merits of these traditions may be, it has been shown time and time again that approaching life with a positive attitude and a spirit of hopefulness has the most direct impact on our “luckiness” in life.  
    This fun spell harnesses the traditional color of luck while helping you to develop a more deliberate practice of positive thinking in your daily life. 
    You will need: 
    	 7 green votive candles 
    	 7 small slips of paper 
    	 Green pencil, pen, or marker 
    	 Small bowl 
    To prepare for this spell, write seven positive affirmations, one on each slip of paper. You can use the examples provided below, or write your own.  
    Fold each slip after writing the affirmation, and place them all in the bowl. 
    Place the seven candles in a row on your table or altar.  
    On the first morning of the spell, right after you wake up, light a single green candle. Swirl the pieces of paper around in the bowl and choose one at random. Read the affirmation out loud, and tuck one end of the slip of paper carefully under the lit candle. After a few moments, or when it’s time to leave the house, gently extinguish the candle.  
    On the second morning, light the first candle again and a new candle, so that you have two green candles lit. Re-read the affirmation from the first morning, and then choose a new affirmation from the bowl to read aloud today. Tuck the new affirmation under the new candle, and leave both candles burning for a few moments or until it’s time to leave the house. 
    Repeat this process for a full seven days. You will be delightfully surprised at how much “luck” you are tapping into as you increase your positive vibrations over the course of the week!  
    Example positive affirmations: 
    It is no accident that I am here on this Earth.
A million untold things work out for me every single day.
I am an excellent manifestor of my dreams.
Unexpected miracles happen every day.
I am lucky enough to have discovered magic.
I am really enjoying this experiment called “life.”
I am wide open to the very best of possibilities.


    As the color of the sky on a sunny day, which we also see reflected in bodies of water, blue is a peaceful color with soothing properties, much like the effect of gazing at the ocean or a calmly flowing river. Accordingly, it is often used magically to bring about peace, calm, tranquility, and patience, helping us learn to “go with the flow” of life’s unexpected twists and turns.  
    Blue is useful for sleep issues, including insomnia and disturbing dreams, and resolving anxiety in the mind and body. A truly healing color, blue can be used in magical workings to examine and resolve difficult emotions, and promote feelings of stability. 
    Blue is the color of the throat chakra, which governs deep communication and the ability to be honest with ourselves and others. Difficult conversations can be facilitated with spellwork involving this color, as blue helps us discover and speak our inner truths, and understand previously hidden truths about seemingly complex situations.  
    Its ability to help release stuck emotions makes it a great color for spellwork related to weight loss. It is also used in spellwork for protection from disharmony and negative vibrations, especially related to the home, and to promote wisdom, confidence, justice, and good fortune. Blue can assist with strengthening relationships of all kinds by promoting loyalty, sincerity, faith, devotion, reliability, and trust.  
    Blue is also associated with spiritual matters, and is used in workings related to psychic ability, astral projection, prophetic dreams, and meditation. If you are looking to increase your connection to the spiritual realm, be sure to work with the energies of blue. Blue’s Elemental association is, of course, Water, and its cardinal direction is West. Astrologically, it is associated with the Moon, the planets Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury, and the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. 
    Below, you’ll find spellwork for protecting your home from negative energies and facilitating harmony among its inhabitants, increasing your capacity for patience, and becoming your own emotional guide and healer. 


    Blue Perimeter Home Protection Spell 
    The vibrations of well-being that emanate from the color blue makes it an ideal color for a protection spell against negative energy—whether the negativity comes in the form of your own thoughts, other nonphysical energies within the home, or other people.  
    The subtle energetic adjustment created by this spell can help you turn your home into a true sanctuary, where the most positive and healing aspects of yourself and others can flourish. 
    This spell requires some extra caution, as you will be leaving lit candles temporarily unattended while you move from room to room. Make sure to take any necessary precautions regarding pets and children beforehand.  
    For best results, it’s good to straighten up, sweep, dust, and/or whatever might be needed to create a sense of calm and order in the house. You may also want to purify the energy by smudging with herbs, or another space-clearing method. 
    You will need: 
    	 Blue tea lights or votives (enough for each door and window into your home) 
    	 Small bag or basket to carry candles 
    Place all of the candles in the bag or basket and hold it in your arms.  
    Focus on harnessing the energy of protection and concentrating it into all of the candles.  
    When you’re ready, starting with the front entrance, place a blue candle on the floor at the center of the door. Light the candle, and visualize a blue wall of vibrant light sealing off this area of your home from unwanted energies and visitors.  
    Moving clockwise around your house, repeat these steps at every window and any additional doors—every potential entrance to your home. (If you have a working chimney, place one at the hearth as well.)  
    When you have reached the front entrance again, take a deep breath and visualize your entire home surrounded by protective blue light, and say the following (or similar) words: 
    “All energy within these walls is positive, peaceful, and for the good of all. And so it is.” 
    Leave all the candles burning simultaneously for at least three minutes while you enjoy the feeling of security and peace permeating your living space. 
    To close the ritual, start again with the front entrance and gently extinguish the candle. Work clockwise again through the house, extinguishing each flame.  
    You can reuse these candles for atmosphere, or whenever you’d like to summon a feeling of reassurance while in your home. 


    Harmony Spell for Domestic Conflicts 
    The Blue Perimeter Home Protection spell above is excellent for maintaining healthy and positive energy within your home. However, interpersonal conflicts among roommates or family members can still flare up and even persist over time. After all, we learn through our relationships, all of which are bound to have their thornier aspects at times.  
    This spell can facilitate that learning, and the resolution of the conflict, by providing a sacred space and time for honest and healing dialogue.  
    This spell is particularly effective because blue is the color of peace, and also because it requires that both parties be willing to work through and resolve a disagreement. (Note that it does require the willing physical participation of the other person involved.) 
    You will need: 
    	 1 blue pillar candle 
    	 2 pieces of blue or white yarn, long enough to wrap around the candle 
    You should sit facing one another with the candle placed between you, either at a table or on a raised platform, so that the candle is safe to handle once it’s lit. 
    Take a moment to breathe and center yourself by visualizing a white light surrounding you both.  Ask the other person to do the same, so that you both come to the ritual with healing intentions. 
    Light the candle and open an honest discussion about how to restore harmony in the home. Be frank, but respectful to one another. Practice using “I statements” (such as “I feel _____ when you _____” throughout the discussion.  
    It is important to avoid an attitude of blame or of right and wrong; rather, invite the person to work with you to solve the argument. This may take some time, so allow the space and time needed to truly clear the air and find resolution. 
    When you are each satisfied that you have been heard by the other and peace is restored, each person should carefully tie their piece of yarn around the candle to signify their commitment to keeping harmony in the home.  
    You can gently extinguish the candle at any point after this and relight it on each successive evening until the candle is spent. 


    Spell for Increased Patience 
    Whether you’re experiencing frustrations at work, at home, within a relationship, or even simply with yourself, the healing properties of blue can assist you with releasing your pent-up negativity and harnessing patience in triggering situations.  
    This spell involves exploring your stress-based responses to the situation you need help with, and the creation of a talisman to help you move through future triggers with more grace and ease. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 blue spell candle 
    	 Lavender, vetiver, palmarosa, and/or bergamot essential oil (optional) 
    	 Journal or writing paper 
    	 1 blue adventurine, blue topaz, blue opal, or other blue mineral stone 
    Take a moment to relax and release the stress of the day. Breathe deeply and shift your focus from the world around you to the world inside you. 
    Anoint the candle with the oil, if using. Light the candle, and place the stone in front of it.  
    Begin freewriting about the relationship, job situation, family issue, etc. that has prompted you to work this spell.  
    Start by identifying the situation, and then write about how it makes you feel.  
    If you find yourself getting worked up about it as you write, try looking past your immediate reaction to what may be lying underneath the issue. Are there memories from your past trying to come up? Are there fears being activated by the current situation?  
    Write whatever comes to mind, and keep writing for at least 20 to 30 minutes.  
    When you feel clearer and more calm about the situation, take the blue stone and hold it between your palms. Visualize blue light radiating from within the stone and surrounding your entire body.  
    Hold this vision for a few moments, and when you’re ready, say the following (or similar) words:  
    “Patience and peace,
ease and flow,
these old triggers I now let go.
So let it be.” 
    Place the stone back in front of the candle and allow the candle to burn out on its own.  
    Carry the stone with you in your pocket or purse, and hold onto it whenever you experience a trigger that threatens your patience.


    “Love Notes to Self” Medicine Spell 
    Encouragement and support from other people in our lives is a much-needed factor in healthy living. However, too much dependence on others creates imbalance, as we are ultimately each our own best friend, guide, and healer.  
    This spell is designed to provide you with the guidance and love of your higher self during times when you really need it, but might be less likely to be able to access these positive frequencies. 
    When worked with an appropriate amount of well-directed energy, this spell is incredibly powerful. This is because you’re harnessing your most positive, peaceful, loving vibrations and storing them for when you need a lift out of more negative states like anxiety, despair, or just plain old energetic depletion.  
    Therefore, this is one of those workings that’s best done well in advance of when you might actually benefit from it most. So the next time you find yourself on top of the world, take advantage of it and write yourself some magically charged “love notes”! 
    You will need: 
    	 1 blue candle 
    	 Several small pieces of paper 
    	 Blue pen, pencil, or marker 
    	 Wax seal 
    	 Small bowl 
    Take some time to quiet your mind, and then focus on the feelings of well-being that you are currently experiencing.  
    Light the candle, and begin to write yourself several positive “love notes” on the pieces of paper. Write as many as you can, with a minimum of at least seven.  
    For example, you might write “I love and appreciate who you are,” or “I am so proud of all the work you have already done,” or “You shine brightly, even when you don’t know it!”  
    Fold each paper in thirds, overlapping so that the message is sealed inside.  
    By this point, the blue candle should have melted a good bit of wax. Drip a small amount of wax onto the fold of the paper and press the wax seal down to firmly secure it.  
    When the last note is sealed, gently extinguish the candle.  
    Keep these notes in a small bowl on your table or altar.  
    The next time you need some emotional TLC, take out a message from the bowl and read it! You may wish to keep the rest of the candle on hand for this purpose as well.


    Associated with midnight skies and outer space, Indigo is perhaps the most mysterious color in the visible light spectrum. In fact, there has been much debate as to whether or not it actually even exists in what we think of as the rainbow.  
    Regardless, indigo is a color of intense spirituality, and is associated with the Akashic Records—the vast invisible realms where all information about every life ever lived can be accessed. As a blend of blue and violet, indigo contains properties of both colors, making it useful in magic related to healing, expression, spirituality, and esoteric insight. 
    Indigo is the color of the third eye, and helps bring forth inner knowledge from the subconscious. It is associated with the brow chakra (though violet plays this role in some systems), which governs perception, insight, clairvoyance, imagination, and dreams.  
    Use indigo’s fluid energies for powerful results in workings related to psychic receptivity, intuition, and divination, as well as wisdom, sharpened perception, and discernment. Indigo facilitates deep meditative states, and guidance and healing on the spiritual level.  
    Indigo is also used in workings to aid with depression and improve focus, as well as balancing intense emotion with rational objectivity. It can be used to stop or counteract negative gossip and to slow down or halt an unwanted situation. In either of these cases, just be sure your focus is on the results you seek for yourself, rather than on manipulating others.  
    A color of dignity and self-mastery, indigo can help tame unwanted aspects of one’s own character and support devotion to worthy people and causes in one’s life. Indigo is associated with the planets Venus and Saturn, the signs of Gemini and Aquarius, and the Element of Air. Its cardinal direction is East.  
    The workings in this chapter utilize the special properties of indigo to help you get your own magical meditation practice going, increase your psychic receptivity, find clarity about a murky situation, and clear your physical body of unwanted energy. 


    Indigo Zone Meditation Practice 
    It can be argued that all successful magic is worked in a meditative state—once the practitioner has successfully cleared their mind of all extraneous thoughts and concerns, making room for effective visualization of the magical goal. Yet many beginning Witches may struggle with this all-important step, since the mind pretty much always resists being quieted at first.  
    Getting into a regular meditation practice goes a long way toward boosting this aspect of your magic, and offers a range of physical, emotional, and mental benefits as well!  
    This ritual draws on the unique frequencies of indigo, and is designed to help you foster your own regular practice of getting in the “zone” for magic.  
    Be sure to make yourself as comfortable as you can—no need to sit cross-legged on the floor if that doesn’t work for you. You can sit on pillows, in a chair, on the couch, etc. (You can even lie down, though if doing so will make you sleepy, then it’s best to sit upright.)  
    You may also wish to play soft, simple music or other meditative sounds (such as Tibetan chimes) in the background. Try searching for free streaming ambient music online—you’ll find plenty to choose from.  
    Just be sure that the sounds won’t distract you—overly melodic or complex music tends not to be helpful. If you’re in a place where noise is likely to interrupt you, try using earplugs for an easier time quieting your mind. 
    Finally, if you find that you need a more structured, guided mediation to get you in the flow, you can also find plenty of these online to listen to while the candle burns. Consider experimenting with a different guided meditation each day to see what works best for you. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 large indigo pillar candle 
    	 Quiet, comfortable place to sit 
    	 Ambient/meditation music (optional) 
    	 Earplugs (optional) 
    Light the candle and spend a few moments simply gazing softly at the flame. When you’re ready to begin the meditation, set your timer for 5 minutes.  
    Now gently allow your eyes to close and take a slow, deep breath in through your nose.  
    Visualize the air flowing through your nose and down your throat, into your lungs. Then extend the breath into your heart center and down into your belly.  
    As you slowly release the breath, see it leaving your belly first, traveling back up through your heart center and your lungs, up through your throat and back out through your nose.  
    Repeat this breathing process three times. 
    Now allow yourself to breathe normally, keeping your attention on your inhale and exhale. When you find your mind wandering (and it almost certainly will), simply return your attention to your breath.  
    Be gentle and patient with your mind—you are asking it to do something it’s unfamiliar with, and struggling or becoming frustrated will not help it quiet down.  
    Don’t worry about how much or how often your mind wanders, since the mere act of trying to slow it down is benefiting you. Over time, with regular practice, meditation will become easier and more rewarding. 
    When the timer goes off, take a final deep, slow breath, gently open your eyes and extinguish the candle. You can reuse the candle for your subsequent meditations until it is spent. 
    Try this meditation for 5 minutes per day for three days, and then add a minute or two for the next three days. Gradually build up to at least 15 minutes per day, if you can.  
    Once you build this habit, getting into “the zone” for magic will be much easier!


    Indigo Psychic Receptivity Practice 
    This ritual can be used as a follow-up to the Indigo Zone Mediation Practice (above), or on its own. As a practice, it helps train the mind to enter a meditative state, but also opens you up specifically for messages from your subconscious to come through.  
    This is also a good “training” exercise for the Elemental Flame Communication exercise in the Violet chapter, below. Try it for a few days and see what kind of shifts occur in your awareness of the subtle energies within and outside of your mental space. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 indigo candle 
    	 Small hand-held bell 
    	 Journal or writing paper 
    Take a few deep, centering breaths to signal to your mind and body that it’s time to turn inward, away from the distractions of the day.  
    Light the candle and ring the bell three times.  
    Let your gaze soften as you listen to the vibrations ripple ever outward, passing beyond your range of hearing and ultimately merging with all vibrations in the Universe.  
    As the sound of the bell fades, focus on the flame of the candle. Remain focused on the flame for as long as you can, but be sure to blink when you need to. 
    Whenever thoughts distract you from the flame, acknowledge them and then gently allow them leave your awareness. If you like, you can ring the bell again to recenter your focus. Stay in this meditative mode for at least 10 minutes.  
    Afterward, with the candle still burning, spend 10 to 15 minutes freewriting in your journal about anything that comes to mind.  
    You may write about thoughts that occurred to you during the mediation, any images you noticed in the candle flame, or simply whatever thoughts are flowing through your mind in the moment, however mundane they may seem.  
    After working this ritual a few times, reread your freewriting from each session and take note of any patterns that come up. 


    Spell for Clarity 
    Our analytical minds often don’t want to leave a problem alone, even when we know we can’t figure out a solution just yet. This can actually keep the problem around longer than it needs to be, as we keep it active in our vibrational frequencies through our thoughts about it. In these instances, clarity cannot arise until we have let go of the problem completely, at least for a moment. 
    This is a great spell for moving toward resolution of any kind of “muddy” situation—a decision to make, a seemingly intractable problem, or a vague sense of something being wrong that you can’t quite identify. Rather than over-thinking and over-analyzing the question, you will be allowing your inner knowing to bring clarity to the situation. Indigo helps connect us to the etheric plane through our Third Eye (or pineal gland), bypassing the analytical mind to receive pure wisdom. 
    This spell can be worked on its own or in conjunction with the Indigo Zone Meditation Practice, above. (For best results, use a new indigo candle, in addition to your meditation candle, for this working.) You may also wish to use earplugs and/or ambient music to help you keep your focus. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 indigo tea light, votive, or spell candle 
    	 Timer (optional) 
    	 Journal or writing paper (optional) 
    To begin, identify your question or issue, and state it out loud as you light the candle. If you like, you can say the following (or similar) words:  
    “From my subconscious mind, connected to All That Is, I call forth clarity on __________.” 
    Spend a few moments simply gazing softly at the flame and breathing deeply. When you feel ready, close your eyes and touch the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand to the center of your forehead, just above your brows. This is the opening to your third eye, where your access to intuition and psychic visions resides.  
    Visualize the light of the candle floating into your conscious awareness, behind your closed eyelids. Hold this vision as long as possible, and simply relax into this meditative state. (If you like, set a timer at the start of the spell for at least 7 minutes.)  
    Don’t think about your question—surrender it instead to the subconscious. If you find yourself getting distracted, gently return your focus to the flame at your third eye. 
    When you are finished, you can write down any messages or impressions that came to you during the ritual. However, don’t expect the answer to your question to come right away—it may need to percolate in your subconscious for awhile until the time is right for you to receive the information.  
    Just go on about your day, and if your attention gets stuck back on the issue, remind yourself that it is being resolved behind the scenes, and that you will know what to do when the time is right. 


    Spiritual Cleansing Bath 
    If you’ve been feeling tired, stressed, anxious, or depressed with no obvious cause, it may be time to clear your body of old or unwanted energies.  
    The power of natural Himalayan salts is well-known for its detoxifying properties—not just on the physical level, but on the spiritual level as well. The energetic vibrations of indigo enhance the work by helping you achieve and maintain a calm, meditative state.  
    Note: if you have not worked with Himalayan salts before, it’s advisable to start with a smaller amount, as its detoxifying effects can cause drowsiness or dizziness. Keep a glass of water to drink near the tub in case you begin to feel weak or sleepy. 
    You will need: 
    	 4 indigo candles 
    	 ½ to 1 cup fine-grain Himalayan salt 
    	 Bergamot, lavender, patchouli, and/or vetiver essential oils (optional) 
    	 Drinking water (optional) 
    Begin by placing an indigo candle at each corner of your bathtub.  
    Run the water at a comfortable temperature.  
    Once the bottom of the tub is covered in water, pour in the salt. When the tub is full, light each of the candles with healing and clearing intentions.  
    Gently submerge yourself in the water and shed all of the stress of the day through focusing on your breathing. Allow your mind to clear.  
    When you are ready, visualize the light of the four candles uniting above you and entering your cleansed body to heal and refresh your spirit. 
    Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes and up to 45 minutes.  
    When you are done, drain the bathtub and exit carefully. Gently extinguish the candles, and treat yourself to a relaxing evening as your body integrates the effects of the ritual bath. 


    A color found in delicate flowers as well as spectacular sunrises and sunsets, violet is the highest vibration of the colors in the visible spectrum. It contains the energies of both red and blue, with characteristics of each to be found in its magical purview.  
    The influence of red makes this color appropriate for workings related to power, success, and ambition, as well as increased enthusiasm for an endeavor. The blue aspects are excellent for magic connected with spirituality, wisdom, emotional healing and attaining hidden knowledge. Violet is also commonly referred to as “purple,” and while there are technically distinctions between these two colors, they can be thought of as one and the same for the purposes of candle magic. 
    Those who work with the color indigo will notice a fair amount of overlap with violet when it comes to magical purposes, but there are some important distinctions. Where indigo’s powers are primarily concerned with inner mysteries, violet is more about tuning into broader, universal energies.  
    Violet is associated with the crown chakra (although in some systems, the color white plays this role), which governs connections to the universal higher consciousness. As such, violet is used in workings related to spiritual development and connecting to one’s higher self, as well as developing and strengthening psychic ability. All aspects of occult wisdom are applicable here, including divination, meditation, magic, astral travel, dream recall, and other forms of mysticism.  
    As a color of spiritual healing and development, violet is used in workings related to psychic protection and restoring balance to empaths and other energetically sensitive people. Violet also promotes nurturing qualities, humility, forgiveness, and devotion to a person or a cause. In some traditions, violet is used to bring an end to bad luck. Violet is associated with the Element of Air, the planets Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter, and the signs of Capricorn, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Its cardinal direction is East.  
    In this chapter, you’ll find spells and rituals for communicating with the higher realms through the Element of Fire, increasing your capacity for joy, strengthening your devotion to an activity or cause, and transmuting negativity through spiritual alchemy. 


    Elemental Flame Communication 
    This exercise builds and strengthens your “psychic muscles” by directly interacting with the flame of your candle. You are actively connecting with the higher realms of consciousness—the domain of the color violet—in the form of the Element of Fire.   
    Note: For optimal results, you may want to spend a few days with the Indigo Zone Meditation Practice and/or the Indigo Psychic Receptivity Practice (above) before trying this one. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 violet pillar candle 
    	 Journal or writing paper (optional) 
    Spend a few moments quieting your mind. When you are ready to begin, light the candle as you invoke the Element of Fire with the following (or similar) words: 
    “Element of Fire, thank you for the warmth and light you provide for all on Earth. I welcome your presence and your communication in this timeless moment. Blessed Be.” 
    Gently train your gaze on the flame of the candle (be sure to blink when you need to).  
    Begin by simply watching the flame and taking mental note of its appearance. Is it still, or is it flickering rapidly? Is the flame rising high or leaning in any particular direction? Every candle is different, and every candle flame is a unique energetic presence in the Universe. Get acquainted with the spirit of this flame for a moment or two. 
    When you feel ready, begin trying to “shape” the flame with your own visualization of its appearance. With your eyes still open and trained on the flame, visualize it growing, shrinking, getting brighter and dimmer, leaning in a particular direction, flickering, waving, etc.  
    Keep your focus trained on the flame and the change you’re visualizing at the same time. See how in-sync you can get the actual flame to be with your projection. You will have more success with this over time, with regular practice. 
    Finally, let go of working to shape the flame, and simply observe it again. Let your focus go very soft, and watch for images taking shape within the flame.  
    What do you see? What impressions or messages seem to be coming through? Spend a few moments in this receptive mode, without trying to analyze what you see.  
    When you feel finished, with the candle still burning, try spending 10 to 15 minutes freewriting in your journal about your experience. How did the flame respond to your visualizations of its size, direction, etc.? What images or other sensory data came through during the exercise?  
    After working this ritual a few times, reread your freewriting from each session and take note of any patterns that come up.


    Joyful Crown Chakra Connection Spell 
    This spell is designed to help you connect with the higher vibrational frequencies that allow you to attract more joy into your life. You are taking the feelings of joy that you experience in your heart center and pulling them up through your chakra system into the crown, where you can then experience a deeper connection with Universal higher consciousness. For it is in the deep feeling of joy that we know we are where we are meant to be! 
    Displaying the lists of joyful elements in your life helps to seal the energetic benefits of the spell. You may wish to keep them on your altar, place them on a vision board, or leave them somewhere else where you will see them often. 
    You will need: 
    	 3 violet candles 
    	 3 pieces of paper 
    	 Violet marker or pen 
    On your altar or workspace, set up the three candles and place one piece of paper in front of each. Spend some time quieting your mind.  
    When you feel ready, light the first candle. Now take the paper in front of it and write down the names of all of the people that bring joy into your life. (You can use both sides of the paper if need be!) 
    Light the second candle and write down all of the places that make you feel joyful. These can be as simple as a sunny window in your home or as grand as the ocean.  
    Light the third candle and write down all of the experiences that bring joy into your life. These can be memories, but should also include recurring experiences that you still have access to.  
    If you wish, you can use additional sheets of paper to freewrite in more detail about these experiences, or you can just jot them down in note form.  
    When you are finished writing, gather all three of your lists and read them aloud, taking turns among the three categories. For example, read a name or two from the first list, and then read a place or two, then an experience.  
    Once you have read aloud all of the items on all three lists, hold the papers in your hands and say the following (or similar) words of gratitude: 
    “My life is filled with wonderful people, beautiful places, and joyful experiences. Blessed Be.” 
    Place the lists somewhere where they will be frequently visible to you.  
    You can leave the candles burning, or gently extinguish them and relight them when you want to summon up a feeling of joyful connection to the Universe.


    Devotion Revitalization Spell 
    Most of us have had the experience of starting a new hobby or activity—such as learning to play an instrument, studying a foreign language, or joining a book club—only to find that a few weeks or months later, our enthusiasm for the activity or cause has waned. This is often accompanied by at least some level of guilt or self-shaming for not “sticking it out,” which is never helpful!  
    The next time you find your momentum flagging around an extracurricular that you do actually enjoy, try this spell instead of getting down on yourself for losing steam. Devotion can be cultivated and revitalized with some simple energetic adjustments—as long as you truly desire it! 
    You will need: 
    	 1 violet pillar candle 
    	 Lemon, cedarwood, cinnamon, and/or patchouli essential oil 
    	 Work candle for atmosphere 
    	 Crystal point, athame, or other ritual carving tool 
    	 Journal or writing paper (optional) 
    Light the work candle and spend some time quieting your mind.  
    Find a symbol that represents the activity or cause you’re focusing on. You can use something emblematic of the activity (a soccer ball, a book, etc.) or an abstract symbol, such as a rune or a pentacle, that represents the devotion you’re seeking to revitalize. Carve this symbol into the front of the violet candle, and anoint the candle with the oil.  
    Spend a few moments visualizing the feeling you had when you first began engaging with this activity. Enjoy the sensation of the excitement, ambition, anticipation, etc. that drove you to move from just thinking about the activity to actually doing it.  
    Now, focus on what you still truly enjoy about the activity. Make a list, either on paper or mentally, of every detail about it that makes the pursuit of it worthwhile. (If you feel any negativity creeping into your thoughts, such as notions of failure or guilt, etc., let them go and return your focus to the positive aspects.)  
    Finally, visualize a goal you can work toward, such as a particular level of skill/ability in the activity, that will enhance your enjoyment of it.  
    When you’ve reached a place of feeling enthusiasm again and are ready to seal this energy, light the candle as you say the following (or similar) words: 
    “I celebrate the joy that [name of activity] brings
and rekindle my devotion to that joy.
Blessed Be.” 
    Allow the candle to burn for at least several more minutes before gently extinguishing it. Whenever you’d like to quickly rejuvenate your passion for the activity again, relight the candle and recall your visualizations from the spell. 


    Violet Flame Transmutation Ritual 
    This spell borrows from the ancient teachings of the Violet Flame, an alchemical energy known to many different spiritual traditions. Through this visualization, you can call on the Violet Flame for assistance with any kind of change you wish to manifest in your life.  
    Here, the focus is on transmuting the negative energy of unwanted memories. If you find yourself dogged by thoughts or reminders of an old experience that triggers sadness, anger, regret, or shame, bring in the healing power of the Violet Flame to set you free from those energetic attachments and create positive new experiences in their place. 
    Be sure to spend some time in meditation, or another form of grounding and centering, before this ritual, and work in a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 violet spell or taper candle 
    	 Work candle for atmosphere (optional) 
    Light the work candle, if using. Light the violet candle and focus your attention on the flame for a few moments.  
    When you’re ready, close your eyes, bring the flame into your mind’s eye, and say the following (or similar) words: 
    “I ask the Universal presence of the Violet Flame to manifest within me now.” 
    With your eyes still closed, see the bright fiery color of the candle flame turning into a luminescent violet, and watch as the violet flame grows to fill your entire body.  
    When your body is fully alight with the flame, spin the flame in a clockwise direction throughout your physical form.  
    Now state your intention for transmuting the unwanted, with the following (or similar) words: 
    “I transmute the energies of these memories that no longer serve me. They are consumed in the Violet Flame.” 
    Now it’s time to state your intentions for what the transmuted energy can become, with the following (or similar) words: 
    “I am now filled with the energies of happiness and joy, and free to make new memories.” 
    Take a deep breath, and when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes. Take a moment to acknowledge the transmutation that has taken place, and the spiritual presence that assisted you. You can simply say something like: 
    “Thanks be to the Violet Flame for this change.” 
    You can leave the candle burning, or gently extinguish it to use again for another Violet Flame ritual. 


    As the sum total of all colors in the spectrum of visible light, white has long been associated with the qualities of unity, wholeness, truth, and peace. White represents the highest level of consciousness available to living beings. It symbolizes the “blank slate,” the point of infinite potentiality for new creation within every moment. Perhaps this is why a white candle can be used in substitution for any other color when used in candle magic. 
    As a highly spiritual color, white is used in magical workings related to enlightenment, initiations, connecting to one’s higher self, accessing the Akashic records, and other paths to spiritual growth. It is often associated with the crown chakra, which governs connection to the universal higher consciousness (although in some systems, violet plays this role).  
    White’s purifying energies are used for cleansing and consecrating ritual tools and spaces, but can also be used to clear up confusion around complex situations. White is also used in magic related to inspiration and healing, new beginnings, completions, and balance, especially of one’s personal energy.  
    White brings clarity to the cluttered mind, and aids with social anxiety, helping people to feel more comfortable and even extroverted around others. It is also associated with safety, making it great for protection workings. Its peaceful, unity-promoting properties make it ideal for workings related to conflict resolution, whether between individuals or groups of people, and for fresh starts after arguments or other troubles.  
    White has feminine energy and is often used to represent the Goddess in ritual. It is associated with the Moon and the sign of Pisces, as well as the Element of Air, making East its cardinal direction. However, white is also the color of the Fifth Element, also known as Akasha or Spirit. In this sense, white has no cardinal direction, but is instead associated with all directions. 
    You can use a white candle in place of any other candle in any spell in this book. This can be very handy when you have a particular magical need but no time to go out and buy the color that the spell calls for.  
    For an extra magical boost in this scenario, try also including crystals, ribbons, an altar cloth, or other objects that do visually represent the color you’re actually working with. For example, if using a white candle in place of violet, add an amethyst or two to your altar or work space for the duration of the spell. 
    In this chapter, you’ll find spells to bring clarity and new perspective to a situation, purify ritual and magical tools, work for peace in the world, and strengthen your physical body with the energy of white light. 


    “Spinning Wheels” Clarity Spell 
    When you’re dealing with a problem that seems to refuse all possible solutions, it can be easy to keep spinning the same thoughts about it over and over in your mind. The fact is, you’ll never come to a solution when you’re still focused on the problem—you have to remove yourself from the vibrational frequency of the problem first.  
    This is easier said than done, of course, but with a sufficiently open mind, the following spell can get you there. The combination of white candle magic, quartz crystals, and the willingness to allow your subconscious mind to create new pathways to understanding the problem will help you get out of the “mud” in your mind and into a space where you can see things clearly again. This spell is ideally worked at night, shortly before going to bed. 
    You will need: 
    	 1 white pillar or taper candle 
    	 3 or more small quartz crystals 
    	 Vetiver, peppermint, or clary sage essential oil 
    	 Journal or writing paper 
    Anoint the candle with the oil. Place the quartz crystals around the candle in a circle (if using three stones, create a triangle, with one of the points nearest you). Take a few moments to quiet your mind.  
    When you’re ready, light the candle, and begin to write.  
    You can start by identifying the problem, and then freewrite about how you’re feeling about it at this moment.  
    Then write about how you will feel when the problem is solved—not how you will solve it, but simply what it will feel like when this particular problem is behind you.  
    Continue to write whatever comes to mind, without trying to direct yourself to a solution.  
    You may soon find yourself changing the subject altogether—if so, go with it! You are allowing your subconscious mind to merge with the vibrational frequencies of the candle and the quartz.  
    Continue to freewrite for at least 15 minutes, if not longer, until you feel a peaceful sense of detachment from the original topic.  
    When you’re finished, gently extinguish the candle. Place one of the quartz crystals under your pillow before going to sleep, and pay attention to anything your d